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Dare ga Tame Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Beautiful person – Game Heroine (MC elder sister)’s attendant’s POV


Author: 月鳴 (Moon Echo)

T/N: This is partially edited. Appreciate if anyone willing to point out any mistake. So here goes… This mini mass release is to celebrate the one year anniversary of Incarose Jealousy MTL….. #10

Do read the one-shot first before proceeding

Prologue 1: A crow that could not be happy (Seira’s POV)

Prologue 2: A dove that was unable to grant its blessedness (Rachel’s POV)

That girl was someone who I could not comprehend.

It was uncanny to say that she seemed to operate with two different kinds of mindset as if she was wearing a mask.

That was my master, Rachel-sama, younger sister, Seira-sama.

Even though she was younger than me, I always felt afraid of her. A face and gaze that could not be read, with an expression like wearing a Noh mask which made us servants, unable to understand her despite being trained to do so; this had truly hurt my [pride as the attendant].

It might also due to the deep colour of her eyes which appeared like the darkness of the abyss.

Since young, I have been trained to work for Kruger’s family. Furthermore, my family had also served the Kruger family as the steward for generations.

As I matured early and capable of accomplishing different tasks efficiently, I was able to distinguish myself among other servants that I had been appointed as the attendant for Rachel-sama when she was five years old.

When I first entered the mansion, I thought that the atmosphere was quite strange.

Although the bright and warm candlesticks were lit here and there and appeared to look calm, I could still felt an occasional piercing as well as stabbing of coldness. And the cause of that coldness was Seira-sama.

The Kruger family’s members appeared to be close-knitted at first glance. However, once you looked at them closely, you could see how unnatural and clever they have been in acting so. However, I did not think that it was strange. Because I had been taught in my training that there were only a few families who seemed compatible with the aristocratic society due to political marriage, I thought [A~ so it was like this] and decided to no longer be concerned over it. I determined that I didn’t need to judge it over. As long as it did not bring any inconveniences to my master, then, all is good.

This was my duty as an attendant.

Rachel-sama had grown beautifully, so much that she received the attention from everyone when she attended that evening party.

My master, who was 17 years old at that time, had turned into a wonderful lady who was not only intelligent, kind and calm but also with a noble’s mind. It was inevitable for such a lady to receive that much attention from others. And for sure that, she will inevitably be compared to her.

During that evening party, the Crown Prince had fallen in love on the first sight with Rachel-sama. While reporting this to the happy parents with [His Highness is someone with excellent eyesight], I somehow saw an annoyance expression flitted on Seira-sama face as she glared at my direction with sharp eyes.

It was a little shocking for me as it gave me a sense of strangeness at this unexpected side of her who had always maintained her Noh-like continence. However, once she noticed that I was looking at her, surprisingly, she did not even try to hide her look of disgust. Though it was weird, I had decided not to ponder on this trifling sensation. I just stared at her with the same expression that she used upon my master.

–That might have been my biggest mistake. If I ever thought that something amiss at that time, I wonder if anything would change?… At least, I do believe that all of this is unavoidable.

Seira-sama had always been living behind the shadow of Rachel-sama. Now that I thought about it, it was a matter of course that one will never be satisfied to live under someone else shadow. If I were to look back on that matter, there were so many odd things that I could think of.

Rachel-sama possessed dazzling appearance with her glittering platinum hair whereas Seira-sama had a lustrous jet-black hair. It was like the sun and the moon. Both of them were beautiful in their unique way. But that girl never once boasted about it, and before I knew it, I was seized with a bad feeling.

In addition to that, by the time Rachel-sama completed her study from her tutor, Seira-sama also seemed to stop her education as an heiress as well since the tutor had no longer coming to the mansion after that… Previously, I had thought that it was terminated since Seira-sama academic ability was lacking, thus making it disagreeable for her to continue. Although she was younger by two years from Rachel-sama, it seemed that she had been learning from the same material as Rachel-sama.

Based on the letter of excellence that she left in her room, it seemed that my conjecture of her was far-fetched from its mark.

I was ordered to organize Seira-sama room after she was banished from the country, and while doing so, I thought that I had a big misunderstanding over my master’s so-called shadow.

–And that was intentionally brought over by my own master.

In Seira-sama room, there was a thick notebook which has been left as it is, haphazardly. It was merely a diary, but it appeared that it had been handled quite roughly. It seemed that this notebook was beaten with feeling, every single time it was used, and lots of the truth which concealed until now was written in it.

–Seira-sama intention for running away, the prediction on Rachel-sama as well as the motive that triggered all of this.

Some parts had been cut off, therefore unable to be confirmed. However, whatever that had been left brought a tremendous shock to me. It seemed that all those things that I had known since earlier on had been smashed to the ground.

At the end of the note, it had been written as followed.

[–If someone happened to read this book, I would like you to burn it for me since I was unable to bring it with me nor throw it away by myself.]

It was written that it was the price that one had to pay for reading other’s diary without permission.

Crackling… Crackling… Crackling…

The burning book was making a dry sound. I watched absent-mindedly as the black smoke rises into the blue sky while the truth towards everything turned into ashes.

Anything and everything, all of it, has come to an end.

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