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A Crow that cannot be happy


Author: 月鳴 (Moon Echo)

A/N: I will feel happy if you will read this as it is without thinking about it too much. This is the story of a reincarnated villainess girl in an otome game. I also written a sequel for this story with a different set of POV, If you like it, please read it as well.

T/N: Whoot!! A new series !! This story is a bit dark, as opposed to my current two main fluffy fluffy titles.. Oh well. I intended to post the whole bit, but I just could not find the time to translate… Gomen~ This is partially edited. Appreciate if anyone willing to point out any mistake. So here goes…. This mini mass release is to celebrate the one year anniversary of Incarose Jealousy MTL….. #8

“Goodbye, Onee-sama. Somehow or other, please be happy.”

In a tone of voice that others will regard as monotonous, I threw my parting remarks towards my elder sister who was currently sat demurely on her seat. [I will never see you again after this] was the word that I swallowed back, as I exited this badly made play stage.

As I walked away, I recalled the memory of my previous life. It was the so called reincarnation. In my previous life, I was just an ordinary Japanese that due to an illness, the death finally claimed my life away. And once I reborn, the template of this world’s otome game started to flow.

This world was similar to the game console [Love’s Labyrinth] that my friend had given to me to ease my loneliness while being hospitalized.

This game set in a fantasy world with the ambience of the medieval European with a Heroine who was the daughter of a Duke.

The capture targets in this game included the Crown Prince, the next Duke-in-line, the Crown Prince’s Knight, thief as well as the Heroine’s attendant himself. There was also a hidden character which was the Heroine’s tutor. The game difficulties itself was not high, the stills were beautiful and the voice actors chosen for this game also managed to deliver the good feeling well; with this as my introduction toward otome game, it was a perfect way for my own amusement. Even though it had not been animated, but in the otome game circle, it had a decent popularity.

The story line itself, if you were to say anything about it, it was the royal-road kind of story without any twist that directed towards the bad end. It was the [type where you were allowed to select character one by one at a time] which happened during the evening party hosted by the Royal Family or the so called match-making party. After that, you were expected to raise your favorability, presented out their favorite gift, and ultimately walking toward the goal of marriage.

It was not the usual type of game that carried fixed storyline where you focus on one character at time. It was the kind of game that did not make you felt so difficult to turn around fro one route in order to enjoy different types of story. However, it was quite difficult for you to gather the stills as it did not allow one to skip reading the scene.

That was the general outline of this world.

And me who was born into this world held the position of the Heroine’s younger sister. Moreover, a rival character that was full of ambition.

It seemed that I, Seira Kruger, was reborn as the villainous lady.

In this game template, there was a destruction end route prepared for my character. This game rating [CERO] which was C, intended for those age above 15, solely due to that one scene.

Basically, this story was so heartwarming that the things such as depravity or scheming was not subjected at all towards the Heroine herself, however it was a different case concerning Seira.

That girl had been suffering from inferiority complex since she had always been compared to her elder sister since young; furthermore, she also happened to like the same capture target like her older sister had when she attended the evening party. Due to this chance of love, all the negative emotion which she had suppressed before, finally exploded. Thus, she began to act on those unsightly violence kind of harassment.

On usual days, this younger sister usually behaving meekly. However, in her retaliation towards her sister who was in the middle of deepening her relationship with the capture target, she had spread bad rumors in vexation as she scowled behind her elder sister’s back in loathsome. Of course she had force her own attendant to do the dirty work in spreading those [false rumors], instead of sullying her own hand.

Despite all that, the Heroine of the Otome Game was someone who had been blessed with the halo of justice, thus, those harassment did not last forever; at the climax of the game, all those dirty deeds were exposed and Seira was banished from the country, whereas, for her older sister who had overcome the trial, she was now happily coupled up with her chosen capture target. To give it a definition, Seira was only a spice for the Heroine’s love story and therefore, a dog which need to be chewed on.

And I was currently holding that role, though.

Well, I remembered the memory of my past life as well as the game about a year ago when I was 14 which was at the start of the game timeline.

Before that, my situation has proceeded as what the game was; I had always been compared to and being looked down so far that I had been being denounced as a good for nothing which had turned me into a completely passive girl. However, as soon as I recalled my previous memory, I began to think that all of these situations were actually stupid.

Until that moment, my world had always been confined within this gilded cage. However, I had been taught in my previous life that the outside world was much more expansive and that there was no need for me to become subservient just to be stuck within this tiny place.

I wanted to leave this house, or so I thought.

In order to do that, this ducal title within my name was a major hindrance. If I were to stay here, sooner or later, I will be force to enter a loveless marriage and finally died within the confined space of my spouse’s mansion. If it was going to be like that, there will be no changes from my current situation at all. Therefore, what should I do about it?

And then, I began to remember Seira’s fate in this game—if this was the case, I should do something that will ensure that I will never be able to be pulled back to my house ever again!

Originally, I had never had any kind of positive feeling towards my parents who were not interested in me and I also did not felt any feeling of compatibility in regards to my elder sister whom I always been compared to. [Even though my previous memory was returned to me, it was not like the 14 years that I had spent with them disappeared into nothingness. That’s why I could not bring myself to like my elder sister.]

That’s why, during these one year, I had been making an effort to be self-sufficient in preparation for the scenario that will happen later on.

And finally, this day came.

At long last, I am finally free.

Holding the bag which I hid earlier on, I tossed my dress away as I changed into a set of male clothing. I am not so stupid that I will start off my journey in a dress. I dashingly climbed over the ducal mansion’s wall with a travel cloak over my body. I threw away my dress as it was. I am sure that someone will take care of it later on.

My sister will surely end up with the Crown Prince and someday she will become the Queen… I thought absentmindedly while being shaken up inside the horse cart. I am not sure if this thought was due because I can no longer return to this country anymore or whether because [I have no longer have any intention of returning ever again].

Anyway, rather than doing whatever was good, I was thinking about those worlds that I have yet to see.

A/N For the girl who could not be happy as an Aristocrat, she choose to become the crow that could fly freely.

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