May 26, 2024

Otsu gē no yūjin A desuga, hōki shite jibun no jinsei o ōka shimasu.

Title: I’m the Otome Game’s Friend A, but I decided to resign from that role and instead enjoy my own life Author: 桜 / Sakura RAW: Synopsis: A girl who was reborn into an Otome Game. E? Heroine’s Friend A? A mob character? If so, then, I do not really need to involve myself in […]

A dove that was unable to grant its blessedness (2014)

RAW: Author: 月鳴 (Moon Echo) A/N: A sequel to A Crow that cannot be happy. The POV of the older sister/Heroine. Your impression might change because of this. T/N: This is partially edited. Appreciate if anyone willing to point out any mistake. So here goes…. This mini mass release is to celebrate the one […]

Nidoto Aenai Kimi to, Hontōni Saigo no Koi.

English Title: Although I could not meet you again, but you are my last love. Author: 雨羽 奏 (Rain’s Feather) RAW: Synopsis: In order to meet you whom I could never ever met again. It was truly my last love and I hope we can continue it again. Towards [My beloved person] and this wonderful world. […]

Zokuniiu Akuyaku Reijō tte, Kon’na Kanjide yoi nodeshou?

T/N I know many feel frustrated with Prince Daniel, Marianne and Leticia’s Father. So let offset this bitter feeling with something sweet. If nothing goes wrong, I will try to update Konyaki Haki on 31st January (cannot promise, though, but it will be within that week…) English Title: Is it alright for the common villainous […]

Otome Gēmu no Akuyaku Demonai Reijō wa Fianse o Hitasura Aisuru

English Title: The lady who does not want to be the villain in the otome game, loves her fiancée all the more. RAW: Author: Mizuki Yukimi Synopsis: Arisa had unexpectedly remembered about her previous life. About the time she remembered that her fiancée was one of the capture targets in that otome game, his […]

2015-Nendo nyūgaku shikenmondai kyōka [kon’yaku haki]

English Title: Entrance Examination Subject of 2015 【Engagement Annulment】 Synopsis: These questions are an examination to measure your reading comprehension on the engagement annulment. Do not look at these problems until the start of the test. Inform the supervisor if you notice any missing punctuation, misspelling or any problem that occurred throughout the exam. We […]

Kon’yaku Haki Mono o Kaite Mitara kō Natta

English title: I tried to write a story on engagement annulment Synopsis: Engagement annulment. The bad aftertaste. This was not an otome game. The protagonist who chooses loneliness over reasoning for the sake of his obstinacy. Would you lose your precious thing by doing something stupid in your youth? Author: みかん RAW: [Present] “Jean-sama, […]