July 22, 2024

Kon’yaku Haki Mono o Kaite Mitara kō Natta

English title: I tried to write a story on engagement annulment


Engagement annulment. The bad aftertaste. This was not an otome game. The protagonist who chooses loneliness over reasoning for the sake of his obstinacy. Would you lose your precious thing by doing something stupid in your youth?

Author: みかん

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“Jean-sama, it was said that Sherazade-sama already passed away.”

For a moment, the sound ceased to exist.

No doubt, this is a lie; it had to be a lie. After a moment of silence, I finally squeezed out my voice.

“How did she die?”

“The cause of death is yet to be confirmed. I will report it to you as soon as I get the statement from the shadow.”

“I understand. You can leave now.”

“As you wish.”

I let the servant go as I continued with political affairs. Though my eyes followed the report, however, the contents didn’t seem to register in my mind.


The whispered voice resounded as despair began to fill that one person who was alone in that office

[10 years ago]

“Sherazade, I would like to annul my engagement to you.”

This was the courtyard of the school for the noble, Ecaruen Academy.

That word blared inside this beautiful landscape, which was surrounded by warm-colored trees of yellow, brown, and red. Dead leaves were dancing around her leg.

A beautiful lady with black hair and black eyes called Sherazade stood against the backdrop of that lovely garden.

Delicate black hair like the silk yarns accentuated her already white skin. The black eyes were twinkling like jewels. Her bright red lips looked like the blood that just recently shed. A lady in a wine red dress with the background of the garden behind her seemed as beautiful as a painting. If there were an artist around here, he would surely come into tears looking at that scenery.

“Why is that?”

The one who said the words previously was Prince Jean, around him was his attendants and the sons of the influential aristocrats. Behind that man, in the shadow, there was a girl with the same wine dress as Sherazade. Although that girl seemed to be nervous, she still watched Sherazade with challenging eyes.

“Sherazade, I have received a petition from others who had been oppressed by you.”

“I did not remember any of it.”

The girl who was behind them looked at Sherazade, who answered the accusation calmly before speaking.

“Please be honest! You have been abusing me for so many times before.”

“Please be quiet, Lady Elise. I did not remember allowing you to speak.”

The girl called Elise by the Prince looked shocked over this and moved back in despair. The aristocrats nearby began to pity that flustered girl.

“Sherazade, please tell me the truth. Did you ever did something to her?”

The daughter of the Earl, Sherazade, directed her gaze towards Prince Jean with the kind of emotion that he could not decipher.

“I said that it is inferior for her to be friendly with a man who already has a fiancée … …”

“Other than that?”

“Please do it in a place where anyone could not see it … …”

Prince Jean sighed.

“If one day, I were to marry you….”

Prince Jean looked over at Lady Elise before he continued to speak

“What would you say if I were to make her my mistress?”

The moment Lady Elise heard the word mistress, she began to make a noise but quickly soothed by the people surrounding her. The aristocrat’s son held her shoulder as she wiped her tears from the edge of her eyes.

“To have or not to have a mistress is the decision of Jean-sama. I have nothing to say about it.”

That Earl’s daughter answered the question calmly without a change in her expression. The Prince tried to search for something… Watching if any other emotions were floating in her eyes. However, the ladylike figure in front of him did not show the slightest tremor.

“A perfect lady, a genuine noble whose expression could not be read. A~ for sure, you are the most wonderful.”

When the Prince covered his face with both of his hands, he smiled happily. He kept laughing for a while, but as he pulled his hand away, his expression began to tighten.

“As I thought, I want to annul the engagement between the two of us.”

Few of the curious onlookers began to exchange whispers with each other. Rumours will inevitably spread throughout the school today.

“And I will be engaged to Lady Elise here.”

The curious onlookers began to feel awkward. Lady Elise hugged the Prince with an expression of delight. No one was cautioning her on her improper conduct.

“I do not do anything wrong. I wonder if we will be able to annul it one-sidedly.”

The Earl’s daughter calmly said it while the Prince replied sadly.

“It is no longer relevant whether the bad rumours about you or your true reputation is true or not.”

The woman who was clinging to the Prince’s arm reacted in surprise the moment she heard the word that the Prince had uttered. The Prince kept looking at Lady Elise calmly.

“I will sign the contract with the country from now on.”

His word shocked not only the curious onlookers but also the aristocrat’s sons, his attendant as well as the Earl’s daughter, Sherazade. Lady Elise who did not understand the meaning of his word looked at the reaction of the people around her in astonishment

In this country, the royal family can sign a magic contract with the land. As a result, the benefit was that they will have a prolonged lifespan and will not die except at the end of their life. Of course, they also did not have to worry about the assassination. This alone would make this contract as something that everyone would like to join. Despite that, it should be noted that those who signed this contract will become the slave to the country. They could not get out of the country, and in instances that the country was destroyed, then they will die together with it. If that person were to rule tyrannically, he will fall into sickness. In the case where the territory was lessened, then their life span will also be shortened. For the citizen, the merit was not something to be concerned about.

And in undertaking such merit and demerit, you were allowed to make one wish. That is…

“The annulment of the engagement is the price.”

When the Prince gazed at Sherazade, The Earl’s daughter, Sherazade, bowed her head.

“Your Highness, you can do as your heart pleases.”

The Prince gazed at the Earl’s daughter; even as she slowly walked away, he kept watching over her. Then he held his sigh in. The little girl who was holding his arm had a triumphant look in her eyes.


King Jean knocked on the door before he entered the room. This was the Queen’s living quarters.

“Ma~ how did you do?”

Elise was relaxing as she lay on the sofa while her feet were on the lap of the aristocrat’s son. One of them was holding her hand and was about to kiss it. All of the retainers bowed their heads without slightest panic when the King walked in.

“No, wait a moment.”

The King looked around the room and shook his head.

“Come at night again.”

“I understand.”

Before he left and closed the door to the room, he heard the whispers as well as Elise’s voice as she laughed and giggled, saying [Ticklish].

He doesn’t care how many men that she wanted; as long as she would not demand him, Jeans thought that as he left the room. While walking along the corridor, he made a ringing sound; soon, a servant came to his side.

“Did you meet the shadow? Is there any information on Sherazade?’


“Let me hear it in the room.’


On their way to the office, Jean began to reminisce about Sherazade. Their first meeting; the first time that girl smile. And that day when they quarreled for the first time. Since then, she has begun to show a blank face as if she was wearing a mask.

Before he noticed it, he was already at the front of his office. He smiled wryly

“Let’s listen to the report.”

“Sherazade-sama had entered the house of Baron as the second wife after the death of the Baroness.”

“I heard the rumors about that.”

“Ha~ It seems that they were expecting a baby as they still do not have an heir for that house.”

“How about the former wife?”

“It seems that she passed away after giving birth to a baby girl.”

“Why did Sherazade died….. No, wait.”

The King ordered the servant to bring a drink. He did not know why, but his throat seemed to be dried. He kept talking while waiting for the maid to fetch his drink.

“…. Why did she die?”

“It seems that she died during the childbirth; her condition suddenly worsens after she gave birth to a baby boy.”


The King turned his face to look at the ceiling. The silence began to ensue.

“Was Sherazade, happy?”

The shadow replied to the muttering, which could not be considered as a question.

“I did not know whether it is the happiness of not; however, from the observation, the couple seems harmonious.”

“I understand. You can go now.”


As soon as the shadow left, the King ordered his servant to make sure that no one approached the room for a while.

One person sat on the chair, lost in thought.

She was not alone, and she also seemed happy… Was it the truth?

If she were the Queen, for example, she would not die on the childbirth since they will make proper preparation for her.

If she had only asked me the reason that leads to that engagement annulment.

If only she told me that she did want to see me with another woman and asked me to look at her alone.


No matter how much I thought about it, I wonder if there were no other than this future?

If I order her, Sherazade will, for sure, tell me that she doesn’t like other women to cling on me. But that was an order. She will not tell me her real feeling as long as I am the Prince.

But for me, that girl. I wanted her to seek me and me alone. I had that feeling since we were young. Country, position, nobility segregation, ethical behavior, I did not give a fuck about it.

What about that Elise? At least that woman was faithful to her desire. Even though she only saw me for my face and position. I asked it for myself. She also had pursued another man at the same time. I would not have forgiven that woman for that incident. She kept making plans to drive Sherazade away.

No, to be honest.

I wanted her to be happy.

But I did not want to think that she was happy without me.

It was a fact that I had thought the possibility that the Baron might have poisoned her. Once she had given birth to an heir, there was no use for her anymore.

I knew how selfish I could be. I am the one who did not choose the future with her.

Nevertheless, I must live my life.

Because that was the choice that I had made.

Elise always took advantage of me, something that kept mocking me… I wonder if it will come a day when she realized that she was unwanted by me. I just hope that it will not be on the day when she comprehended the meaning of becoming the wife of a man who will not die. In his mind, appeared the figure of a queen who was obsessed with beautiful men.

[20 years ago]

A young girl was crying in the rose garden. She was about five years old or something? The dark-haired girl fell at the corner of the garden, and the hem of that light yellow fluffy dress soiled with the dirt. Unexpectedly, a boy appeared from the tree’s shadow.

“What’s wrong?”

With that young boy’s loud voice, the girl turned to look at him with her dark eyes, which were wet with tears.

“I fall when I was searching for the exit of this garden. I had been searching all this time and yet to find it.”

He could not take it anymore as he watched that girl who was full of tears. He hugged her and kissed her forehead.

That crying girl looked at him in surprise. The boy turned red as he said.

“I am sorry, but you are so adorable.”

The girl turned red as she hid her cheeks with both of her hands. That pure white skin was dyed in red.

“I am Jean. I will send you to the exit. Who are you?”

“I am Sherazade. You can call me Sheru?”

Because that girl’s smile was so cute, that boy hugged her once again.

“Can I kiss you?”

That girl looks puzzled by that boy’s words.

“But… My mother told me that I could only kiss my important person.”

“Well, then I will become your most precious person.”

As that blonde and blue-eyed boy stared at her, she felt shy as she nodded. Receiving her answer, he raised that girl’s face and kissed her like a little bird.

With a sparkling face, a smile float on that young boy’s face as he held out his hand to that girl.

“Let’s go.”

That girl nodded as she held his hand; her cheek tinted in pink.

There was no shadow at the back of those two as they headed to the exit; only a bright future could be seen.


Where did it go wrong???!! Sherazade??!(இ﹏இ`。)

I cried as I translate that last sentences….


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  1. after reading the sweet story, this story is so sad!
    I hope sheru is happy too before she died!
    the prince a little twisted but he just want sheru be happy! I want to hate him but I cannot!
    but still thank you for the story!

      1. That’s right, especially when I read the last paragraph where their first meeting is so happy. I want to cry!!
        Is it because the prince doesn’t want sheru to be with him because he can’t die? I want to think that this is the reason he separate with sheru! At least this reason make him a good man that want sheru be happy even if the method is wrong!!

        1. maybe.. or he was getting frustrated because Sheru was no longer a girl who happily show her expression to him.. Probably their fight was the trigger for this twisted fate.. I tried to look for Sheru POV but the author didn’t make continuation for this.. :'(

      2. that’s right too! ugh there’s so many reason!
        but maybe like this is good too, because if there’s sheru’s pov and that’s sad too then I will cry again!!
        the author really making the reader crying with their broken love!! :'(

  2. Nooooooo!! What with this sad story. I need another to wash down this bitter feeling. Maybe something like the child of Jean with a mistress and Sheru child get together. I swear it like a Chinese movie where the child of the child of the child is the main protagonist. I can wait till the happy ending so author please make it so…

  3. Wow, this one was depressing, quite different from what is on this site, but it’s good either way.
    Thanks for bringing it to us.

  4. THE GUY IS AN ABSOLUTE IDIOT. ABSOLUTE. IDIOT. Really, to the point where I can’t even comprehend why some of you even thought he did it to save Sheru because he will become close to ‘immortal.’ Like, so what? If his head is as good as his face, even to you guys, you all should know that that wasn’t reason enough. He was led astray and now that his life had become like that, he regrets it. Gaah~ Anyway, to all that, all I can say is that ‘he deserves it.’ He needs to rot. All I hoped was that at least Sheru is happy.

    Also, that last part was a bummer. I guess that’s just life…? But ggrrr… all the more reason for my anger to intensify.

    1. In defense of the prince, I think he thought that Sheru is not happy with him anymore (with Sheru being indifferent to him and distant). That’s why he used the “contract with country” that could grant any wish to cancel their engagement (his wish) so that Sheru could find her happiness.

  5. you mean to say to me that, that b*tch- I mean, lustful evil woman did not get her retribution????

    Excuse me, I need to go out and scream about reality’s cruelty and maybe trying to murder my feeling

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