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Part 2

Kon’yaku haki suru kawari ni,-ka to wa en o kira sete itadakimasu Part 2

Author: 大崎 カヤ

RAW: http://ncode.syosetu.com/n5048cv/

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“Up till now, you have been treating Miriam so cruelly. However, since Miriam had never said anything, I had let those matters go… But this time, you have already gone overboard!”

“Father, that is too much!”

“Miriam is a nice girl. Compared to that, why did Lucia become something like this….?”

Hearing her father’s quick words, Miriam could not conceal her happiness. No matter how many years Lucia observed Miriam, she still could not comprehend her. Father, Mother, and the people around had been deceived by her; all of their eyes were looking at Miriam dotingly.

“… Am I being exiled from the Duke’s House?”

“If you apologize now, I will consider mitigating the punishment.”

Upon hearing Lucia’s question, Randall answered as he looked down at her.

Randall had anticipated that Lucia would confess her sin out of fear of the heavy punishment.

“I will not have that…. Father… No, Duke of Sennett, there is no mistake in your words just now, right?”


Lucia’s voice traveled far away as she dismissed the need for her to ask for a pardon. The decent aristocrats and the students who look bored just now began to look her way, thinking that something had started. The Duke of Sennett, who did not notice this, shouted with a red face.

“Starting from this moment, you are banished from the Duke’s House.”

The Duke declared it while looking at Lucia triumphantly. Lucia’s expression remained calm. Everyone could hardly think that both of them were parents and children.

“I understand. Then, you will also give up all your rights as my parents, won’t you?”

“A~ that’s right. For a person like you, even if I don’t have you as a daughter, I don’t even care.”

Lucia slowly uttered the words as she asked for the final confirmation.

The Duke of Sennett seemed to be having difficulties in judging things calmly with his rising emotions. Otherwise, he would have a sense of discomfort, as Lucia did not seem to show the slightest bit of shaking. Randall had thought that this situation looked weird as doubts began to appear on his face. Miriam, on the other hand, felt dissatisfied with Lucia, who still seemed calm despite her predicament.

At the same time, a person was walking from/approached the guest seat. It was Randall’s father. King Grandall Harvey Fistonia.


Everyone turned and knelt on the spot.

“Good, be at ease.”

With that low and dignified voice, the earlier rigid atmosphere began to loosen up. Randall could no longer wait as soon as he saw the King. Maybe the King would help him to condemn Lucia.

“Duke of Sennett, do you mean the words that you declared just now?”

“Yes, Lucia will be exiled from the  Duke’s House as her punishment. Therefore I would like for Your Majesty to bestow the engagement between Miriam and Randall.”

“That will be good.”

Duke of Sennett and Randall, who were having the same thought, were brimming with confidence with that reply. The King had acknowledged that matter. It was all that Randall and Miriam had wished for….. Even at the current moment, still.

“Father, thank you very much!”

“Lucia-dono also does not have any objection, right?”


Randall caught the eyes of delight from the corner of his eyes when the confirmation was given to the King’s query.

“…., Huh?”

Randall brushed his eyes. He was surprised that Lucia quickly approved the engagement between him and Miriam.

Lucia initially had never borne any romantic feeling towards Randall. Therefore, there was no reason for her to refuse it.


“What is it?’

“That girl had destroyed Miriam’s possessions as well as showed contempt to her by spreading malicious gossips. She should be punished accordingly.”

“Please leave that conversation for later.”

As Lucia opened her mouth, she stared at Randall, pointedly warning him that he should keep his mouth shut. Slightly frightened by that glare, Randall remembered Miriam’s existence, who was next to him and hugged her close to his chest while saying.

“I do not have anything left to say.”

“I am truly sorry that we have taken everyone’s precious time for things that are unrelated to the graduation party…. Your Highness, is this okay with you?”

Lucia had sarcastically dismissed that the matter between Randall and Miriam had nothing to do with the party at all. Randal’s face began to distort unpleasantly.

“Um, I am fine.”

“I understand, then…”

After talking with the King, Lucia stopped for a moment as she looked around and affirmed that she had everyone’s attention.

“…………… I am accusing Douglas Sennett with the crime of embezzlement.”


The inside of the hall erupted with the loudest noise so far. The lady who was expelled from the Duke’s House is now accusing her father of the crime. There was no reason for everyone not to feel surprised by it.

“Who is going to believe such crap?  I guess she is planning to get even with the Duke’s House.”

“If it is about the evidence, I have it. It is here.”

Ignoring the word from Duke Sennett, Lucia used her magic to bring out the document. When the Duke saw it, he exclaimed:

“Why is it that things here?”

The document was stolen from the Duke’s drawer with Lucia’s magic. The drawer that contained the material had been locked with magic, thus making it difficult for outsiders to steal it. The internal workings of human being/human’s minds; in other words, Lucia understood the Duke’s reaction. After all, the magic should be in perfect condition. His daughter should not possibly be able to steal it…

When the Duke noticed that Randal and Miriam had been looking at him with an incredulous expression on their face, he tried to return their look, but it was already too late. Lucia heard the Duke’s scream, but she ignored it as she passed the document directly to the King.

“No doubt, thank you for providing the evidence, Lucia-dono.”

“The praise is too much. You flatter me.”

“Iya- I could have never grabbed the Duke’s tail without your cooperation.”

The King had been struggling to get hold of the document before he started working with Lucia. That was why he did not appear surprised at Lucia’s accusation. From his previous words, it was apparent that the Duke had already been under scrutiny.

“Detain the criminal.”

With the King’s command, Lucia quickly detained both the Duke and the Duchess with her magic. All the students in the school watched vividly at her graceful hand movement. Even though Lucia’s result was always at the top, but many had thought that she was far less superior to Miriam and Randall.

“This ungrateful…. Have you forgotten who had brought you up so far! Why are you accusing your parent…?”

“I have never thought of you as my parent. My mother was the one who gave birth to me. The cause of embezzlement was due to your incompetence in managing the household finances as a result of Miriam’s extravagance. I don’t think there is any room for sympathy.”

The faces of the Duke and Duchess became distorted. They recalled how Lucia’s mother was given a cold reception, whereas Miriam and her mother were showered with love. Both of their shoulders drooped.

Lucia thought that she could finally have a break after all these when suddenly Randall began to plead with the King. Is this still going to go on? She felt like biting the words.

“Father, that girl had destroyed Miriam’s possessions as well as spread malicious gossips. It is certainly true that the Duke had sinned. However, Miriam does not need to bear the blame. The evidence brought by Lucia has nothing to do with her bullying Miriam.”

It was unusual for Randall to speak of decent things. It was great that none of those things that she had been accused of produced any physical evidence. But he was too late. All of Miriam’s speech and conduct had finally become visible.

“You need to be clear about it.”

“It is a misdemeanor against the Duke’s daughter, and you should pay for the crime you have committed!”

Seemed satisfied with his father’s consent, Randall began to list out the crimes that Lucia had done. Cutting Miriam textbook with scissors until it could not be used anymore; insulting Miriam with bad rumours, slapping Miriam’s cheeks, etc. Lucia kept repeating that she did not know, nor did she have any knowledge about it. No matter how many times, Lucia’s words did not enter Randall’s ears, and he continued with his narrow field of vision. When Lucia was about to argue by asking him to provide the evidence, suddenly, she heard a familiar voice from behind her.

“Is there any evidence that Lucia committed such a crime?”

The crowd quickly dispersed as they made way for that mature man and a young youth to advance. The surrounding nobles who saw them began to lower their head deeply. Surprisingly, many of the schoolgirls’ faces were dyed red.

Randall shouted like a silly man:

“A- Aniue!? Why is Nordis-dono here too?”

“…. Your Highness, Leader.”

Next to Lucia stood the first prince, Elies Siles Fistonia, and the leader of the Royal Magic Chivalric Order, Dian Nordis.

Adorned with jet-black hair and eyes, he was the elder brother of Randall. Although he rarely attended social parties, he was known for his excellence in both sports and academics. Lucia knew that despite his atrocious tongue, he was quite popular among the ladies due to his handsome face. It seemed that the mood just now was pretty bad.

Dian Nordis, the leader of the Royal Magic Chivalric Order, was known as the most dominant magician in this country. During the fight with the demon one year ago, he had wielded immense power and thus brought victory to the Kingdom of Fistonia. He was the offspring of the Nordis Family, who had produced many excellent magicians.

When their eyes met, the two of them gently raised their hands in acknowledgment as Lucia bent lightly and bowed. In that short moment, she began to feel the energy coming back to her shoulders.

“It was quite a disaster, Lucia.”

“For the annoyance that Randall had caused you, I’m sorry.”

“…..It is okay.”

“Aniue! That woman.”

“There is no evidence that Lucia ever committed a crime.”

Looking at that friendly atmosphere between the two of them, Randal was surprised and opened his mouth in panic but was shut by Elias’ words.

Looking at his eyes, Randall frighteningly muttered:

“But Miriam had testified…”

The content of his speech was no different from what Lucia had listened to previously. Lucia looked at Elias who had an amazing face as Elias replied:

“But, you did not have any physical evidence on it.”

Randall sniffed as he glanced at Miriam.

“……. Ano, Aniue?”

“This is ridiculous; you only have the victim’s testimony? It was a waste of time to talk about it.”

Contradicting to his handsome look and aura, the words uttered by Elias rendered Randall speechless as he was viewed as being stupid.

“…..Your Highness, they did not possess any kind of originality.”

To not let anyone hear what the two of them were talking about, Lucia whispered it to Elias.

“Ano, Aniue?”

“Randall, is there any physical evidence in the first place?”

When the King also started to ask the same thing as Lucia, Miriam began to get agitated. Randall hugged Miriam’s waist as Miriam shed her tears as if she remembered the abuse she had received from her sister.

‘Ano, mine….. She threw my books away, and she also soaked my books with water…”

Miriam and Randall began to enter their world and did not notice the gaze of the people surrounding them. The student who had been on Miriam’s side previously began to look apathetic.


“Yes, Father.”

“……I have never thought that you were this foolish before. Without any physical evidence, there should not be any conversation on this at all. Just listening to that person alone makes you doubt your fiancée….”

Randall, who was spotting a sloven face earlier on, began to turn pale blue from the King’s words. The words that the King had directed to Randall were quite reasonable. Nevertheless, Randall widened his eyes in disbelieve. Elias, who was beside Lucia, sighed. My stupid younger brother…, Lucia, decided not to listen to him and instead gently turned her eyes back to Randall.

“It is not a lie. It is the truth! Even at that party one month ago, my sister had blown me off for getting to close to Randall-sama. Elias-sama will believe us, right?”

As Miriam was getting frantic, she let go of her hand that had been stuck to Randall and began to approach Elias until she arrived in front of him. Miriam held both of her hands cutely to the front of her chest to make it look like a lovely gesture. However, this was counterproductive to Elias.

Lucia felt that she could see black aura rising from behind him. He was seriously angry.

“It seems that you do not know what etiquette is. Did I ever allow you to call me by my name?”

Miriam’s shoulders shook at that. Randall also seemed withered after being directed with that kind of murderous gaze. Their face’s colour appeared to be wrong. Lucia knew that if this were going to continue, the mood would become even worse. Therefore, that girl decided to reveal the decisive fact.

“I did not join any kind of party one month ago.”

“You are lying, that kind of thing!”

Miriam looked surprised as she opened her eye wide.  Randall came close and asked:

“Do you have any kind of evidence?”

It seems that they had forgotten the fact that they had just condemned Lucia previously based on their testimonies alone.

Nordis cleared his throat lightly before stepping forwards, speaking clearly.

“If you look at the rooster of the Chivalric Order, I am sure that Lucia-dono had been guarding the castle during the festival that day. Her men and other captains should be able to testify for it.”

With those words, everyone was looking at her with bewilderment except for certain people. For a lady to be a knight in the Chivalric Orders was something unheard of. And that’s why there was no reason that the rooster of the Chivalric Order could not be used as evidence to prove her alibi as it was not something that could be possessed by any aristocratic lady.

“What does that mean?”

The Duke, who was left restrained with the Duchess, began to mummer in disbelieved.

“Originally, it was meant to be announced one month after Lucia-dono graduate from the school…Knight’s leader, there is no other way.”

“Yes, I think so too… Lucia.”

Lucia, who had gotten the permission from both the King and the leader of the Chivalric Order, began to put a spell on herself. It was commonly known as transformation magic, which could be used to alter one’s appearance.

Light began to envelop Lucia. Many people started to doubt their eyes as the light faded away.

“Rion Cadre-…..?!”

At the place where Lucia had initially stood, there was a beautiful, androgynous youth. Wearing the uniform of the Magic Knight, it was the person from the rumours in the street.

“We had never revealed it as we took into consideration her status as a student. However, Lucia had been enrolled as a knight since two years ago. After the fight with the demon one year ago, her achievement had been acknowledged, and she is currently the commanding officer of her knight force.”

“That, kind of thing….”

The youth raised her face up…. And sighs began to leak from the surrounding. The dark-green eyes which were fringed with the flaxen-coloured eyelashes which had the same colour as the hair looked straight at Randall and Miriam before she spoke.

“This is the appearance that I use for the Chivalric Order. I had judged the need for me to change my appearance for my work as a knight in consideration of my position as the Duke’s daughter. This is also due to my status as a student. All of you might not have known. However, it was the duty of the Order to appear in the public occasionally.”

Randall had finally comprehended it. In front of him was his former fiancée, Lucia. She had been hiding her power all along.

The commanding officer was a pretty important position among the knights. Apart from magic skills, one naturally needed leadership abilities to command the force. Often during the early stage of a battle, a massive amount of magic was required from them. If the commander was someone who was still young and not to mentions the daughter of a Duke, for example, there was a high possibility that there would be a rebellion due to the disturbance of the balance between the aristocratic power. It seemed that Lucia was so talented that the commander felt the need to have her, thus deciding to hide her identity.

“The knights who did not know of the circumstances saw the ferocious battle with the dragon and had spread the rumours at once. [The Ice magician who suddenly got promoted to a commanding officer]. They did not even realize her Duke’s daughter’s identity. She had been perfectly-regarded by some as [Commoner who had been directly invited to join the knight].”

“As long as she worked with the Magic Knight Chivalric Order, she had to participate in any mission of protecting the venue of a royal festival…. Well, at that party a month ago, I wonder who started the rumours to attack Lady Miriam?”

“In the first place, there was no incentive for her to abuse that woman over there. Randall, let me tell you, Lucia did not think about you at all.”

Elias and Nordis spoke alternately. Their last words had shattered Randall’s pride while Miriam’s face had gone from blue to white. Lucia had finally understood the person who tried to deceive someone into committing the crime.

“Ano, I am just….”

“Enough already.”

The King called for Randall as he blocked Miriam’s word.

“Randall, I am going to make you the subject of the state.”

(T/N: This is known as Shinseki-kouka: the sons of the emperors/ kings who were going down to the rank of the followers of the emperors. Source: Atsuhiko Higuchi)

“That can’t be!” Randall screamed.

His behavior in abusing his power in school as well as the unsuitable conduit unbefitting of his role as the royal family, was all reported. Although he was the real son, there was no hesitation left in the King.

“We will also take action on others….. Follow me.”

“This is a lie….”

“Let me go! Thi-this is not how it was supposed to be. This is all because of you.”

Miriam and the people around her were arrested and taken into custody, along with the Duke and the Duchess. The nobles’ eyes were stern as they observed them. Because of him being infatuated with one woman, he disdained his fiancée.

Those that did not fulfill their duty as an aristocrat did not have the right to live a luxurious life.

Towards Miriam, who resisted, Randall and the surrounding people were stunned. With disheveled hair, that girl was shouting for Lucia to face her. Her current appearance was far from the girl they loved.


After watching all of them being escorted out of the venue, Lucia canceled the magic from her body. With her uniform still intact, her appearance returned from the youth commoner -Rion Calder- to [Lucia].

Fu~ she exhaled a bit. It seemed that she had also felt a little bit nervous. Seeing Lucia as such, Nordis lightly punched her shoulder and said:

“You did well.”

“Lucia-dono, it was hard on you.”

“Thank you very much.”

Lucia bowed to the King before she raised her head to look over at the aristocrats and students to apologize for letting them witness the earlier series of interactions.

“I am sorry to let this kind of thing happened during the graduation party. And I hope that you will pardon whatever problem concerning Miriam during her stay in this school.

“There is no such thing, Lucia-sama.”

While dismissing Lucia’s words, one female student came forward. After that, another three advanced further. Lucia remembered them. They were the fiancées of the male students who were a part of Miriam’s entourage…..For some unknown reason, their cheeks were tinted red while their expressions looked like they had been spell-bound by something.

“Lucia-sama had never been partial towards anyone regardless of their social status. We have also already given up on our fiancés ever since they become fascinated with Miriam.”

“There are people who got hurt due to their thoughtless action. I am also one of them. For you who tried consoling me… Thank you very much.”

The girl who spoke the second time continued saying:

“My heart can’t help but throb unconsciously in embarrassment. ”

Lucia suddenly remembered her current state of attire.

Short bob hair; with the originally androgynous and handsome facial feature, and the sexless uniform of the Chivalric Order.

Elias, who stood next to Lucia, could read the inside of her heart.

“It is no wonder that he looked like a young noble from somewhere, Rion Caldre, no, Lucia’s face herself looks so gallant.”

“…… –tentatively it is a woman.”

“Tentatively, huh?”

“I have a self-consciousness about looking like a man.”

As Lucia replied to Elias as per usual, he suddenly muttered with a serious face, “I only saw you as a woman.”


Lucia unexpectedly heard his muttering, and her eyes met with Elias, who was watching her, and for some reason, her heart began to throb. At that man.

Lucia saw that he turned around, and she somehow noticed that he was going to say something to her.



“Be my fiancée.”

The people around them held their breath in surprise. Elias knelt before her as he held her hand. Lucia could see the emotion lurking behind his eyes.

“…… I am sorry.”


“I am no longer an aristocrat. I am just Lucia. You could not possibly be thinking of making a commoner into a Queen, right?”

She was the daughter of a criminal. She was also the stepsister of the person who had been deceiving many influential people. Although she was the one who had charged them with the accusation, and this matter also did not have anything to do with her; however, this would remain in her record. Furthermore, since she had already broken off from the House of Duke Sennett, there will be no shield to protect her. There was no problem for her to continue to be within the Chivalric Order. However, the same could not be applied if she were to become the wife of the King.

“If that is the case, there is no problem at all.”

Nordis said with an overflowing smile.

“I just have to adopt you. I also have the same rank as the Duke of Sennett. My family’s shield should be enough to protect your back. You just have to become a Nordis instead of a Sennett, right?”

Lucia, with rounded eyes, looked at Elias after hearing the word that Nordis had declared so lightly/casually saying, “What is this?”

But Lucia was still slightly hesitant about it that Elias felt sullen from this. His eyes began to narrow.

“Are you refusing my offer?

“No, it is not like that.”

Lucia was taken aback by his words. She was terrified that Elias would get angry, so much that she unconsciously nodded her affirmation.

Even if she wanted to ask the King for help, she felt that she could not help it when she saw his smile. Thus she nodded her head.

“It is settled then.”

Elias quickly pulled her into his embrace and kissed her.

Seeing that she was surprised and being stiff in his arm, he asked, “Do you hate this?”

“This is…”

Lucia had first met Elias in the Royal Library. At that time, she had noticed that she has a magical capacity that was larger than most people. Thus, she was absorbed in learning the way to control her abundant magical power.

While meeting in the library a few times, she had begun to consult him regarding her situation. From there, he introduced her to the leader of the Chivalric Order, where she joined later on while hiding her true identity.

Unlike her sister, Miriam, whom people consistently took notice of wherever she went to. Lucia, on the other hand, was always in the shadow. Although her mother’s family was also within the same rank as the Duke of Sennett, they had been in decline and therefore were unable to voice out their opinion towards Sennett House. Consequently, she only had her power to rely on.

She was thrilled when she passed the evaluation that allowed her to legitimately join the Chivalric Order thus enabled her to keep improving her magical skills to the extent that she was entrusted to act as a commanding officer.

The feeling was different when she was being respected by others.

She was deeply grateful to Elias for giving her this opportunity, and at the same time, she also realized her feeling. And for the first time, Lucia hated the obligation that comes from being born as an aristocrat.

The fiancé who did not know her real appearance and the brother of that fiancé who had extended his hand to her. It was not her fiancé who had been surprised when he felt her abundance of magical power and saved her from suffering when her own family kept neglecting her.  However, for the sake of the country, she was not allowed to do something, such as annulling her engagement.

She had planned to kill her feelings. Even though her fiancé was in love with Miriam, she did not care as long as she was able to serve Elias, who was going to become the King in the future.

“…. No, I did not hate it.”

Thinking of the things that had happened until now, Lucia confessed. The future which she had once given up is now visible in front of her eyes.

She raised her downcast eyes and looked at Elias as she spoke.

“I, I … like you.”

Cheers began to reverberate from their surroundings as Elias hugged Lucia’s delicate body once again.

Lucia smiled wryly at this unexpected development and his overbearing behaviour. Elias laughed in satisfaction as he rubbed her head.

And that it is (as someone mentioned) the RAW we have.

It has been a year since the author update any of her work… but we can consider this as a short story unless she updates it in the future. I would like to remind you that this is a MTL.

I tried my best to deliver the story as written, ( ̄`Д´ ̄)9  however there might be some discrepancies since part two was quite difficult for me to translate… m(_ _)m

Please take it with a grain of salt. I will doubly happy if someone could point out any grammatical error that I might have overlooked.

Another things is, it might be a while before I started to translate again, I received whats-app from my supervisory committee and it seems there are lot of things that need to be corrected before I am able to submit my proposal for the colloquium            (T▽T).

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