April 25, 2024

Part 1

Kon’yaku Haki Suru Kawari ni,-ka to wa en o Kira Sete Itadakimasu Part 1.

Author: 大崎 カヤ

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“Lucia Sennett, I hereby revoke my engagement with you!”

What the hell is he trying to do in the middle of the party?

At the time when the music stopped, she began to feel the gazes that pierced through her from the people around her. Lucia sighed in her heart as her full name was called.

It didn’t shock her to see her fiancée Randall; the second prince of the country holding hands with Miriam, who was her younger sister from a different mother, in this familiar scene. Well I never thought that they were stupid enough to make this kind of announcement in a public place specifically during the graduation party. It seemed that she had overestimated them as her face tightened up. With her all, Lucia tried to put the feeling of disgust into her face.

Strawberry-colored hair with honey-colored eyes Miriam, paired with the blonde, blue-eyed Randall; they truly looked like a painting when they stood next to each other.

Miriam’s eyes slowly moistened as she shook her plump lips.

“I am sorry, Onee-sama. It is me who is bad…!”

“Do not blame yourself too much Miriam.”

“That’s right. The one who is bad is actually your sister over there.”

“…..Me? What is it about me?”

The people around Miriam began to comfort her. These people are the future of the country. Lucia began to have a sense of disappointment and shock at the students of this famous school.

“Well even if you realized it now, it is already too late. Your evil ha already been revealed.”

Can you please clarify your accusation? Lucia began to think. However, she was quite concerned looking at that overconfident Randall.

“…What have you been talking about?”

“Don’t play dumb. The things you have done to Miriam, don’t say that you don’t realize it.”

“She is your younger sister from a different mother. Though it is hard to believe that the cute Miriam is related to her.”

“….Please be specific.”

“If you do not care about shame, then I will gladly tell you.”

About the content of the things that Randall talked after that, Lucia totally did not remember any of it. As for evidence, the only things that Lucia heard—

“That’s what Miriam had said.”

“Apart from my sister’s testimony, I would like to see another evidence.”

“Are you saying that Miriam is lying? What kind of person….”

“It is ugly trying to escape at this late hour.”

She wanted to tell them that it was not necessary at all. If there was no physical evidence, the conversation was actually already over.  But this was not the time yet. She told herself that and had no choice but to endure here. The other decent aristocrats and students began to look tired of this spectacles.

“I don’t remember ever doing such things to Miriam– “Act properly, Lucia.”

Lucia turned around to see the man who had interrupted her speech. Since this was a graduation party, the nobles had also been invited to attend it. Lucia could see her father, the Duke of Sennett and her stepmother the Duchess walk through the crowd of  nobles.

“Prudently admit your own sin.”

“Don’t tell a lie, Lucia. Apologize properly. Even though there is no blood connection between us, I see you as my daughter. I don’t want to see you stray further onto the wrong path.”

Lucia was not stupid or obedient enough to believe the two of them who had been spouting beautiful words. For the two of them to say such shameless words despite their own true character, they silently repeated the same content all over again.

“I’ll say it again….. I did not do it.”

“Onee-sama, please! Honestly admit your sin!”

“I don’t know anything!”


Towards that fluttering strawberry hair, and those honey-colored eyes that began to moisten as she tried to appeal to her; Lucia only looked at it coldly and indifferently as she regarded her wickedness.

Flaxen hair cut into a short bob which was unusual among the ladies of the aristocrat with dark green eyes; a rare fine skin coupled with a well-formed appearance.

She was truly beautiful and famous among aristocrats. However, compared to Miriam who was bright and gentle, Lucia who was always calm thus made others feel that she was not cute at all. After her sister became acquainted with her fiancée, Randall, her reputation in school got worse as people begin to label her as a [Cold-hearted sister who grudgingly fights with her sister for being close to her fiancée].

As for the Duke, as soon as Lucia’s mother who he had married without love left the world due to an illness, he quickly instated the woman whom he had been having a relationship with previously as his new wife. Since then, he had only put his concern on the newly born Miriam.

Lucia was already tired of always being compared with her sister with only what could be seen from their exterior.  And thus, such thought began to appear—[I cannot tolerate this anymore].

Towards Lucia who kept saying [I didn’t do it] until the end, Duke Sennett began to get angry. And finally, while he was scowling at Lucia, he declared.

“If you still do not have any intention to admit, I will cut you from the house of Duke Sennett!!”

That punishment was quite harsh, especially towards your own real daughter, but no one tried to protect Lucia as they did not want the trouble of dealing with the Duke as well as the second prince.

As the small noise began to spread around, the feeling of pity began to shine from the eyes of the people around her, however, Lucia for some reason had kept quiet.

————She was waiting for those words to be uttered by the Duke of Sennett.

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