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A dove that was unable to grant its blessedness (2014)

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Author: 月鳴 (Moon Echo)

A/N: A sequel to A Crow that cannot be happy. The POV of the older sister/Heroine. Your impression might change because of this.

T/N: This is partially edited. Appreciate if anyone willing to point out any mistake. So here goes…. This mini mass release is to celebrate the one year anniversary of Incarose Jealousy MTL….. #9

I had a sister.
We were sisters that were not alike at all. A jet-black haired younger sister. Whereas I, possessed platinum blonde hair. A delicate younger sister. A chubby me. A younger sister who was avoided by the people around her. And me who was always been pampered by others.
I had always pretended that I could never see it.
Only I knew, how my younger sister, Seira, had been living up until now. And I pretended not to see it
Therefore, how did it end up like this–?


The majestic bell of the cathedral rang. Today was the day of my wedding ceremony. Today was the day where I stepped into the new road with that person while being dressed royally in a splendid snow white full dress with bountiful of lace arrangement. The climax of happiness.
It seemed that all those girls looked at me with a longing expression as they watched over our ceremony. It was a well-matched couple of a handsome man and a beauty. It was like a scene taken from a painting or a novel.
Every time I was praised due to that, I started to remember.

The last look of Seira’s cold ice eyes.

“Rachel? Is there something wrong?”
“…No, there is nothing wrong.”

[Let’s go]. It had become so difficult for me to take that outstretched hand without any feeling of hesitation. Whenever I took that hand, the cold voice of Seira resounding in my mind.

–By having me as your stepping stone, for sure elder sister will reach your own happiness, right?

There was no such thing. I did not intend for it to be like this. I desperately tried to refute her, but I cannot erase Seira’s gaze from my mind. No matter where I went to, I will never be able to erase my delusion since it was fueled from my own guilt. Since my sister had been banished from this country, I could never see her again and thus this guilt had no ways of being healed.

I was born as the eldest daughter of a Ducal’s house and I had always been raised as a valuable heiress befitting my title. My world was warm and calm like a cotton. Only beautiful and gentle things surrounded me, whereas all those painful and frightening things were being kept away.
It was when I was 2 years old that my world started to change. My younger sister was born.
The story from there was simple. Since I did not want my parents, maids and toys to be stolen by others, I decided to make others have a low opinion on Seira by using my flattery skills on them. Like that, within my expectation, my parents readily regarded me as their one and only cute child and come to love only me.

I seriously thought that Seira’s misfortune was my happiness.
There was no one who thought those situations as strange since eeveryone approved and doted on me. Therefore, I never noticed and always felt a certain kind of pleasure whenever Seira fell into a predicament.
It was that day that I noticed this foolish mistake.

–The day when Seira was banished from the country and I became the fiancée of the Crown prince.
Because, that sister of mine was laughing.
Surely no one noticed it. Everyone just overlooked my younger sister and no one cares to look at her expression.
But I had seen it. From the Ducal mansion’s drawing room, I saw the scene of my younger sister’s retreating back as she dashingly jumped over the outer wall smoothly. There was no shadow of unhappiness could be found in her expression.

My younger sister was a child who had never laughed. She always responded to others indifferently without any trace of emotion regardless whoever it was. For the sake of socializing, her mouth sometimes distorted at the edge as if she was smiling, however, if I were to think about it carefully now, that was not a smile. It was only an expression that made her appear to be smiling.
Because Seira had always seemed to have an unpleasant atmosphere around her, no one tried to get close to her. However, it was never my intention for it to be like that.
I have previously thought about it. In the end, Seira needed to leave this country one way or another.

And then, that chance finally presented in front of me. Coupled up with high stakes.
Everything had been as per my wish.
Except one, the face which my sister had shown to me.

At that moment, I finally understood. Seira was indeed my blood related sister. She was so similar to me. As I was her.
The fact that I noticed was that–, the bird cage which has always caged her in had finally disappeared and what I wanted was this permanent gilded cage.

I wonder what true happiness was.
While being surrounded by those things that I love, I gently turned my face away.

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  1. thanks for the chapter XD
    at first I though the elder sister really a good woman that’s why everyone love her, never though that she already had a dark heart from when her younger sister born!!
    well I happy that now she will know what it feels being caged plus with her guilty feeling!!!

    1. I’m not totally burnt out, so here are some edits.

      Since I did not want my parents, maids and toys to be stole by others,
      There was no one who thought those situations by means of strange as everyone approved and doted on me.
      who thought of those situations as strange since everyone

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