May 26, 2024

Nidoto Aenai Kimi to, Hontōni Saigo no Koi.

English Title: Although I could not meet you again, but you are my last love.

Author: 雨羽 奏 (Rain’s Feather)



In order to meet you whom I could never ever met again.

It was truly my last love and I hope we can continue it again.

Towards [My beloved person] and this wonderful world.


T/N: Just in mood for something short and gloomy? Oh well this what happened when you favorite group disbanded.


The wet rainy season had passed and with sound of the Cicada, the summer season had finally arrived.

But, the you who previously beside me, is no longer here.

But I too, will soon follow you.

And that was my thought as I made my way towards that big garden beside the hospital.

“[Me] – kun”

Even though there was no one here yet in this garden.


As someone seemed to be calling my [Name], I turned around towards that voice.

But still, I can’t seemed to perceive my [Name], as if, it was blocked by something.


The voice which had been calling [my name] sound so nostalgic, but I quickly thought that it was impossible, but still, I turned around while thinking that it would never happened.


But still, the one who reflected in my eyes was truly you.


I tried to call out but I can’t seem to remember the name.

Because once I remember it, this illusion will break.

I did not want to leave you, I also did not want to die. And because of that, I stopped myself.

“It has been a long time.”

Your gentle voice reached out into my ear.

“How have you been?”

“…Hmm, I was fine.”

I was fine. I emphasized the [was].

“…How are you currently?”

“Hmm… I’ve gotten sick.”

“I see.”

Your smile.

“We do not know what’s going to happen in life.”

“Whatever it is. I also do not know.”

Yes, just like you… and also, like me.

“Today is the last day.”

“Are you coming to the same place as I am?”

“It seem to be like that.”

“Then, I need to come really early to pick up you, [Me]-kun.”

That same smile.

That’s right…

“Mo, it is okay if you take me now.”

“Then, I am going to pick you right now.”

With that being said, that person slowly reached out to me.

“Eh… really?”

“Yeah… Come on. Hold on to me?”

My hand was overlapped with yours.


At that time, the memory which has been hidden depth in my heart, the recollection as well as the feeling began to overflow.

Of course, with it was the feeling that I have for you.

“What’s wrong?’

“Do I have to bid my farewell to this world and [You]?
“I’m not sure about that, however, you might want to say goodbye this world since I do not know the day that we will be able to come here again.”

“I see…. Then, if we will be able to live once again, at that time I would like [You] to let me called out your name once again.

“Right now, even though I am already dead, but I still moving you know?”

“Then, at this occasion while you are in front of my eyes, the [already dead but still moving].

“What the hell is that? Besides that, I am having grudge towards you who are still alive and moving, you know?

That person laughed, patiently waiting for my response.

I slowly took a breath. I could still felt my heart beat… A~ I am still alive.

With that, your name.

“…………… [My beloved person]”

You laughed out loud.

A usual, I could not hear your name, but it seemed that you have finally arrived here.

“Goodbye, [My beloved person]. And towards this wonderful world.”

With that, I closed my eyes.

I slowly… lost my consciousness.

In order to meet you whom I could never ever met again.

It was truly my last love and I hope we can continue it again.


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  1. Oww, am I dumb? I couldn’t understand that much… So it’s about someone that died right? And promised to meet her love in another lifetime?

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