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Akuyaku Reijō ttenani o Sureba Yoi nda kke? Chapter 10

Chapter 10: The Queen’s tea party.


Author: Soy

Editor: Sleepycatz

T/N: Another two chapters before the school arc start~ Well, all the chapters before the school arc is basically putting down the setting.

Thanks to Yang Yang for helping me clarify some of the sentences.

That day, I was called by the Queen.

“You have arrived. Come inside.”

The place that I entered was the Queen’s private room.

“I want to have a nice long chat with you today. Please sit.”

There was already another person sitting inside the room, looking closely. I recognized that person as Vanessa-sama.


“Welcome. I was originally an intelligence unit personnel with the identity of the Queen’s maid.”

“Is it okay for you to reveal such information to me?”

“Since Captain Kagerou works for you now, this can no longer be considered as a secret.” 

Vanessa-sama replied with a smile.

“Kagerou-san is not a treacherous person who will expose other’s secret so easily.”

“Now I understand why captain wanted to serve you.” 

Vanessa-sama smiled bitterly.

“Cardinal’s mature outlook is really great!! On the contrary, I really wish that our stupid Prince over there would be able to follow your example.”

In the corner of the room, I could see the Prince squatting and wrapping his hands around his knees. (Like Here)

What’s wrong with this person anyway?

“He has been feeling down because your brother had been ignoring him.”

Since big brother is a sis-con, he probably had been snubbing the Prince in retaliation to his behaviour during the engagement meeting.

“It’s all your fault.”

“How is it my fault? Your own actions caused everything.”

“It’s all because of you that Vertemic has been scowling at me and Imperial mother keep calling me stupid at every corner!”

“I cannot do anything about my big brother, but I will apologize for calling you stupid, stupid Prince.”

It is a waste of time for you to continue glaring at me.

The stupid Prince suddenly got up, and he stood in front of me.

What!! Do you want to fight?

“This is…………..”

That stupid Prince opened his small hand as he thrust something at me.

Enclosed in his hand, there was a hair barrette with Red Rose adorned on it. (Like this, perhaps?)

It was pretty cute.

“The colour of your hair stands out too much….so here.”


“In consideration to that, even though your hair colour is different from Vertemic, I will endure it.”

He tried to put that barrette on my twin-tail hairdo.

“How does it look??”

“……. uh…… It is better than what I had expected.”

A~ I see!

This fellow actually bought a barrette that complements my big brother’s hair because he assumed that I, as his sibling, would have a similar shade as him.

And then, since that barrette was completely inconspicuous in my hair, he did not know how to praise it.

Are you a Tsundere?

“Would you like to come together with me to apologize to my big brother?”

“Ha~? I am the prince, you know.”

“If you did bad things, you need to apologize. That is the practice of my family.”


“You cannot even do what my little brother can do?”


“I will go together with you to apologize.”

“…. All right.”

The Prince and I walked together as we headed towards the Imperial Library where my brother was.



The Prince apologized to my big Brother.

Seeing that, I grabbed the Prince’s head as I pushed it down.


“What’s with that, sorry? It was supposed to be. I am really sorry, right?”

“…. I am really sorry.”

My big brother laughed out loud when he saw the Prince bowed with his head down.

“Didn’t I tell you that it is a wasted effort unless you apologize to Cardinal?”

“That is…..”

“It’s okay. The Prince has already given me a present to make up for it!! I am happy to receive it since it is my favourite red rose. Please look at this!”

I approached my brother so that he could take a look at it.

“A~ it is cute. The colour is similar to your hair.”

“Yes! That is why, Prince, I would like to thank you.”

“……Cardinal, I am truly sorry.”

The Prince once again lowered his head towards me.

Um! Even though the Prince was quite stupid, he is still a fool with an earnest attitude!

This old me suddenly felt emotionally attached to him, much like towards those haughty Persian cats~!!

“Thank you very much for apologizing.”

I showed him my happy smile.

And without knowing the reason, big brother suddenly hugged me tightly.

“A~ Cardy is truly so cute. Please do not show such a cute expression outside our house.”

“Wha- What kind of expression is it? …… You are hurting me, Onii-sama.”

My brother released his grip after I said that to him.

“Why Cardy is here in the Royal Castle today?”

“I came because the Queen had invited me for a tea…… This isn’t good. This is not the time to be distracted over the Prince!!”

“I will go there together with you to apologize to the Queen.”

“Thank you very much, Onii-sama.”

My big brother grasped my hand as we walked away.


When I returned to Queen’s room, Broudo-sama was also in the middle of enjoying his tea break.

“Welcome back, Cardinal-chan. Is it okay if Broudo joins our tea party?”

“Of course. I am sorry for leaving my seat without permission.”

“It’s okay. Should we continue with our tea party? Vertemic is also here.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

When the both of us arrived at our seat, I suddenly remembered to look back.

Now that I think about it, the Prince is not here.

While I was still standing beside my seat, I decided to ask about it.

“Since the Prince is not here, should we go around searching for him?”

Towards my question, it was Broudo-sama who answered it.

“Jayce cannot handle my presence, so he had gone into hiding.”

That guy really needs to be taught a lesson.

I excused myself before heading out of the room to look for the Prince, and as soon as I stepped out, I saw him standing outside the door.

“What are you doing here?

“What… My imperial uncle is here… my Imperial uncle is a cursed person, you know….”

Hearing that, I once again kick him.

Towards that surprised Prince, I said.

“That is not a curse! It’s called genetics! It is just a matter of genetics!! It is not that weird, right, for Broudo-sama to actually inherit the same black hair and black eyes as his mother? Are you stupid? Is your stupidity that extreme? With that kind of thinking, you are not qualified to become a King!! I feel unpleasant for Broudo-sama, who has been pushed around by those obviously stupid rumours!! But still, for the sake of this country, he continued with his research on medicine which shows how great of a person he is!! Even so, for you who essentially shares the same blood as him to be blinded by the rumours and oblivious of his true nature?! If you were to ask me, rather than believing Broudo-sama was cursed, I think it was your head that was actually cursed!”

As of now, I think that I could actually continue to preach to him for another hour or so.

“Vanessa sama is not a cursed person, right??”


“Then…You do not really have to think much about it. Don’t you?


“Then, you should probably be able to say sorry to Broudo-sama, right?”

“….. Will you hold my hand?”

This tsundere……..

“There is no other choice then. Please hold out your hand.”


The tsundere Prince held out his hand toward me.

I slowly grasped his hand, and we made our way towards Broudo-sama.


“Imperial Uncle, I am really sorry.”

“…..Jayce, are you really fine with this?”

“…..Cardinal had told me that you are not a scary person…..”

This tsundere Prince, for some reason, was fidgeting when he was conversing with Broudo-sama.

Currently, I was holding that tsundere Prince’s hand.

And at this particular moment, that brother of mine also seemed to be seething for blood since I entered the room with the Prince.

Your gaze hurts, so I wish that you would stop acting like that.

I also felt the warm gaze from the Queen towards me.


“Yes, Prince.”

“I am quite pleased with you. Let’s get engaged to each other!”

“I don’t want to.”


“I still cannot muster any feeling for you, because, for me, you are still that stupid Prince.”

“….Vertemic, what kind of education has your sister been receiving?”

My big brother, who had been laughing, smiled freshly and said.

“She had been educated on how to have common sense like a normal person.”

Big brother and I continued to grin and laugh.

The tea party that I attended that day was the tea party where I started to understand the Prince’s personality a little bit better.

T/N: Respect is important… Now you know why Vanessa fall in love with the former King… And I think this is the right way to fall in love… Cardy sure retained her view in line with her mental age despite the childishness that she portrayed.



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