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Notice On Release Schedule

So I received my ads revenue report for the month of June (my first month of changing my hosting and move to a new home) and how should I say…. It was…. Devastating….


Anyway, I can’t keep demanding for a donation. As for the option of patreon.. Hmm I don’t even have any stockpile right now ≧ω≦

So, I am planning on increasing my release in order to increase the website views


But Analect chapter is way too long… Therefore, I decided to introduce a new book!!!! ~\(≧▽≦)/~

I will release 10+ chapters at the beginning of September to celebrate it. Anyway, this novel’s chapter is way shorter than Analect ( 1 chapter of Analect equivalent to 4 chapters of this novel)…so yeah..

But this novel won’t be the main project for this site. Just something to change my pace now and then (σ≧▽≦)σ

So the schedule will be like this [I’ll try my best to stick to it (╯3╰) ]

Analect: 6-8 chapters a month

Mochiron: 3 chapters a month

QT Male Slag: Boss Gege, pet me ( Title not yet determined) : 10 chapters+ a month.

So please come and read at my website. I’ll be happy if you promote my work to others.

Even though I did not reply to your comment, do know that I did read all of them.

As for those who copied my work and posted them at wattpad or where ever without my explicit permission, do realise that I am thoroughly miffed with your action ◥(ฅº₩ºฅ)◤

P/S: BTW, I am thinking of changing my nickname ZhangYeInfiniteFan to another since my heart are now with Boss Lan (It’s hard to become a man in the future) and Boss Zhao (Superstar of tomorrow). Should I change it to my game ID: LuiLan instead??

P. P/s : I usually release new chapters on weekend at midnight (+8 GMT)

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Hello! We are moving to a new house?

5/5/2019 marked the day we moved to our new house…. Therefore…




Hello to new reader! Welcome to our new site! As for old reader from the old site, welcome back!

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Akuyaku Reijō ttenani o Sureba Yoi nda kke? Chapter 48 [END]

Chapter 48:  Omake 3 – Secret


Author: Soy

T/N: And Finally we MADE IT!!!!!!!
Fuh~ This is partially edited. Appreciate if anyone willing to point out any mistake. So here goes…. Let’s aim for 100K viewers before the end of this month and year!!???

A/N This is the end.

The other day, I found out that Labra-chan was the Heroine and what’s more she was also a reincarnated person.
This realization came out from the stuff that she talked with Renbart-kun.
At the time when I heard the word reincarnation came out from Labra-chan mouth, I was convinced about it immediately.
If we considered about how Labra-chan had always managed to fall into a lucky perverted kind of situation, it made sense to consider that she was really the Heroine.
As opposed to the staple light novel’s Heroine such as the irrational kind or the pitiful misunderstood young lady among many other things, Labra-chan, however, did not even try to capture the Prince and instead befriended me and said that the Prince came along as a bonus due to that!
I unintentionally retorted saying how pitiful it appeared the foolish Prince was.

Back to the story, based on my understanding of their conversation, it seemed that Labra-chan and Renbart have a personal mock experience in regards to this world, was what I thought.

I wonder what was my role in this world, huh?

Until now, I had always thought myself as someone who held the position as a villainess, I wonder if that position existed?


“Labra-chan is the heroine right?”
“……….You can forget whatever that man has been saying!”
“Since Labra-chan is the Heroine, then I should be the villainess, right?”
“…….Naru is my best friend!……And right now…..a capture target.”
“Ha~? Whose?”
“That pink gold hair guy just now.”
“……..Ru- I have to get away from here quickly!”
“I will help you! Or, maybe you should try to hasten your marriage to Broudo-sama?”
“B- but! I promise that I will marry him once I graduated from school….. Right now, I still wanted to spend my school life with Labra-chan….”

Labra-chan appeared to be drowned in emotion as she hugged me.

“Naru, I like you.”
“Me too.”

The both of us were grinning at each other.


“I, Broudo-sa….. There is something that I need to discuss with Broudo!”
“……….Yes. However, you could not suddenly say that you no longer wanted to marry me….”
“It is not about that.”

On this day, I have decidedly to put forward my resolution.

“Then, what is this all about?”
“I have the memories of my previous life.”

Yes, I decided to confess about my previous life’s memory to Broudo-sama.

“Previously, I lived in a world different from this, a world without magic. There, I worked as a pharmaceutical researcher….. Broudo-sama previously told me that I did not act like someone my age, didn’t you? It was obviously a natural thing as I was over 40 years old mentally. Broudo-sa….. I’m telling you this because I do not want to keep any secret from Broudo…..”

After I finished with whatever that I wished to say, I looked at Broudo-sama’s face who had the kind of expression as if he had lose something important.

What should I do, it seemed that he is getting mad.
I did not know if he discovered my startled expression or what, but Broudo-sama quickly approached me as he forcibly capture my arm and pulled me close as he roughly kissed my lips.
Before I knew what had happened, my mouth was forcibly open as our tongues started to tangle with each other.

Wh- what? Why?

Heavy breaths and sliver of saliva were hanging from our mouths as our lips gradually separated.
“……Why is this?’
“Naru, I wanted to have all of you.”
“In your previous life memory, how many men had whispered sweet nothings to you while looking at your expression which I have yet to see?”
“With men other than me….”
“Wa-wait a minute! Why did we suddenly talk about other men?”

With a frustrated like expression Broudo-sama continued.

“You said that you were already 40 years old previously… So, you must already been married to someone else, no?”

Wa- what? Did he become jealous thinking about the me from the previous life?

“………I did not do it.”
“Because I have been treating my job as my lover, I did not even have a friend…..In all my previous memory until now, my first kiss was the one that I shared with Broudo-sama.”

Towards the stunned Broudo-sama, I lightly pecked on his lips.

“I was previously satisfied pouring my love for my books, and as for having a kiss with a beloved man, Broudo-sama is the first person for me.”

Broudo-sama looked so surprised that he face turned red as he crouched down.

“……….I am sorry.”
“I see?”
“I am sorry…. Because of my ugly jealousy, I did some terrible things.”

Broudo-sama held on his head.

“Terrible things?”
“I am sorry for forcibly kissing you.”

Broudo-sama continued to wildly mess with his hair.

“Broudo-sama is jealous, and you also wished to possess all of me, right?”

Broudo-sama’s body seemed to tremble.

“Broudo-sama, stand up.”

Broudo-sama froze for a moment before he immediately stood up.
I quickly hugged Broudo-sama.

“Even I will feel jealous if I saw Broudo-sama get along well with other ladies. Even for me, in regards to Broudo-sama……I wanted to monopolize Broudo all to myself.”
“It is because Broudo is mine!”
“Y- Yes.”

Broudo-sama heaved a deep sigh of relief as he hugged me back.

“Thank you very much and I am sorry for being jealous.”
“You should not put yourself down too much.”
“I also wanted to say sorry.”
“I was flirting with Labra-chan a while back.”
“……..How so?”
“It was like how we were hugging at this moment.”
“………Can I kiss you?”
“Wha- why?”
“Kissing is a privilege given to the fiancé, right?”
“…….That’s right, but…..”
“I will not accept any refusal.”

After Broudo-sama declared so, he kissed me gently.

“By the way, it appears that those intelligence personnel don’t seem intent to interrupt us today?”
“Since I was going to tell Broudo-sama about my secret, so I have taken them down in advance.”
“If it is like that, then, I can kiss you as much as I want.”

Broudo-sama repeatedly devoured my lips greedily after he said that.
Broudo-sama did not know, that my previous self, never had any chances to experience this kind of feeling of being desired by a man; that I could not help but being immersed in this new founded happiness.
I was thinking of such things as I continued to cling onto Broudo-sama.


A/N: Thank you very much for following my crude story until now!!
I hope I will be able to come out with a new story as soon as possible!
Thank you for your support.
T/N: So we finally come to the end…Owari des!!!! Hakushu!!!! This is our [Bye Bye] to Cardinal, Broudo-sama, Labra-chan, Aho Ouji, Yard, Kokoru, Vertemic and El… Oh and the Ninja like body guard!!!

Anyway, since this is a MTL + Dictionary + my limited anime prone japanese, I realized that there might be lots of places that I have mistranslated, however, I do hope that the meaning still come across as well as bringing the enjoyment to all reader.

Thanks to everyone for supporting and showing love for this story. Don’t forget to support the author too. This is the end and though it was not perfect (Around 75%??!), I hope everyone enjoy it.

As for the other two story that are yet to be finished [Mochiron] and [Dare ga Tame], I might not be able to update regularly in the next three months since I need to go out and do data collection for my research. So the update will be at random or whenever I find the time to squeeze out a chapter or two. Please be patient and wish me the best!!!Till then. Ciao!!!


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Akuyaku Reijō ttenani o Sureba Yoi nda kke? Chapter 47

Chapter 47:  Omake 2 – Thourough Resistance [Labra POV]


Author: Soy

T/N: As promised, this will be a mass release. Let’s push the chapters until the ENNNNDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!
Fuh~ This is partially edited. Appreciate if anyone willing to point out any mistake. So here goes…. Let’s aim for 100K viewer before the end of this month and year!!??? he..he.. here goes the countdown to the end…. #2

A/N Labra POV

In front of my eyes, there was a boy with a pink-gold hair.

Should I fly kick this guy who tried to jump into Narus huge boob directly in front of me?

Before I could come to a decision, Naru effortlessly evaded his advance as he humbly kissed the ground.

I have seen this guy before!
He was the main protagonist of the 2nd instalment of the game with the similar setting like this world.
Since the in-game Cardinal Brauze was too dull, many voices was raised up among the fans and the sequel of the game was produced as a [Galge].
However, it was a [Galge] in name only, as its content leaned more towards [Eroge].
Therefore, I must get rid of this pink-gold hair guy who obviously tried to aim his paw on my precious Naru….

“You! I could see your poor concealed motive!! Stay away from Naru!”
“……Heroine? Since you already finished with capturing your target, this should not be your problem right? I mean, could you please stop getting in my way of capturing Cardinal?”
“You are a reincarnated person!  Again, stop bothering Naru!”

The 2nd generation protagonist ended up laughing like an idiot.

“So it seemed that you are also a reincarnated person. Then, congratulation on your success in completing the Prince’s route! That’s why, stay out of my way”
“It is not like I am aiming to complete the Prince’s route! It is because I get along well with Naru that the Prince end up as a bonus along the way!”
“Labra-chan, for you to utter such line, that stupid prince is so pitiful.”

Without hesitation, Naru threw her retort in.
As expected of Naru!

“Therefore, the most important person to me is Naru! With that seemingly pink-colored hair, you could not be even be considered as a man!!”
“Ha~a? I have been told that my pink gold hair color is the hair color which complement best Cardinal’s hair color!”
“You did not suit Naru at all!! The only person that suit Naru is Broudo-sama!”
“Compared to that Yandere, of course Cardinal will be happier to spend her [Kya!Kya!Fu!Fu] moment with me!”
“Eh~ too bad! I will make sure that Cardinal will only have her [Kya!Kya!Fu!Fu] moment with Broudo-sama!”

Naru who suddenly turned bright red upon my declaration was so cute!

“E? Cardinal is truly cute! So moe!!”
“Don’t look at her! Down!”
“Labra-chan, it is weird to push him down him like that!”

I quickly hugged Naru.

“You! How cunning!!”
“I will not let you see Naru’s humongous boob!!”

I tried to bury my face on Naru’s big boobs.

What with this outrageous feeling!
This is the happiness!

“La-Labra-chan! You can’t! I have made promises with Broudo-sama!”
“La- I could not hug Labra-chan…. Apart from Broudo-sama, I must not flirt with anyone else…. Is what I have been promising him.”

Naru turned red as she uttered that.

“He really wanted to monopolize this outrageous boob to himself!”
“Th-that’s normal! Isn’t it obvious that only my intended can touch it?”
“I am your best friend!”
“Be- Best friend…. Then, lets’ keep it a sec- secret from Broudo-sama!”

While saying that, Naru hugged my head close to her chest.
This elastic feeling [Poyopoyo] that came from her boobs were truly exceptional!!

“That move is so sly! Heroine!”
“I am healed~!!”

Therefore, I continued to enjoy the privilege given by Naru!

“Kana, I am going to report this to Broudo-sama.”

The moment Naru heard Vertemic-sama’s voice, she quickly separated herself from me.

“Onii-sama! Please keep it confidential~”

Naru, why did you appeared to be frightened?

“Are you scared of Broudo-sama?”
“I- I mean….. Broudo-sama, he might thought that I was cheating on him with Labra-chan….. And because of his jealousy, then our skin ship will become even more intense…..”
“………..Do we need to have another proper conversation with Broudo-sama?”
“Onii-sama! Broudo-sama had properly took my feeling into his consideration! It is okay as long as I do not flirt with Labra-chan, so, please keep silent about this~”

I looked at the 2nd generation protagonist who seemed to be staring enviously at Naru.

“As you can see, Naru and Broudo-sama are so romantic and happy with each other that there is no longer a place for you to interfere….”

Oh well, this guy might as well give up, since there were many other capture targets available apart from Naru.

“I want to bury myself in that boobs!”

I could hear the small murmuring from that 2nd generation protagonist.

A~ this guy is actually a stupid one! The enemy of all women!

“As I thought, I really could not let you approach Naru after all!”

I decided to declare a thorough resistance upon this 2nd generation protagonist.
I will protect Naru!
It was my happiness to be able to protect Naru!

A/N Labra-chan was acting like a perverted old man [Ero Oyaji]…..
Labra-chan and Renbart will have so much fights against each other that the Prince ended up becoming jealous because of it!

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Akuyaku Reijō ttenani o Sureba Yoi nda kke? Chapter 46

Chapter 46:  Omake 1 – Fiance-sama


Author: Soy

T/N: As promised, this will be a mass release. Let’s push the chapters until the ENNNNDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!
Fuh~ This is partially edited. Appreciate if anyone willing to point out any mistake. So here goes…. Let’s aim for 100K viewer before the end of this month and year!!??? he..he.. here goes the countdown to the end…. #3

A/N Let’s flirt.

That day, Broudo-sama who was sitting in front of me was listening to my story intently.
It was the story of the Heroine-kun who recently appeared in our life.

“It seemed that person named Renbart has started clinging onto you huh….

Broudo-sama turned his face down as he covered it with both of his hands.

“Broudo-sama? Are you okay?”
“You said that you are okay, but somehow I feel that it was not so?”

I could feel that Broudo-sama’s behavior was slightly suspicious.

“If your current condition is not good, maybe I should go right now.”
“Even if my condition is good, please don’t go.”

Why do I feel that his behavior was suspicious?

“Then, why? Why are you behaving so suspiciously?”

Broudo-sama murmured while his face was still covered by his hand.

“……….To hear some other guy’s name coming out from your mouth….. I am jealous.”

Je- jealous?
When I looked at it, it seemed that Broudo-sama’s ear had turned red.

“I am jealous of all those male students who are able to go to the same Academy as Naru…..It was because, I could never experience spending my school life together with Naru.”

I who previously sat face to face with Broudo-sama moved to sit by his side before I replied to him.

“I am not opposing having a school life together with Broudo-sama, however, right now, I am thinking that I’m glad that we did not end up in the same year together.”
“Why is that?”
“If the both of us ended up in the same year, don’t you think that the two of us will end up holing ourselves inside the laboratory without coming out?”
“…….That’s true.”
“Anyway, why did you suddenly turn jealous with them?”
“I mean, that name…..”
“That name?”

Broudo-sama grabbed my hand, which sat next to him before continued.

“Naru, it is because you have been addressing me with the [-sama] all this time.”
“…………I mean, won’t it be rude if I omitted such thing?”
“You are not being rude to me! I mean, both of us are already engaged to each other….. And Naru is also someone special to me.”

Broudo-sama’s face which was no longer hidden by his hand looked bright red.


“There is something that I wanted to say to you, not as Cardinal Brauz but instead as Naru.”
“Lo……….. I love, I love you…….. Broudo.”

Broudo-sama looked at my face in shock.

Did I somehow ruin the mood?

The moment I thought so, Broudo-sama became so red that it seemed possible for steam to come out of it
His hands in my grasp also turned red.

Wh- What a cute reaction!

“Na- Naru……. I also…… No, I love you. “ [T/N: Naru used Daisuki where as Broudo used Aishiteru.]
“……….I- I feel so bashful now.”
“Naru just now…… Your bright red face looked so cute that it felt so troubled from it.”

Broudo-sama was staring at me bitterly.

“Naru, can I hug you?”
“Ue~…….. Ah, sure.”

Broudo-sama stood up as he pulled my hand to stand and dragged me into his arm.
I could feel Broudo-sama breath on my neck.

“Naru……. For the time being, please do not let any other men touch your body.”
“My body has not been touched by anybody else, you know. Since my motor skill was that good.”
“What if it is me?”
“I will welcome it then!”

Broudo-sama started to chuckle.

“Do you have some kind of an ulterior motive?”
“If Broudo-sama being the partner, on purpose, I will deliberately press my chest on you as I accept it.”
“……. Right now, it seemed that I am starting to be aware of your chest.”
“Then, we need to further push it in.”

I pressed my chest towards Broudo-sama.
Broudo-sama started to shake as his body quivered.

“Do you hate that?”
“A~ I am not, hmm, thank you for the feast.”
“What with that?”
“No, it is because I was too happy…..”
“Broudo-sama, all of me belongs to you, that’s why, you can do whatever you like with me….”

Broudo-sama started to hug me tightly.

Gaso-Gaso, Gefun-Gefun

I could hear those noise coming from the ceiling before I continued.

“My intelligent personnel seemed ready to come down to stop us, so I guess we need to end this here.”
“Too bad?”
“It is such a shame.”
“I think that it is good that we managed to stop there.”

Broudo-sama and I snugly hugged each other once more.
Recently, whenever I came to meet Broudo-sama, he had always been hugging me.
Since the time when this action has became a habit between the two of us, I am glad and relived that I am able to hug Broudo-sama back.
If I were to be hugged this close by him, some time ago, I think I might end up fainting on the spot instead.

“Naru, I love you.”
“Me too.”
“When we meet next time, we should let those intelligent personnel to come down.”
“The next time we are going to meet is during the wedding day, right? I am going to be lonely.
“……….I love you.”
“……….. Yes….. I will be waiting patiently.”

Broudo-sama dropped his head as he placed it on my shoulder.

“Naru, I do not want you to flirt with anyone else apart from me.”
“I will not.”
“You will do it with Labra-san right?”

Why Labra-chan?


“Even Labra-chan is off limit?”
“Occasionally, there are time that I could not help but become jealous because of her.”
“I will make sure that I will no longer hug Labra-chan.”

Broudo-sama was sighing deeply.

“I am sorry for being so jealous.”

Broudo-sama said that as he gently brush the top of my head.

“Broudo-sama, have you ever thought of confining me or something?”
“I have…..No, rather I felt that I will never be able to confine you or something? Naru motor nerve is so good after all. If I wish to confine you, I wonder if my arm will be good enough for it!?”

What should I do, I am so happy.
“But, why did you suddenly asked me about confinement and such?”
“Renbart said that you…..”

Was it okay for me to tell him that Renbart had told me that Broudo-sama is a Yandere character who has a habit of confining others?

“I do not like to hear any other man’s name coming out from Naru’s mouth.”
“Should I kiss you so that you will no longer be able to speak?”
“Eh? No, that kind of things……”

Broudo-sama, I could hear the rattling sound coming from the ceiling, you know.

I pressed my hand on the incoming Broudo-sama’s face as I resisted.
It was not like I dislike it, but I could see the shadow of the people behind the ceiling!

It was not good to do such things in public, you know!

“Br- Broudo-sama! Af- After our marriage! After our marriage, we can do it all over the place, okay! That’s why, right now….”

I could feel Broudo-sama was grinning with satisfaction from the feeling that I got from my hand.
As we gradually separated, Broudo-sama was grinning as he said.

“Then, I will collect it after our wedding. I will not going to forget it so you better be prepare once we tied the knot.”
“I- Did I somehow make a rash promise?”
“You’re not. A~ By the way, Naru, once you graduate from school, we are going to immediately tie the knot. With Naru abilities, you should be able to skip grade, even so, I will wait for you in order for you to resolve yourself for it.”
“E? Wait a minute.”
“I will slowly wait until you truly find your resolution. I mean, I have been harbouring an unrequited love since Naru was 10 years old. So, it doesn’t matter if I need to wait for a little bit more.”
“…….I met you for the first time when I was 10 years old.”
“Even though you were 10, the way you talk was not like someone who is 10 years old. There are times when I feel like I was talking to someone beyond my age.”

Broudo-sama, you are so sharp!
Oh well, I was in my forties before I was reborn, anyway…..

“Naru, you are mine. I will never let you go.”
“…….I will not run away. Broudo-sama is also mine. I will not allow you to cheat on me!”
“There is no problem with me. I usually stay cooped up and rarely went out to meet with other people. Instead, I hope that Naru will not cheat on me with others either, please.”
“ I will never do that!”

Broudo-sama ended up chuckling when I declared that with a jutting mouth.
From that point on, I decided to skip grade in order to quickly bid farewell to my school life….. It was a top secret that I kept blushing just by imagining my newlywed life with Broudo-sama.

A/N So far, I had never made a pair of people flirting with each other, so this kind of feeling……
Should I write about the heroine showdown now?

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Akuyaku Reijō ttenani o Sureba Yoi nda kke? Chapter 45

Chapter 45:  Heroine-kun (END)


Author: Soy

T/N: As promised, this will be a mass release. Let’s push the chapters until the ENNNNDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!
Fuh~ This is partially edited. Appreciate if anyone willing to point out any mistake. So here goes…. Let’s aim for 100K viewer before the end of this month and year!!??? he..he.. here goes the countdown to the end…. #4

A/N I will be the end, this time.

I was very likely that the Heroine was going to enroll in the Academy at the same time as Yard!
Since then, in every single day, I have been engaging myself in human observation!

Eh? This is weird? Ma~ this is still good.

One day, I finally find someone with pink gold’s hair.
That person was walking while following Yard’s around…..

Eh? That is a boy, right?

“A! You are Bara Hime-sama! This is bad, you are totally cute!”

A boy with pink gold hair was chasing after Yard came to me when he noticed my presence.

“Don’t talk with my precious older sister.”
“Eh?…… Didn’t Yard hate your older sister?”

Th-this boy is the Heroine?
Could it be that this is not an Otome game but instead a BL simulation game?
And Yard was the capture target for that?

Wh- whats more, it was the classic light novel trope, the reincarnation?

“No matter what others say and no matter how others view you, Bara Hime-sama, I will always be by your side.”

Wh- what is this? Why was it that I could not understand whatever stuff that he had been spewing from his mouth? This child is scary!

“A, Etto~………. Thank you very much.”
“Let’s get along with each other, okay. My name is Renbart! Now then, please call me out!”

What an outrageous vigor.

“A~ Hmmm, is Renbart-san, Yard’s friend?”
“Anesama, I am not his friend!  So it is alright and you do not have to get along with him as well.”

Renbart-san was staring at Yard bitterly.

“Besides that, apart from Broudo-sama, I will not forgive any other man who tried to stand beside my older sister.”
“Ha? When you said Broudo-sama, do you mean the one who is the younger brother of the King? He is a Yandere who likes to confine others…..
“Broudo-sama will never confine other people around. Even though he was somewhat a recluse, but he is an adult man with good common sense! I will never get along with a person who decidedly talked behind his back. Mo~ please don’t talk to me anymore.”

E-Eh? I wonder if my outrageous manner just now appeared like how a villainous lady usually act.
Right now, did I somehow become the villainous lady who bullied the Heroine?
I see, if this pink gold hairs Renbart is the Heroine, therefore, it was unreasonable if I do not bully him!!
Yosh, since Renbart-kun is the Heroine, then I am not going to get along with you!

While Renbart looked shocked upon my word, I was gloating inside my mind.

But still, what should I do as a Villainous lady?


A/N The Heroine had come out.
The 1st heroine for the otome game instalment was Labra, then for the 2nd instalment, Renbart, was meant for a Galge?
It seems that there was a girl version for the [Tokimemo]…… I am sorry for people who are unable to understand this references.
I don’t think that this story is already completed since I wish to write on the lovey-dovey scene between Cardinal and Broudo-sama.
Thank you for reading up until now!

T/N I think the author meant to say the game Tokimeki Memorial. As for the context of this story, in the Galge version, Cardinal might be the capture target, thus Renbart initial speech to Cardinal is about how he believes in her despite her so called villainous reputation]
Another 3 Omake to go!!!

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Akuyaku Reijō ttenani o Sureba Yoi nda kke? Chapter 44

Chapter 44:  Next to Me (Yardral POV)


Author: Soy

T/N: As promised, this will be a mass release. Let’s push the chapters until the ENNNNDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!
Fuh~ This is partially edited. Appreciate if anyone willing to point out any mistake. So here goes…. Let’s aim for 100K viewer before the end of this month and year!!??? he..he.. here goes the countdown to the end…. #5

My impression of Kokoru when I first met her was the worst.
A selfish princess who gave the impression of a girl who liked to look down on people.
I had no choice but to stay with her since my older sister asked me to befriend her.
When I thought about it, it was that day.
It was the first time when I said to Kokoru that she was [An arrogant, selfish and stupid girl].
My heart was squeezed tight when I saw tearful Kokoru looking at me desperately saying [Don’t hate me].

Kokoru who had always ran to me tirelessly, was so cute, that I unintentionally wanted to pamper her.
Even though I had always been buying her present, but before that, I would like to hear it from her own mouth.

“Since I am living using the money taken from the citizen, I should never adorned myself with luxury thing! This is what Yard had taught me previously.”

It was good that she had been learning about it properly, however, was it good for her to be so conceited when she had always been wishing for me to pamper her so?
I will check what she wanted to have first, and buy it later on my own.
Since Kokoru had been saying that, I decided that I am not going to buy her present using the money that I get from our household and instead, I went to meet my older sister’s business partner, Rector, to work as a part-timer which was also a secret I kept from Kokoru.

“Ya, young mastah! I happy that you are here!  I heard that you want to work part time here?”
“Here, do you know how to total up everything according to the date and make a graph of it?”
“……….I understand.”

As always, Rector appeared to be jubilant as he gave out the instruction.
And I quickly worked on the papers given by him.

“Here, your wages for the work.”
“It’s okay, you had been helping me out.”
“What is it? Are you getting a cold feet all of sudden?
“I don’t need this.”
“……….You are truly a tyrant, aren’t you?”
“I was previously told that I need to use 3 days to sort out the document. However I was surprised to find out that I only need 1 days to finish it all.

In my mind, Rector was someone gentle yet stupid.
I have a confidence in him since he was someone who will properly repay others according to their value worth.
Therefore, I properly did the given work without taking any shortcuts.
It was somewhat fulfilling to be able to buy gift for Kokoru using the money that I work hard to receive.
What’s more, thinking of Kokoru’s tearing face as she tried hard to smile when she received the present also somehow gave me a sense of satisfaction.

I thought of the things that happened since we entered the Academy.
Kokoru seemed to no longer lingering around me.
Until now, whenever she sees me, she always rushed for a hug; however, nowadays, only her eyes followed me around.
Surrounding me, instead, were hoard of unknown girls whom I did not even wish to be acquaintances with…. And I was also afraid that Kokoru had been wishing to detach herself from my side.
And before I realized it, it was already the time for the dance party.

“The other time, Kokoru Hime and her maid came to this store, it seemed that she had wanted to choose a green dress, however, in the end, she ended up asking me to prepare the cobalt-blue dress, instead.”
“Rector, what is it that you been wishing to tell me anyway?”
“……..Since I am in a great mood, I will give you this cobalt-blue necktie as a gift.”
“………..Did you say something to Kokoru, Rector?”
“A~ I told her that I wanted to have a Frog illustrated’s handkerchief.”

Why did Rector end up getting a present from her?
I am totally annoyed by this!

Since I already finished with my part-time job, I decided to give Rector a flying kick before I went back to the school.

Finally, the day of the dance party arrived.
Today, I will have a proper talk with Kokoru!
And yet, I was surrounded with all these girls whom I did not even know.

Since I have decided to dance with Kokoru since the beginning, wont all of you just get out of my way!
As I tried to get away from all those obstructions, I saw a man holding Kokoru’s hand.

Don’t you dare messing around her!
That place by her side belongs to me!

I was irritated as I tried to release Kokoru’s hand from his.
I unintentionally called her [stupid woman] due to my habit.
Without feeling discouraged, that man once again invited Kokoru for a dance.
Kokoru was flustered as she quickly looked at me as her face turned panicky.
So much that my face ended up turned livid.

However, now that I looked at it, Kokoru’s dress resembled the poison dart frog which I had only seen from my favorite illustration book.
Kokoru looked happy when I told her that she looked like a frog.

Why do you look so happy when I said that you resembled those poisonous frogs?

A~ I guess it was because Kokoru knew that those poison dart frog was my most favorite frog of all.

I was relieved to find out that she still like me.
When I asked her if she hated that, she told me that she was happy with that compliment.
As I thought, Kokoru and I are still good.
Though I like my older sister the best, but it was a different kind of liking than the one that I have for Kokoru.
I hope that Kokoru will continue laughing and smiling by my side.

I took Kokoru out from the dance party’s hall as tears started to fall down from her eyes.
She was so cute that it could not be helped.
I kissed Kokoru while putting out reasoning that I needed to stop her from crying.
Kokoru’s tears stopped immediately at that.

A~ I still wanted to kiss her again.

With those desire, I kissed her again.
I guess Kokoru already realized that I do love her.
I did not intend to spoil her like how my older brother has been sticking out to El Ane-sama, however, I wanted to bring happiness to Kokoru as much as possible.
I took Kokoru to the Academy’s roof top after she fixed her makeup that had been messed by her tears.
I have no intention of going back to the dance party.
I decided that I wanted to monopolize Kokoru to myself.
Kokoru told me how hard it had been for her to find space to talk to me after we entered the Academy.
As I thought, Kokoru was totally hopeless by herself.
Kokoru told me that she really love me as she smiled cutely at me before laughing so adorably.

Aa~ I wonder if it is good for me to kiss her again?

Even though Kokoru had been talking to me so spiritedly, it was a secret to her that at those times, all that I have been thinking about was the chance for me to kiss her again and nothing else.

A/N Yard also love Princess Kokoru.

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Akuyaku Reijō ttenani o Sureba Yoi nda kke? Chapter 43

Chapter 43:  Lonely (Kokoru POV)


Author: Soy

T/N: As promised, this will be a mass release. Let’s push the chapters until the ENNNNDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!
Fuh~ This is partially edited. Appreciate if anyone willing to point out any mistake. So here goes…. Let’s aim for 100K viewer before the end of this month and year!!??? he..he.. here goes the countdown to the end…. #6

The time when I first encountered Yard and the interval before I fell for him was like in the blink of an eye.
He was a well-featured boy, who speak gently while proclaiming that his most favourite things in this world were his older sister and frog.
I listened to him while smiling indifferently…I was just listening to it, though.
While I was still smiling, inside, I felt like smacking someone’s head.
He had always been chasing after the frog.
And the 2nd words that came from him in regards to me was [Stupid].

Why did I start to develop my feeling for Yard?
…….Was it because Yard had never once told a lie to my face?
Every time I did a stupid thing, Yard will quickly criticize me as [stupid], and I guess, the reason why I did not turn into an arrogant person was because Yard had claimed that it was actually stupid to act like one~.
Besides that, Yard had always remembered everything that I said to him.
He had always remembered all those small details that I like and had always managed to give it to me in the form of a surprise gift.
How did he manage to turn into such a good guy?!

I remembered the day we enrolled in the academy.
Yard was so popular with the girls!
Even though I had always thought that I will be able to be with Yard regardless of time and place; however, there were so many girls around Yard that I could not get close to him…..
Despite him maintaining his cold demeanor, those girls had considered those points of him as being cool and sophisticated……
I think that I am really going to cry now.
Since I could not be next to him, I could not help but kept crying and felt like that I could never recover from this kind of cold feeling.

“Kokoru-sama, are you okay?”

The one who stay by my side at the moment was El Onee-sama.

“My place by Yard’s side is…..”
“That’s right, Yard’s side belongs to Kokoru-sama.”

This was the first time that I got to hear the voice of this cutesy El Onee-sama!
Her voice was so adorable!!
It seemed that when El Onee-sama’s voice finally came out, Yard’s older brother, Vert Onii-sama, had changed so much that he kept on doting El Onee-sama regardless whether they were on a public eyes or not.
When I observed her face who was being hugged closely while sitting on Vert Onii-sama’s lap and being spoon fed by him, she appeared as if she was ready to cry at any moment.
She looked so embarrassed by it that she seemed ready to dig a hole and buried herself in…..
Yard will never do such things to me……
Even I will feel troubled if he suddenly does that kind of thing to me….
Nonetheless, it was still understandable how envious I was over this.
I also wish to spend my time flirting with Yard!
………And yet….. Since we entered the Academy, I could never find the time to talk with him….. This is not because Yard had came to hate me, right?

I wonder what kind of rank do I stand in Yard’s heart anyway?
The first one, should be Onee-sama, right?
The second one should be the frog.
Then, third? I wonder if it was El Onee-sama?
The fourth one? His tea-making hobby?
The fifth place…. I wonder if that was my place in his heart?

Yard, I want to talk to you……..

I could never find the time to have a proper conversation with Yard and before long, the day of the dance party arrived.
I wanted to dance with Yard.
But, like before, Yard was surrounded with many girls…. probably….. It was impossible for me to intrude that…..
In order to attract Yard’s attention, I thought that it will be good for me to adorn a green dress with the same color as the frog, however, all my ladies’ attendant looked at it detestably that they forced me to wear this cobalt blue dress complimented with dark blue accessories instead.
I did not have any veto power over my own decision.

“Today’s Kokoru Hime-sama was truly beautiful. I wonder if you will grace me with one dance!”

While I was gazing at Yard, my hand was suddenly grabbed by this guy and I was shocked to find him kissing the back of my hand without my permission.
If I am not mistaken this guy should be from the Marquis’ house…what is his name again?

His name, ma~ whatever!

Besides that, I would like to have my first dance with Yard.

“A~ that, I…. please release my hand.”
“Then, let’s talk about your engagement with me.”

……This person is dangerous!

I desperately tried to escape from his grasp, however, I could never match with the power of a man.

“No, let me go!!”

That person was grinning as he continued to ignore my plea.

I do not want this!! I am scared! Yard, save me!!

“Didn’t you hear that Kokoru disliked being held like that?!”

The one who appeared before me was indeed Yard.


When I called out Yard’s name, he started to look sullen as he continued.

“You are truly a stupid girl who do not know how to read the mood.”

Kya-in! So- so abusive!

Was- Was it okay for me to cry now?

“Yardral-sama, did you heard something coming out from Kokoru Hime-sama’s mouth?”
“You, quickly release Kokoru’s hand.”
“This matter is completely unrelated to Yardral-sama.”

Yard started to look even more sullen as he furrowed his brows.

“Since you incur Kokoru’s hatred, quickly release her or I will accuse for acting disrespectful to her.”

The Marquis’ son unwillingly released my hand from his grasp.

“Then let’s do it over, Kokoru Hime-sama, will you grace me one dance?”

The Marquis’ son once again held out his hand to me.

No, I had said it earlier that I only wanted to dance with Yard.

I looked at Yard.
Yard appeared to be quite grouchy by this display.

Scary! Yard looked so scary!

I do not want to dance with him, but I wonder if it was okay for me to say so?
Looking at the flustered me, Yard opened his mouth.

“This is bad, Kokoru had promised me that she will dance with me, maybe you can come and ask her later?”

Eh? When did we ever make that kind of promise? We could not even find time talk to each other these past few days, you know?

“Kokoru, your hand.”
“I- I am not a dog you know!”
“………A~I see. Your dress today really suit you well…..You look like the poison dart frog.”

It seemed that all the young ladies around me looked at me like I am a pitiful person.
But this was good!
It is because, frog was Yard second most favorite things!

“Ya-Yard, do I look like a frog?”
“Aa……….do you feel dissatisfied with that?”
“No, I am glad.”

As I was about to cry out, Yard held into my hand and his sullenness just now changed into as smile.

“Whenever you cry, you look like a frog, Kokoru; so, you should never cry unless when there is no other people except us two.”

I tried my best to hold back my tears however tears seemed to flow down uncontrolled.

“My make-up will ruin.”

Hearing my word, Yard quickly pulled my hand and walked to the door, leaving the dance hall.
As soon as we passed the door, Yard wiped my teared-stained face with his handkerchief.
I love this gentle Yard.
My tears seemed unable to stop.
I was so overjoyed that I was able to see Yard after so long that I cannot held back my tears.
Looking at me who kept sniveling, Yard seemed to release a deep sigh.
He must be disgusted with me.

“I do not want that….Yard, please don’t hate me….”
“You really do not understand anything. Stupid.”
“I am stupid. I really could not stop crying!”
“Then, I will stop it for you.”


A little while later, something seemed to paste on my lips

I- I- was- was- could it be that I was ki- kissed by him?

Yard was grinning as he lifted his lips from mine.

“Did you already stopped crying?”
“U- yes……….”
“I see, then, let’s go and fix your make up, first.”
“Um- Um- Yard?”
“What is it?”
“Um, I mean…..”
“What is it?”

I was still contemplating on the right words when Yard once again kissed my lip.

“……..Wh- Why?”
“Your face seemed to indicate that you wanted me too.”
“I- I am not!”
“I see? Then let’s do it again.”
“………Wh- why?!”
“It is because I wanted to do it again.”

I could hardly comprehend the word that he uttered to me.

“Let’s go, Princess Frog.”
“Un, I like Yard.”
“I know.”

I felt that it was good that I finally revealed my hidden secret since I could see Yard’s ears turned red as he walked ahead of me.

“Yard, I want to become your bride.”
“……..I understand. If Kokoru want that, then, I will grant your wish.”
“You will? I like you, Yard!”
“That what I had told you, I know it.”

After that, I fixed my make-up and went to the rooftop.

Mou~ I no longer wish to attend that dance party!
I wish to spend the remaining time with Yard, just the two of us!

Since I was able to have a conversation with Yard after so long, I felt so contented that I could not help but smiling happily.
I was really happy seeing Yard paying attention to my story with a gentle expression on his face.
As expected, I am not good if I am not with Yard; I wonder if Yard also feels the same about me?
On the night of the dance party, I finally reconfirmed my love for Yard again.


A/N This story will be over soon.

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Akuyaku Reijō ttenani o Sureba Yoi nda kke? Chapter 42

Chapter 42:  El-san


Author: Soy

T/N: As promised, this will be a mass release. Let’s push the chapters until the ENNNNDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!
Fuh~ This is partially edited. Appreciate if anyone willing to point out any mistake. So here goes…. Let’s aim for 100K viewer before the end of this month and year!!??? he..he.. here goes the countdown to the end…. #7

A/N: I am sorry for being late.
There were some representations in this chapter that might made all of you feel quite uncomfortable.
I am sorry.

After some times, Yard and Princess Kokoru finally entered the school.
It was as arranged previously.
No, one different thing was that, El-san also decidedly enrolled in the same year as Yard and Princess Kokoru.
It was impossible for her to be heal from her androphobia if she kept cope in inside the house; furthermore, I also did not want her to be lonely being left by herself during the daytime.
Of course, Yard and Princes Kokoru will be with her all the time, and since she will be staying with me in the dorm, it will be completely safe.
Well, that was the initial plan.
That incident happened, during the time when I was introducing Labra-chan to El-san in the dining room.

“A~ I knew it, you are Lady Ellulia!”

That man appeared like a gentle person, however, El-san seemed to be troubled by the sudden interupption.
At that time, I vaguely felt El-san aversion towards that man’s approach when that person suddenly spurted thoughtless remarks towards her.

“A~ your hair really had turned white! Even so, I really like you! You’ve been raped by someone, haven’t you? If you willing to become my lover, I will gladly take care of you.”

I am going to kill this person!!

My body started to ooze with killing intent when another man started to chime in.

“If you choose me instead, I am willing to marry you as my main wife, you know! I mean, if I were to marry you, I will be able to gain the count peerage, right?”

El-san’s was trembling as her face turned pale blue.
I quickly clutched the neck of the first man with my right hand.
And when I turned around, I saw that my older brother already gripped the neck of the other man in the same way.

““I will kill the both of you.””

My older brother and I said those words in sync!
At that moment, El-san clung into my older brother’s arm in panic.
Moreover, she quickly shook her head left and right, with the intention of asking my older brother to put a stop to his current action.

“El, if we do not exterminate these kind of pest early, many of them will soon germinate uncontroably, therefore, you should just disregard these types of people…..”

El-san shook her head with tears in her eyes.
My older brother sighed before he turned his attention towards the two male students.

“I do not want to see you two approach El, ever again.”
“Why, I do not understand why Vertemic-sama need to butt in this matter.”

The man in my grasp cried out.

“El’s innocence is still intact. I was the one who saved her previously. However, the both of you have been condemning her with such terrible accusation that my heart pained. Therefore, I will inflict the same pain to you. Kana, I’ll leave it to you.”
“Leave it to me! I will make sure that these two will never again dare to go for their midnight toilet break after this!”

I activated my genjutsu [T/N: illusion] spell on both of them.
Of course, I used an illusion spell of them being chased and eaten by a group of zombie using the horror movies from my previous life as a reference.
Initially, I decided to add an illusion of frogs being pushed into their mouth and entered their body, however, once I thought that Yard will be sad if these were to be exposed to him, I decided to put a stop to that idea.
My older brother muttered as he observed those two running away while screaming at the top of their head.

“It will be even better if they die instead…”
“Onii-sama, there are many things that could be worse than death.”
“……….What kind of genjutsu did you use on them?”
“They are experiencing the feeling of being eaten alive….. Or something?”
“I feel better just listening to that.”

My older brother looked so satisfied.
As he gazed down upon El-san, he continued.

“El, I, myself, like your white hair. After all, you are with me, right? Therefore, there is no reason for you to be scorned by other, okay.”

With a face that appeared as if she was on the verge of crying, El-san took a notebook from her pocket as she wrote something on it.
And then she pointed out the book’s content to my older brother.

[I think that I could never view those men apart from an object of fear! That’s why, I think it is better for me to enter the nunnery and become a nun instead.]

Seeing that, my brother tried to reason her decision in panic.

“You can’t! I will not allow that to happen.”
“Because El is going to become my future wife, I will not allow you to become a nun.”

El-san’s eyes was wide opened.

“I have decided on this since the first time I met you. El is going to be my wife. As long as El do not oppose to that, then, this matter is already settled.”

El-san still appeared to be frozen with a  shocked expression on her face.

“Other people had already known on how much I like you, you know? That was also the reason why Yard decided to call you [El Ane-sama].”

This time, it was my older brother who turned to look surprised.
My older brother’s eyes turned wide upon hearing El-san voice.

“E- El! Your voice!”

My older brother was so wrought with emotion as he hugged El-san.

“El! El! El!”
“Onii-sama! You are going to crush El-san at this rate.”
“Ni-sama, if you wished to flirt with each other, please do it when you are alone. At this rate, El Ane-sama are going to die due to the embarrassment.”

I had never realized when Yard appeared and decided to chime in.

“If I were to hug her when there were only the two of us there, it will not be as good as this.”
“Onii-sama, you should stop before you incur El-san’s hatred.”
“I know! I do not want to be hated by El.”

Onii-sama, at this moment, El-san is struggling to escape from your embrace, you know.

“………..So cute.”


“Do you want El Ane-sama to say [Vert-sama, I hate you] for using such upper handed methods on her? You might end up crushing her to death.”

What with these men of our house….

I could no longer kept up as I turned to talk to Labra-chan.

“Labra-chan, El-san is my Onii-sama’s fiancée, therefore, I hope that you can also get along with her after this. If you are able to get along with El-san, then for certain, my older brother will become your ally in the future.”
“Ye- Yes!”

Right now, Labra-chan was studying on how to become a Crown Princess.
And I wanted everyone to approve Labra-chan as a perfect Crown Princess!

“Naru, was it good to leave El-chan like that?”
“It was El-san own mistake for letting her voice out during this kind of timing! Yard, will you be good and prepare tea for all of us?”
“I will prepare it immediately. Ane-sama.”

I decided to leave El-san and my older brother at their own devices as I looked at Yard with interest.


Even if you plead me to save you El-san, I could never find a way to interfere with my older brother, you know, therefore, I hope that you will forgive me for this.

I pretended not to see the two people in front of me continued with their flirting.
A while later, the Prince finally arrived at the scene, however, when he tried to help El-san, he was quickly beaten down by my older brother who gave him an evil eye; and nevertheless, we also decided to ignore that as well.

A/N Is it supposed to be you, next, Yard?

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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 22

Title: You said that you will wake me up, right?


Author: Soy

T/N:  This is partially edited. Appreciate if anyone willing to point out any mistake. So here goes…. This mini mass release is to celebrate the one year anniversary of Incarose Jealousy MTL….. #7

That day.
During the time when I fell down from the stair.
What came to my mind was…..
The money-making projects that I had left behind.

When I thought that I should not have died, leaving so many unfinished things behind, at that time, I felt the impact together with the soft smell of a Lily-like flower.
I could see His Highness collapsed under me as his face flinched in pain as he tried to get up.
My blood started to drain.
Even though his voice seemed okay, however, his painful expression still did not seem to ease.
Because I was so shocked, tears started to fall from my eyes.

“Ma! Lovely!”
“…………Mathilda-san…….Will you give me a hand on it?”
“Of course! However, His Highness did not manage to save you smartly, so I have to give him a minus point for not gallantly save you in that kind of setting!”

I reported this incident to Mathilda-san.
However, I felt bad for His Highness because of it.

“Even though it was not smart, but it is still cool.”
“Did it make you fall in love with him?”

Mathilda-san grinned at me.

“What kind of feeling when someone is falling in love?”
“If I fall in love, will there be any changes in me?”

Mathilda-san’s eyes were wide open as she said.

“Did it ever happen to you that whenever you look at that person’s face, your heart started to throb or sometimes you found that you are about to blow your fuse just because you could not be honest about something?”
“Is it still considered so if your heart throbbed due to the shock?”
“That won’t do.”

I can understand the heart-throbbing that came from shock.

“What do you feel when you thought that His Highness might retain some kind of injuries?”
“How much consolation fees will it take for me to pay the Royalty? So scary!”

Mathilda-san started to sigh deeply.

“Do you even like His Highness?”

Hearing Mathilda-san word, I tried to think about it a bit.
It was fun when I was together with His Highness.
Like how angry he became when I speak rudely to him……
No, more like when he advised me about it.
He also wrote the report and promised me that he will write a referral letter for me.

“If His Highness were to face any kind of danger, will you save him?”
“Of course!”

Mathilda-san then smiled as she said.

“I will be truly happy if His Highness and Ojou-sama were to fall for each other.”
“I think that His Highness also has his own right to choose whoever he want.”
“But this is you, Ojou-sama! Of course, my own son is also good.”

I replied to her while giggling.

“Micheal-san also has his own right to choose.”
“If Ojou-sama decided on Micheal, he has no veto power to refuse.”

Both of us giggled at that.


“Those are the stuff that I have been talking about with Mathilda-san.”

In front of me was His Highness, who appeared to be embarrassed.
As per my usual habit, after school ended, I went to see His Highness to report on the progress of the tryst between my fiancé-sama and Banache-san.

“……….Are you still going to write a story about that?”
“I could smell the money coming from that.”
“….. I see… business is it…I would like to explain, though, but I really did not manage to save you in a cooler manner.”
“It was cool enough.”

His Highness started to bow his head down in embarrassment.
His ears were red so I guess he was being shy about it.

“Stop saying such thing out of nowhere.”
“…….His Highness, you looked so cute when you are embarrassed.”
“I do not feel happy about that compliment.”

I was silent for a while before I continued.

“Do you understand how it was for one to like someone, Your Highness?”
“………….Well, I think so.”
“Will you tell me in detail?”
“I don’t want to.”

You had always told me whatever I wanted to know.

“You need to search for your own meaning of [like]”
“……….I don’t understand it.”
“It is not [I did not understand] ~ …..Yulias needs to find someone that makes you feel happy.”

His Highness started to lie down as he read the book.
I also lay down next to him.

“I would like to see it from His Highness’ point of view.”
“……….Have it your own way.”

I started to get sleepy as I lay next to His Highness.

“I will wake you up later, so just go to sleep.”
“Thank you very much….”

I fell asleep shortly after that.

I woke up to the sound of shouting.
I felt a little bit cold.
When I opened my eyes, I found out that it was my older brother who had been shouting just now.

“Kill, I am going to kill you!”
“This is a misunderstanding. Listen to my explanation.”

My older brother appeared to be furious.

“Good morning.”
“Yulias! Tell him that I have not done anything to you.”

What do you mean by that?

“Yulias, tell me the truth!”
“About what?”

Inclining his neck close to me in order to hear my word clearly, my brother asked me in an irritated voice.

“Yulias, is it the truth that you took a nap with His Highness?”


“Didn’t His Highness himself told me that I can lie down here a bit?”
“Somehow, I doze off when I hear the sleeper’s breathing next to me…..”
“Even though you, yourself told me, that you are going to wake me up later on.”

My older brother’s mouth started to twitch.
I started to adjust my posture in panic.
Now that I see it, it seemed that His Highness had been in a [Seiza] position.

“I was really taking a nap.”
“Yulias, even though His Highness is out of your range, however, it doesn’t mean that Yulias is out of His Highness’ range! You have to be careful of him!”

My brother seems to be pretty upset over His Highness.

“I am sorry, Onii-sama.”

My older brother stroked my head roughly when I apologized to him.
Whenever big brother got irritated, he had always wanted to mess someone’s head.
After patting for a while, my older brother seemed to have finally settled.

“If this happened again, I will sink His Highness down the swamp.”
“Yes. I am sorry.”

His Highness, who seemed fairly down, looked somewhat cute.

“Yulias, His Highness is also a man. A man will always be a wolf. If you let your guard down, you will be eaten by it.”

E! You can become a wolf?
I wanted to see it!

I wonder if the wolf’s fur is fluffy? Or will it have a smooth kind of fur?
I said that to my brother.

“Will it be fluffy? I want to stroke on it.”
“…..Yulias… The wolf is a metaphor.”
“It is not a real wolf?  I wonder if there is such beast-man in those foreign countries, don’t you think so?”

My big brother and His Highness sighed deeply hearing my words.

“Roland, you sure have a hard time.”
“For her to be this ignorant…I wonder if we have given her the wrong type of upbringing?”

I saw my older brother with his head down as His Highness patted on it lightly.
Somehow, my big brother also looked cute to me.

Neither I, my big brother nor His Highness ever thought that this napping incident will be brought up again in the distant future.

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