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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 283

Chapter 283: An Unpredictable Love Rival


Concerning Li Huan, Yan Yicheng had initially considered ignoring the matter. However, upon hearing Xia Beibei’s words, he immediately decided to send a message to Li Huan:

“I don’t have time.”

That’s right; he couldn’t give anyone any opportunity to disrupt his and Xia Beibei’s private world.

At this moment, Li Huan, still in a taxi shortly after leaving the airport, had been resting with her eyes closed. Suddenly, she received a message from Yan Yicheng, leaving her completely stunned.

In her memory, Yan Yicheng was very indifferent. He never initiated conversations with others, and if you messaged him, he would always ignore it!

But this time, he had broken his own precedent and replied to her message!

Could it be… that after all these years, he still remembered her?

In an instant, Li Huan’s mood improved drastically. She thought, “Yan Yicheng, I will win you over this time!”

Onlookers: …

We want to tell you four words: Are you overthinking it? No! My condolences to you!

After finishing the watermelon, Xia Beibei received a handkerchief from Yan Yicheng.


Xia Beibei, looking at the table full of delicious food that had appeared seemingly out of nowhere, felt a bit embarrassed. She smiled and said, “I ate quite a bit just now, and I’m afraid I won’t be able to finish all of this. Wasting food is a shame. How about we invite Sister Mali and Qianyue to join us?”

Upon hearing Xia Beibei mention Jun Qianyue again, Yan Yicheng couldn’t help but look deeply at Jun Qianyue, sitting not far away, eating quietly. “Beibei, do you know her identity?”

“Yeah, who?” Xia Beibei followed Yan Yicheng’s gaze and naturally saw Jun Qianyue. Did he have any unique identity?

“Interstellar Villains Club,” Yan Yicheng said these few words indifferently, and Xia Beibei’s expression immediately changed, “He, he is…”

“Ultimate Villain 004, Jun Qianyue!”

Jun Qianyue’s identity was something Yan Yicheng felt it necessary to share with Xia Beibei. “And, she’s a woman.”


Xia Beibei was stunned once again.

A woman?

Was this some makeup technique? A disguise technique? How could she perfectly pass as a man while cross-dressing, with no flaws at all?

“Qianyue, Qianyue, come here!”

Xia Beibei immediately waved at Jun Qianyue, and under the dark expression of Boss Yan, Jun Qianyue awkwardly sat next to Xia Beibei. “Beibei, what’s the matter?”

Xia Beibei didn’t speak, she stared at Jun Qianyue’s face intently, then raised her hand and pinched Jun Qianyue’s face hard.

Jun Qianyue: …

Am I being molested?

“Your skin is very smooth, it doesn’t seem like a mask.”

At this moment, Xia Beibei was staring at Jun Qianyue’s face with a puzzled expression. “Come, come, come closer, let me touch it again!”

Jun Qianyue: …

Wait! What the hell is happening?

“Beibei, Beibei!”

Jun Qianyue instinctively kept some distance between herself and Xia Beibei.

Yan Yicheng! Can’t you control your wife? She’s getting handsy right from the start!

Yan Yicheng: Huh?

Jun Qianyue: I’m sorry! I am sorry! I shouldn’t have taken this mission out of curiosity!

“Beibei! If you have something to discuss, we can talk after work! By the way, you can find me in the group, that group!”

Jun Qianyue left these words and quickly got up and fled – damn it, I’m going to resign! I must resign immediately!


At this moment, Xia Beibei suddenly realized – oh right!

The Interstellar Villains Club still had a group, right? Many people welcomed her when she joined, and that kind-hearted 035 even told her how to do the tasks!

But these past few days, Xia Beibei had been busy with tasks and had forgotten about these things.

It happened not long ago, but it felt like centuries had passed. This is the life of a tasker.

Always more exciting than others’ lives, and always more complicated than others’ lives.

Xia Beibei couldn’t help but retract her gaze and look at the slightly smiling Yan Yicheng. “Tell me, what else is there that I don’t know about? Ahem, I’ll give you a chance to be honest!”

Yan Yicheng: …

At this moment, Boss Yan was so tangled. Should he tell Xia Beibei about his identity as… that police officer?

Just as Yan Yicheng was hesitating, Xia Beibei suddenly stood up, leaning over the table with her hands supporting her upper body. Her eyes were fixed, and she stared intently at Yan Yicheng, who was so close. “Are there still people from our company and the club? Tell me quickly!”

Yan Yicheng: …

Yan relaxed a little. “No.”

Being able to meet someone on the same plane was already defying the odds, okay?

Whether it was Jun Qianyue or Qing Zhi, they both had to pay a certain price to cross time and space.

Yet Xia Beibei happened to be in the same time, the same city, and even the same company as Yan Yicheng.

In fact, from the beginning, this was already a very miraculous fate.

“I see.”

Upon hearing Yan Yicheng’s reply, Xia Beibei was a bit disappointed. It turned out that companions weren’t that easy to come by.


Even if she couldn’t meet other people, it didn’t matter. Having just that one person who could accompany you all the way was enough for a lifetime.


After the lunch break, Yan Yicheng personally escorted Xia Beibei to the entrance of the Planning Department. On that afternoon, Jun Qianyue resigned and left.

See, see! Offending Boss Yan will lead you to a bad ending, okay?

Everyone believed that Boss Yan had definitely fired Jun Qianyue.

So, without Yan Yicheng’s knowledge, he was again demonized.

However, who was it that said Boss Yan didn’t like women and preferred men, huh?

Come out, I promise not to kill you!

If I had known that Boss Yan liked cute girls, I would have gone for it long ago!

While all the women in the company were full of regret, only Sister Mali remained as calm as ever.


A group of superficial fans. Can you fathom the Boss’s intentions with your ordinary mind?

Even someone as brilliant as Sister Mali can only guess one or two percent at most!

During her free time, Sister Mali opened her Weibo and sent a message to Xia Beibei:

“Is the watermelon delicious? I’m so envious!”

Soon, Xia Beibei replied to Sister Mali’s message:

“It’s very delicious! I’ll treat you next time!”

Well, well, this is the right way to please the boss. Learn something, you mortals!

If you want to please the boss, you have to cling to the boss’s lady’s thigh! Absolutely!

Everyone at Yan Yicheng Media: …

Damn, Sister Mali is so cunning!

Almost immediately after Mali and Xia Beibei interacted, several dozen replies appeared under Xia Beibei’s Weibo post.

Xia Beibei: …

Oh my god, everyone is even more active than at the end-of-year commendation!

Oh my, oh my! Everyone is so enthusiastic!

For the first time, Xia Beibei was surrounded by everyone’s enthusiasm. Feeling proud, she immediately posted another Weibo:

“Thanks for all your replies and concerns. I’ll make Boss give you all a raise at the end of the year!”

Within ten seconds of this message being sent, every computer in the company received a new notice from the finance department:

Starting this month, all employees’ salaries will be raised by ten percent!

Yan Yicheng Media employees: …

Long live the boss’s lady!

Xia Beibei: …

Oh my goodness, Yan Yicheng, you just showed me up!

Wait a minute! Did I get a raise too?

Xia Beibei hadn’t even had time to be happy when she immediately furrowed her brows.

Wait a minute, Boss Yan, Boss Yan! It would have been enough to give me a raise. Everyone is getting one, and it’s ten percent! Isn’t that giving away too much to others?

The whole company has about a hundred people! My goodness, how much money will you have to spend each month!

You spendthrift master! Just wait!

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