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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 282

Chapter 282: Li Huan


During the lunch break, Xia Beibei, as usual, stretched comfortably and was about to go to the cafeteria for lunch. After all, eating was the most important thing in her life, rain or shine!

However, as soon as she stood up, Xia Beibei noticed that the entire office was staring at her with a peculiar gaze.

What’s going on?

Xia Beibei touched her face, wondering if she had ink on it.

At that moment, Jun Qianyue, not far away, walked over to Xia Beibei with a smile, “Beibei, let’s have lunch together!”

The crowd:…

This guy has no fear of death! Doesn’t he know that Boss Yan has made plans with Beibei?

While everyone was waiting for Jun Qianyue to be rejected, Xia Beibei nodded as usual, “Oh, sure, let’s go together!”

As they spoke, Xia Beibei had already walked out with Jun Qianyue.

After the two left, everyone in the office hurriedly followed, walking slowly behind Xia Beibei, ready to be enthusiastic onlookers in the front row.

The staff cafeteria today was even cleaner and quieter than usual. It was the typical lunch hour, but there were very few people. When Xia Beibei entered, she saw Yan Yicheng sitting by the window. There was indeed a large plate of Hokkaido black-skinned watermelon in front of Yan Yicheng, freshly cut, without a single black seed!


Seeing Xia Beibei’s figure, Yan Yicheng immediately raised his hand and called her over. When he noticed Jun Qianyue behind Xia Beibei, his gaze immediately sharpened.

Feeling Yan Yicheng’s unfriendly gaze, Jun Qianyue smiled slightly, “Beibei, Boss Yan is calling you! I’ll go get food first and won’t disturb you!”

As he spoke, he couldn’t help but pat Xia Beibei’s shoulder lightly.

At that moment, Jun Qianyue felt that Yan Yicheng’s gaze toward him had turned icy and fierce—

Damn it! I’m practically playing the role of Boss Yan’s love rival in my life!

Although it was still just a suspicion, and he was even dressed as a man!

But Yan Yicheng’s gaze seemed like he wanted to kill her.

Damn it, back then, it was supposed to be a regular mission. She was only interested because 001 had described this newcomer as cute and innocent, and she was curious about teasing the new girl, right?

As a result…

She unwittingly wasted considerable resources and was deceived by 001 to come here. After arriving here, Jun Qianyue realized she was operating under Yan Yicheng’s nose!

That was Yan Yicheng!

Damn it! All these high-level executives are in one place!

I’m tired. I want to go home!

I don’t want to do this anymore…

001, you traitor! I won’t let you off the hook when I get back!

By this time, more people had gradually arrived in the cafeteria. Xia Beibei sat across from Yan Yicheng. She realized this table was the one she had sat at when Yan Yicheng came to the cafeteria for the first time. Boss Yan really… could remember everything very clearly, even the most inconspicuous details.

“Don’t you want to eat watermelon? It’s chilled, just arrived,” Yan Yicheng said with a smile as he looked at Xia Beibei, then handed a piece of watermelon to her.

“Mmm,” Xia Beibei’s eyes lit up, “This baby finally gets to eat black-skinned watermelon.”

Saying that she immediately took a big bite. It was so sweet!

Mmm, suddenly she felt so happy!

When it comes to foodies, as soon as there’s something delicious, they immediately become incredibly satisfied.

Seeing Xia Beibei looking so content, Yan Yicheng’s gaze softened even more—

There was nothing in this world that could make a man feel more at ease than seeing the woman he loved displaying such a happy expression.

As the two of them were immersed in their tender affection, torturing all the single dogs, suddenly, Yan Yicheng’s phone vibrated.

Not many people had his number.

Yan Yicheng couldn’t help but take out his phone, and there was a text message: “I’ve landed. I’ll come to your company to have dinner with you tonight.”

Sender: Li Huan!

Li Huan?

Yan Yicheng unconsciously frowned, and seeing his displeasure, Xia Beibei quickly handed him a piece of watermelon. “Um, you should have some too! I didn’t mean not to share it with you. Come on, smile!”

Yan Yicheng: …

Am I a child? She’s trying to cheer me up by offering me watermelon?

“It’s alright, you eat,” Yan Yicheng said, casually placing his phone on the table. Xia Beibei inadvertently glanced at it, “Li Huan?”

She couldn’t help but mutter softly.

“Do you know her?” Yan Yicheng curiously glanced at Xia Beibei upon hearing her voice.

“Ah?” Xia Beibei shook her head in a daze, “I don’t know her, but that name sounds somewhat familiar. Is she your friend?”


This time, Yan Yicheng was the one who became absent-minded.

Li Huan…

Who is she?

Forgive Boss Yan for not paying much attention to the people and things around him. As an enforcer who had traveled between various dimensions since his teenage years, he had a psychological age of tens of thousands of years. He had encountered many people and many things, and those experiences had left him with little interest in remembering unimportant people or things.

In Yan Yicheng’s life, what he cared about and remembered were the important details. For example, how many pieces of watermelon Xia Beibei had eaten and how she had eaten them – Yan Yicheng could tell you that instantly.

Yes, he was that meticulous – or perhaps, cough, that attentive.

So, as for Li Huan, what on earth was she?

“Maybe…” Yan Yicheng pondered momentarily, “Perhaps she’s an old… classmate? Or maybe a client? Well, anyway, she’s not a relative.”

Xia Beibei:…

Mr. Yan! Is this dismissive attitude really appropriate?

Li Huan!

Sounds like a woman’s name!

“Ah!” Xia Beibei suddenly slapped the table, “I remember now, she’s a senior! I saw her at the school’s anniversary celebration before! Boss Yan, she’s your classmate!”

So, she was a classmate?

“Oh.” Yan Yicheng nodded calmly.

Seeing Yan Yicheng’s uninterested appearance, Xia Beibei was unusually excited, “Boss Yan, do you know? This senior started from scratch and I heard she was the youngest beautiful CEO in F Country then! I’ve only seen her from afar once, she’s so beautiful! She’s like a fairy, she’s simply a goddess! An idol! I liked her back then!”

No wonder she had a vague familiarity with the name Li Huan.

At this moment, Xia Beibei was still quite excited. Although it had been a few years ago, the impression Li Huan had left on her was pretty deep.

“You… liked her?” Yan Yicheng’s tone turned serious upon hearing Xia Beibei’s words.

In Yan Yicheng’s mind, anyone Xia Beibei liked, regardless of gender, would be categorized as a potential rival.

So, Li Huan…

Before even meeting her, Yan Yicheng had mentally marked her as a big ‘X’ in his heart.

Li Huan: …

Who did I offend? Yan Yicheng, it’s you I like! It’s you! It’s you! It’s you! Important matters must be said three times!

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