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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 281

Chapter 281: Lady Boss


The first time Xia Beibei took Yan Yicheng’s car to work, she was a bit hesitant, but when they arrived at the company’s building, Xia Beibei immediately became energetic—

How many people had the privilege of commuting to work in their big boss’s car?

The answer is, only one!

Yan Yicheng parked the car in the parking lot and took Xia Beibei out of the car and directly to the elevator.

At this time, there was no one in the underground parking lot, and there were only two of them in the elevator.

“Planning to change offices?” Yan Yicheng suddenly asked Xia Beibei.

“Huh?” Xia Beibei was taken aback momentarily, then looked at Yan Yicheng hesitantly. “Are you planning to promote me?”

“Yes.” Yan Yicheng nodded without hesitation. “You can choose any position you like.”

So arbitrary?

Xia Beibei looked at Yan Yicheng with a smile. “What if I want to take over Yan Media?”

“Then I will inform the lawyer to transfer it to you immediately.”

Yan Yicheng’s answer was straightforward. Upon hearing his words, Xia Beibei smiled.

“I’m just kidding. Being a boss is too tough, and there’s no one paying me a salary!”

“Is that so? Then how about becoming the boss’s lady?” Yan Yicheng looked at Xia Beibei, smiling as he spoke.

Xia Beibei saw Yan Yicheng’s smile, and her mind momentarily went blank. She quickly turned her head away, feeling nervous.

Boss Yan, you are so handsome, and you still smile at me so seductively. You are breaking the rules again!

I’m afraid I can’t control myself!

“Since you’re not saying anything, should I take it as your agreement?” Seeing that Xia Beibei hadn’t responded and had turned her face to the side, Boss Yan couldn’t help but playfully tease.

When pursuing a woman, you have to be persistent, and it was pretty clear that Boss Yan had been studying this art (reading CEO novels) and making continuous efforts. Evidently, he had mastered the art of courting his wife.

“Boss Yan, when did you become so shameless? This isn’t your style!” Xia Beibei heard Yan Yicheng’s words and immediately looked at him with suspicion.

“Wrong? Isn’t this how they write it in the novels you gave me? ‘Wolf-like CEO being shameless’ and all that.”

Xia Beibei:…

Boss Yan! What have you been reading?

Is this what they call reaping what you sow?

Xia Beibei quickly recalled in her mind that, luckily, the stories she had given to Mr. Yan were relatively tame. If she had given him some steamy novels…

Ahem, in any case, this was a fortunate turn of events.

While the two were talking, the elevator had already reached the upper floor. Quite a few people were working at this time. Seeing a group of people entering, Yan Yicheng immediately raised his arm to protect Xia Beibei in his embrace.

Xia Beibei was stunned for a few seconds, then she leaned sweetly and somewhat shyly against Yan Yicheng’s chest—

Boss Yan, these are all our neighbors in the building!

It’s embarrassing if others see us like this!

But… looking at you, so unabashedly protecting me, I’m pretty pleased with that, my dear!

Onlookers: Hmph! Displaying affection!

Seeing that they were about to arrive at Xia Beibei’s workplace floor and Yan Yicheng didn’t seem to be letting go, Xia Beibei couldn’t help but whisper softly, “Boss Yan, I’ve arrived at my floor!”


Upon hearing Xia Beibei’s words, Yan Yicheng immediately looked down at her and smiled. Then, as the elevator opened, Yan Yicheng took the lead in holding Xia Beibei’s hand and walked out.

At the entrance of the Planning Department, colleagues who had just arrived were swiping their cards.

Originally, everyone was chatting and laughing, but when they saw Yan Yicheng emerging from the elevator, the area fell silent. As they recognized the person holding Yan Yicheng’s hand, everyone wore expressions of disbelief.

Is that Boss Yan and… Xia Beibei?

Are we hallucinating?

Damn it, it must be that our way of coming to work today is wrong!

Seeing everyone frozen in place with silly expressions, Yan Yicheng couldn’t help but cough, “Ahem, everyone, please continue to clock in!”


“Good morning, Boss Yan!”

A large group of people, upon hearing Yan Yicheng’s words, swiftly moved to the side, making way for the time clock.

“Beibei, you go first!”

Xia Beibei:…

So you guys are the real excellent employees of China, capable of understanding the boss’s intentions to perfection!

Xia Beibei nodded at the crowd and then smiled as she opened her bag, and then… there was no ‘then’ afterward.

She had forgotten to bring her employee card!

Damn, it!

She was so nervous this morning that she not only forgot her employee card but also the souvenir she brought back from Hong Kong was entirely left behind.

“Uh, this…”

Xia Beibei hesitated for a moment, turned to Yan Yicheng, and smiled. “Boss Yan, I… I forgot my employee card!”

Everyone: …

Hearing Xia Beibei’s words, Yan Yicheng smiled and said, “It’s okay, forget about it. Starting today, you don’t need to swipe your card!”

Xia Beibei: …

Boss Yan, is it really okay to be so open and use your power for personal reasons?

Xia Beibei looked at her colleagues with various expressions behind her, wanting to say something. But Yan Yicheng suddenly gave a cold glance behind Xia Beibei and said, “What’s the matter? Are you all so free that you don’t need to work?”

Upon hearing Yan Yicheng’s words, everyone quickly returned to their offices.

Boss Yan was indeed still the same old Boss Yan.

Being kind and gentle, one must still distinguish who they’re dealing with.

After scaring away the others, Yan Yicheng walked to Xia Beibei’s side, whispering softly, “From now on, you are the lady of Yan Media, so… you should have privileges that others don’t. It’s nothing, don’t overthink it.”


Xia Beibei hesitated for a moment but still agreed.

Upon hearing her response, a glint flashed in the deep black depths of Yan Yicheng’s eyes, “You agreed?”

“I… I didn’t mean to refuse. I’m going to work!” Xia Beibei’s face flushed, and she quickly picked up her bag and hurried into her office.

Although they had agreed to give the answer in two days, she couldn’t wait!

But then again, since she had already made up her mind about that person, what difference did it make if it happened a day sooner or later?


After Yan Yicheng’s not-so-discreet actions this morning, not only did the entire Yan Media office know about his relationship, but even the security guards monitoring the elevator’s camera feed could see that Yan Yicheng, the CEO of Yan Media, had finally fallen in love.

Therefore, the atmosphere in the planning department was unusually strange throughout the morning.

Xia Beibei knew that everyone was speculating about how she had managed to capture Yan Yicheng’s heart through some scheming. But the truth was that Yan Yicheng had been lusting after her for a long time and had been planning this for quite a while!

In any case, Xia Beibei felt like the way everyone was looking at her now was reminiscent of how people would look at the female lead in a cliché idol drama:

“The naive and sweet girl caught the eye of a handsome and wealthy man, and from then on, her life became a melodramatic rollercoaster.”

This was ridiculous.

I, the heiress of the villain, have an identity that will scare you to death.

In this strange and unpleasant atmosphere, Xia Beibei finished her work and then posted a rant on her Weibo out of sheer boredom:

“Yan Media’s Xia Beibei: Feeling annoyed. I want to eat a Densuke black-skinned watermelon from Hokkaido. Get me one, chilled, freshly sliced, seedless!”

After sending out this Weibo post, Xia Beibei immediately felt much better. Although it was impossible to get it, at least…

My heart feels a little better now.

What Xia Beibei didn’t expect was that as soon as she posted this message, Yan Yicheng immediately replied.

“Lunch is on me. Meet me in the employee cafeteria.”

Xia Beibei:…

Goodness gracious!

Not only Xia Beibei, but all the employees at Yan Media were now staring at Xia Beibei’s Weibo! Upon seeing Yan Yicheng’s reply, everyone was blinded by his actions—

Boss Yan, you’re showing off in front of everyone. How are we single folks supposed to deal with this?

I suddenly lost my appetite for lunch!

Seeing you all in pairs, eating an extremely expensive watermelon air-shipped from abroad, we, the single ones, are wallowing in self-pity. Anyway, please stop being so cruel…

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