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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 287

Chapter 287: Red-name Online Player (1)


T/N: Red name player – refers to players in online games who choose to play as villains and gain red-name status due to their actions within the game (usually obtained by attacking or killing other players).

Upon returning to her apartment, Xia Beibei couldn’t help but hold her face in vexation the moment she walked through the door—

Oh heavens, oh heavens! She had actually kissed Boss Yan on the face! But why did she kiss his cheek instead of his lips?

Could she possibly go back and do it over again?

This silly girl, it seems your integrity has indeed vanished beyond return!


After daydreaming for a while, Xia Beibei finally came to the window. She watched as Yan Yicheng’s car drove away, feeling reluctant to part. She returned to her bedroom and took out the set of pajamas that Yan Yicheng had bought for her in Hong Kong.

After changing into the new pajamas, Xia Beibei felt incredibly excited. Today was a memorable and happy day!

She picked up a photo frame from her bedside. Inside was an old photo of a handsome and gentle man holding an adorable little girl. Both of them had bright smiles.

That man was Xia Beibei’s father.


Xia Beibei gently touched the man’s face in the photo.

“I found him, the one you said would replace the world to love me. Today… I’m so happy, really, really happy.”

As she spoke, tears welled up in Xia Beibei’s eyes.

Even though she was happy, she felt like crying.

Xia Beibei took a deep breath, lifted her head, and prevented the tears from falling.

“I’m going to move in with him, Dad. You’ll definitely like our new home.”

“Dad, you’ll bless and protect us, won’t you?”

As she spoke, Xia Beibei pressed the photo frame against her forehead and then, as usual, lay in bed and entered the password for the Interstellar Villain Club.

Soon, a voice rang in her head, “Intermediate villain 109, have you made up your mind?”


Xia Beibei responded, “Xiao Yao, I’m going to participate in the promotion assessment. Please open the stress-relief dimension for me today!”


Following Xiao Yao’s voice, a colorful roulette wheel appeared on the page of the Interstellar Villain Club, “The club’s stress-relief task is randomly drawn. Intermediate villain 109, do you want to start spinning the random task roulette?”

“Um, open it for me!”

Xia Beibei had already closed her eyes, and the colorful roulette wheel spun and spun, finally stopping on a red dimension—

Líng Zhī Jìyuán! (T/N: Roughly translated as [The Zero Era]. A game name)

“Intermediate villain 109 selection is complete. Entering the task world Líng Zhī Jìyuán in five, four, three, two, one!”

With the countdown ending, Xia Beibei’s consciousness gradually separated from her body.


When she regained consciousness, Xia Beibei found herself standing in a ruin.

There were groups of small, green-skinned creatures wandering around the ruins.

These are… goblins?

Xia Beibei watched as the goblins walked around her, seemingly indifferent to her presence.

Tsk tsk, so these are passive-attacking little monsters?

So, is this world the holographic online game called Líng Zhī Jìyuán?

A game world…

Indeed, it is an excellent place to relieve stress!

Xia Beibei didn’t immediately check the plot of this world. Instead, she enthusiastically looked around at her surroundings. All she could see were post-apocalyptic ruins, and it seemed like there was no one else there except for her.

She couldn’t help but glance at the equipment she was wearing. She had on a magical robe adorned with black wings. Does that mean she’s a mage?

Just as Xia Beibei was pondering this, a character information panel suddenly popped up in front of her!

Damn! This game system is indeed quite intelligent! She just thought about it, and the character panel automatically appeared—

Player ID: Shéi jiā gū liáng (T/N: Roughly translated “Whose family girl is this?”)

Level: 60

Profession: Soul Refiner

Affiliated Guild: None

Affiliated Legion: Mèi zhǐ ài chī ròu (Girls Love Meat) (T/N: I wonder if this meat is that meat lol)

Good and Evil Value: -178

Friendly reminder: The player is currently in a red-name status. Once you enter the central city, you will be chased by guards! If a regular player kills the player, the drops will double! And you will respawn directly at the central city prison’s respawn point!

Xia Beibei: …

What the heck is going on here?

I’m a red-name? And what’s with this weird legion with a name like “Mèi zhǐ ài chī ròu” or something?

No, it seems that baby needs to grasp the plot first. Otherwise, she won’t be able to play happily here!

After looking around the ruins for a while and finding a clean and easily concealed spot, Xia Beibei immediately focused on exploring the world’s storyline—

Líng Zhī Jìyuán (The Zero Era).

The latest generation of holographic online games immediately attracted hundreds of millions of players from hundreds of countries worldwide as soon as it launched.

Shéi jiā gū liáng is just one of those hundreds of millions of players. Of course, as an antagonist, the ID [Shéi jiā gū liáng] is quite famous.

No, to be precise, it’s their legion that’s famous—

Mèi zhǐ ài chī ròu is known as the most despicable and shameless red-name legion in the history of The Zero Era.

Cough, actually, this legion only has seven members. But these seven individuals were once infamous killers in other games! And here, they simply formed a private legion, and from then on, everyone lived happily ever after, killing others, robbing bosses, and looting rare equipment!

Xia Beibei: …

They were leading a pretty happy life, of course, provided that—assuming they didn’t rob the female lead and assuming that the female lead didn’t get reborn…

Now, let’s talk about the female lead.

Unfortunately, due to her bad luck, she could never obtain top-notch equipment, and even when she finally encountered a field boss, it was ultimately stolen by the red-name legion!

In short, her previous life was anything but miserable. She is definitely not the ideal female lead for a rebirth story!

Our Linglong girl had her equipment and boss kills stolen by others in the game, and damn it, even her husband was taken away by someone else!

Out of frustration, she decided to forge all the materials in her warehouse and then quit the game.

And a miracle happened at that moment! At midnight, right next to the forging furnace, our girl Linglong unexpectedly forged the most incredible artifact in The Zero Era – a space-time machine!

Hé wèi línglóng: …

What’s the use of the time-space machine? Can it travel through time and space? Can it let me go back to the past to abuse the losers?

The answer is –

As long as you want, it can!

So, our Hé wèi línglóng was reborn.

After rebirth, the female protagonist comes with an overpowered good-luck aura. She was reborn on the first day of the game’s server opening. When she entered the game and chose her profession, she was randomly assigned to the one-in-a-million-hidden profession – Magic Swordsman!

Magic Swordsman, as the name suggests, is a profession that cultivates both magic and martial arts, with extremely high physical and magical attacks!

With a high starting point, knowing all the strategies and hidden tasks of the game, the female protagonist’s journey of rebirth is smooth sailing until…

She met the damn red-name legion again – the “Mèi zhǐ ài chī ròu” legion.

T/N: I wonder if I should stick to the Chinese ID or the translated one… as for the game name, I’ll stick to the English version, which is less cool but at least less mouthful.

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