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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 285

Chapter 285: The Jade Pendant


Poinsettia, third-floor private room.

This is the first time Xia Beibei has entered the VIP private room on the third floor of Poinsettia. The room was filled with an antique charm, and its elegant decor gave people the illusion of traveling through time and space.

Upon seeing Yan Yicheng and Xia Beibei, the head waitress, Ling Jie, naturally personally welcomed the two esteemed guests in the private room. When Xia Beibei noticed Ling Jie presenting two sets of brand-new, identical, and exquisite tableware, she couldn’t help but give Yan Yicheng a meaningful look. “Did you have these made for us?”


Yan Yi Cheng gently nodded. These two tableware sets are naturally couple sets, and he knows that Xia Beibei likes couple sets the most.

Seeing the two identical sets of tableware, red and blue, Xia Beibei immediately arranged them in front of her with a smile. She then took pictures of both sets and happily posted them on her social media:

“Look at the new tableware ordered by Boss Yan. Aren’t they beautiful?”

As soon as this message was posted, it naturally received unanimous likes and comments from her colleagues, especially those less active on social media during the day. This time, they were exceptionally enthusiastic in liking and commenting to stand out:

“Boss lady, please remember me!”

Xia Beibei:…

She couldn’t deny that she enjoyed the feeling of suddenly becoming the center of attention, like a person basking in the adoration of others. After all, everyone has a certain degree of vanity, and who wouldn’t want to be admired by others?

Well, Xia Beibei admitted that she was a mere mortal with such lowbrow tastes.

“Beibei, there is something I want to give you.”

Yan Yi Cheng’s voice suddenly rang in Xia Beibei’s ear. Xia Beibei was startled for a moment, and in a turn of her head, she saw Yan Yi Cheng hand a beautiful brocade box to her.

What is it? Xia Beibei curiously opened the box that Yan Yicheng had handed her, and as soon as she did, she froze in place.

“Boss Yan, this is…”

Inside the box was not something else but a piece of jade pendant!

A top-quality Hetian mutton-fat white jade pendant engraved with a snow lotus!

Yes, this jade pendant was the one originally owned by Qin Zizhen. (T/N: Arc 7- Sect’s Young Mistress)

“It’s Qin Zizhen’s jade pendant!”

Xia Beibei couldn’t help but exclaim. She held the jade pendant in her hand, carefully examining it, and then furrowed her brow slightly. “This jade pendant is indeed the same one, but it seems there’s something different about it.”

“Qin Zizhen has reforged this jade pendant, and now it has become a magic treasure.”

Saying this, a glint flashed in Yan Yi Cheng’s eyes.

Initially, taking out a jade pendant from the task world would cost him almost nothing, but…

To bring back a magic treasure, the cost was extremely high.

Upon hearing Yan Yicheng’s words, Xia Beibei couldn’t help but close her eyes silently and hold the jade pendant in the palm of her hand. Indeed, the jade pendant contained very powerful spiritual energy!

Although Xia Beibei wasn’t a cultivator in this world, she could still sense the familiar and unique spiritual energy within it. She wouldn’t mistake that feeling.

“I remember giving this jade pendant back to Qin Zizhen. I didn’t expect him to refine it into a magical treasure.”

Xia Beibei spoke and then looked deeply at Yan Yicheng. “Thank you. Bringing this back must have cost you a great deal, right?”

“As long as you like it.”

Yan Yicheng glanced at Xia Beibei, his gaze gentle and his tone calm. As long as she liked it, he felt that it was worth whatever cost he had to pay.

Yan Yicheng’s gaze made Xia Beibei feel exceptionally comfortable in her heart. She instinctively tightened her grip on the jade pendant in her hand, and then her expression changed as if she suddenly remembered something. “By the way, Boss Yan, why can’t I find the follow-up plot of that world after I came out of An Yutong’s task world?”

That world…

Upon hearing Xia Beibei’s words, Yan Yicheng’s expression became very serious. “Beibei, you should know that there are many parallel dimensions in this world, all intertwined. The cultivation world you entered may be a two-dimensional world, but once people there break through the void, they can traverse through space-time tunnels and enter higher-level dimensions. In other words… after Qin Zizhen ascended, he went to another world, one that truly exists, just like our world. In that place, he is no longer a protagonist in a novel but a living person. No, in their world, they are all called immortals!”

Qin Zizhen ascended to the fairy world!

He is no longer a character in a novel…

After digesting the information, Xia Beibei finally understood Yan Yicheng’s meaning: “So that’s how it is. But how did you get this jade pendant?”

This jade pendant…

Yan Yicheng’s gaze drifted into the distance as if he had returned to that world: “I helped him find An Yutong’s tomb. Before he ascended, he personally buried this jade pendant there.”

This jade pendant was a gift from Qin Zizhen to An Yutong.

Qin Zizhen always thought that An Yutong was the one he loved, but Yan Yicheng knew very well that the person in Qin Zizhen’s heart was not An Yutong but Xia Beibei.

The person who saved him was Xia Beibei, the person who took his jade pendant was Xia Beibei, and the person who died under his sword was also Xia Beibei.

From beginning to end, that person was Xia Beibei, not An Yutong.

The person Qin Zizhen loved was never An Yutong.

“That’s rare.”

Upon hearing Yan Yicheng’s words, Xia Beibei smiled faintly. “Qin Zizhen ascended together with Luo Qingge, right? It’s commendable that he still remembered Anyu Tong before ascending.”

Hearing Xia Beibei’s words, Yan Yicheng remained silent. He had stayed in that world until the end before leaving, not just to obtain the jade pendant but more because after Xia Beibei’s death, the entire plot of that world had collapsed again…

Although Yan Yicheng eventually brought everything back on track, the plot could return, but what about people’s hearts?

Although Qin Zizhen and Luo Qingge became Dao companions, their hearts were never aligned in the same direction…

Yan Yicheng had never told Xia Beibei about these things.

In his eyes, those people and those matters were all in the past, and there was no need to bring them up or reminisce about them.

However, at this moment, Yan Yicheng did not anticipate that on some future day, Xia Beibei would enter that particular immortal realm during a mission and, in that world, she would once again encounter Qin Zizhen…

In any case, there were so many romantic rivals ahead. Take care, Boss Yan!


The dinner on their first date naturally tasted exceptionally delicious.

Although she didn’t have to support herself against the wall while walking, Xia Beibei kept lightly rubbing her slightly bulging belly all the way home, feeling very full.

“Let’s have a good night’s sleep tonight!”

Seeing Xia Beibei looking so satisfied after the meal, Yan Yicheng couldn’t help but say, “Don’t worry about being late. It’s okay to go to the company a bit later. No one will report on you!”

Xia Beibei: Do they dare?

“Well, I also wish I could sleep and wake up naturally every day. But now my hearing is quite good, and sometimes I get startled awake by noises from the neighbors or the upstairs,” she replied.

Hearing Yan Yicheng’s words, Xia Beibei couldn’t help but complain to him: “It turns out that having eyes that see everything and ears that hear everything is not always a good thing.”

Hearing Xia Beibei’s words, Yan Yicheng’s gaze flickered: “Beibei, how about… you move in with me? Ahem, of course, you’ll stay in the guest room. I have many guest rooms, you can choose any you like. There are no other residents around my villa; it’s very quiet, and the air is very good.”

“Mm, that sounds good,” Xia Beibei replied with a happy smile, her head slightly lowered.

Damn, I was waiting for your invitation, Boss Yan. Did you really need someone to remind you before you thought of it?

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