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Zokuniiu Akuyaku Reijō tte, Kon’na Kanjide yoi nodeshou?

T/N I know many feel frustrated with Prince Daniel, Marianne and Leticia’s Father. So let offset this bitter feeling with something sweet. If nothing goes wrong, I will try to update Konyaki Haki on 31st January (cannot promise, though, but it will be within that week…)

English Title: Is it alright for the common villainous lady to say such things with that kind of feeling?”

RAW: http://ncode.syosetu.com/n2390cg/

Author: Miyoshi

Synopsis: Because I am the rival character, that is why I need to follow the Prince around.

A cheerful and harmless anecdote on the tenacious villainous lady.

Unexpectedly, I am the villainous character.

The Heroine who will appear later on, was born under a star where she will defeat me in the rivalry battle as she obstructed my way from  marrying one of the capture targets which was the first Prince of this country.

I remember that currently I am the rival character from one of the Otome game that I have played in my previous life. And no matter how much I think about it, at that time, she was someone who had brought headache to me… However, currently this is my reality.

For the time being, on the outset, I should lurk around the Prince like what any other villainous ladies would do! And since I have the status of a villainous lady, I should be able to attend the ball in the castle in order to meet him!

…… E? I am still young, so I have to attend the tea party instead? Oh well, as long as the prince is there, I do not mind wherever it is!


With that, I try to use my previous life’s memories to remember about my monkey spirit’s childhood in order to understand the sort of things that a boy that age should be please with. Aha~ this!

After arriving at that beautiful garden in the castle‘s compound, I give my greeting to the Prince.

“Your Highness! Come and look at this~ I found this mysterious insect in the garden!”

“Kyaaaaaa!!! What was that! Your Highness, please throw that thing away!”

“He~ There is such a thing in this castle’s garden, huh.”
My father got angry at me because of that.

If insect is not good…. No, there are still many other things! With the intention for another rematch, I headed to the castle’s garden once more.

“Your Highness~ I am truly sorry for what had happened just now. Then, please look at this beautiful frog that I had taken from the pond.”

“Hi~ii~ii~! Your Highness, you will be contaminated if you touch such thing! Throw that away!”

“It is truly brilliant! A, I have seen this in the picture book before!”
I was scolded by my attendant afterwards

Later, when I thought about it, it appeared that my love experience was too lacking; my action seemed like some kind of prank that elementary school’s boys always did to the girls that they had taken their fancy on.

This was actually bad considering that I am the villainous lady. I really need to reflect on this.

And His Highness’ responses were also unexpected. The Prince was truly an amazing person.

As I thought, to become the rival character that was hated by others… It was quite difficult.

Furthermore, the Prince also seemed unruffled even though it must be quite annoying for him.


Thus, I make a thorough preparation for the next tea party and when I arrived at the castle, it seemed to be more crowded than the usual.

The maids and the attendants from the was on a vigilant mode around the Prince as they took precaution against me.

Ara? It seemed that I had already been seen as a villainous lady? This must be an achievement from my practice!

“Your Highness… I would like to toast to your beautiful green eyes, which is like the refreshing breeze that blow across the great prairie!”

“Thank you, your eyes are also beautiful like the light that reflected on the calm sea. Even though this is only a tea cup, but cheers.’

I had been contemplating on that phrase for three days and three nights, but His Highness managed to return it in a flash. It was so vexing.

Before long, I began to notice. Of course he will be much more refined compared to me. He was the first Prince of this country; the person who will become our future King.

Then, let’s change the approach!

I started following His Highness like a chick. No, it was exaggeratedly lovely. It was a typical random presentation. It looked more like a clingy person…. Totally unsuitable for a young lady. I was truly embarrassed.

“Your Highness!”

“What it is?”

“Your Highness!”

“What’s wrong?”

“Your Highness~~!”


I tried to stick around him beyond the line, but His Highness kept leaning his head towards me. It was a failure.


It seemed that the Prince was also a big-hearted person…. Even at that age, his complexion did not change towards a girl who kept clinging on him despite not being in a cordial term.

As expected of the person who will carry this country in the future. How admirable!

Due to the feeling of patriotism and adoration towards the Royal Family, I felt quite embarrassed for always pestering His Highness. However, I am the villainous lady, therefore I need to harden my heart.

As I put my out most gallant self, I smiled euphorically towards His Highness and presented the item which I had hidden behind my back to him.

“Your Highness, your smile is like a large rose which had blossomed beautifully under the blessing of nature…”

“Thank you, this was truly a beautiful Rose. Maid, put this in a vase.”

“I understand.”

“A~ wait! I wanted to put this flower in His Highness’s hair.”

“Man usually will not attach such flower in their hair, right?”



Due to that incident, I was called by my mother.

Either with a troubled or shocked face, my mother still looked beautiful. A~ as expected from someone with the Royal’s bloodline.

In His Highness’ case, the more you stare at his noble and gentle face, the more likely for you to commit some kind of a blunder.

But, rather than that, I prefer my cool and intelligent father who has slightly solemn expression. Well, it is probably because I also resemble my father a lot.

“Rivera, a gentleman will never play with their hair.”

“E~ Maa, I was just being slightly…”

“His Highness is a gentle person, however, if you kept persisting on acting like this, you might get hated by him instead.”

“…. That being said, this direction is not wrong after all…?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Nothing! I will be careful after this, mother.”

Thank you, mother….. Now, I have regain back my confidence!


Sitting next to His Highness, I tried to act coquettishly and rudely as I gave him an upturned eyes. This was good, he got to be irritated with me by now.

“Your Highness, I, I had gotten drunk…”

“Did you get drunk from drinking tea?”

“Your Highness…. I do not want to go home today.”

“Are you trying to run away from home? I’ll listen to your story and help you to quickly reconcile with your family.”


Though I was unable to convey my intention, but above all His Highness was truly a gentle person…..!

In the evening, with teary eyes, my father came to pick me up.

It was difficult for me to solve the misunderstanding as well as consoling my parents. Really, I am truly sorry for all of this.

After that incident, I tried to make my appeal as a villainous lady as discreetly as possible.


“I did not feel like I have achieved any result from all of this….!”

A couple of years later, as usual, I attended the tea party with the gentle Prince while being surrounded by his attendants who had softened their attitude towards me over the years; so, I returned home with a satisfied face before heading back to my room.

No, but…. I wonder if a tea party which was attended by only two people could be considered as a tea party….. Of course, there were also the escorts and the maids; and also the annoying me?! The villainous lady?! But since I had received the invitation, I had to properly attend it.

Whatever it was, it would not be long before the day for His Highness and my debut to the high society  will take place. The tea party will be rank up into a ball and the main part of the Otome game will finally start!

However, in recent years, despite being the same age, His Highness had been treating me like his cute younger sister. His Highness was truly an excellent individual.

By all rights, in the original work, the commencement of the event happened due to the detestation of the Prince towards Snake. Ma~ but currently, it seemed that the Prince had actually taken a liking on the reptiles though….


The next day.

I was called by my father to his study which I had rarely entered before and he suddenly told me that I am going to be the His Highness’s fiancée. Why? Since when?

At the time when I met the Prince, my mother had given birth to my brother, therefore there was no problem in regards to the house…. Not here at least.

“Father, Mother, what have you been talking about?”

“Congratulation Rivera, your feeling had finally been reciprocated.”

“It is truly wonderful. A splendid envoy had come from the castle.”

Rather than requesting for a response, they came as a substitute for the King to bring the Imperial Decree…?!

“But I remember that His Majesty….”

“What have you been talking about? Even if you think about it, His Highness himself asked His Majesty and the Queens for you.”

“Because Rivera’s expression of love was too intense, I had gotten worried that His Highness might get fed up with her…. But it seemed that it was an unnecessary worry on my part.”

“E, e, e.”

Both of us appeared to be in a good relationship in the eyes of others?!

I knew that His Highness was an amiable person, and lately I have also been idling from acting as a villainous lady.

However, I did not even think that they really understood about my behavior just from observing me. And to be honest, I am quite happy that I can talk about it openly.

Embracing the usual invitation letter to the tea party that was delivered together with the news, my face turned bright red.


“A~ Ano, Your Highness …”

“Riveramente, you look very cute today as well”


Until now he had always told me that! High Highness was really good at flattery! A womanizer ! And now that I think about it, it was actually totally embarrassing to listen to it carefully once again!

“Um, that, a, a, ah, Your Highness.”

“I know what you want to say. It is about the engagement.”

“Wa~ yes.”

Even his sorrowful expression with that charm of youthfulness looked lovely. His Highness, who yet to have his debut in the high society already look so dreamy… If he got even more superb than this…. Everyone is going to fall senselessly on him.

“I have not even ask for your consent on this matter. For putting it up so suddenly…. I am sorry. I apologize for my rudeness.”

“Your Highness! That, such a thing.”

“I thought that I still have some times in my hand. But then I heard that someone had proposed an engagement to your house… And that is why I am in such hurry for this to proceed.”

This was the first time I heard about it.

Father might have put a stop to it knowing that I hold my affection towards the Prince

“….. I did not know about that.”

“But, I want you to always stay by my side. I can’t think of anyone else but you for the Queen’s position. What’s more, I am even more unwilling to hand you over to others.”

I was so happy that I might collapse. Did anyone hear what he had said just now? Quickly record it!

The attendants and the maids who usually can be found around us were nowhere to be seen.

“Well, why, for you to like me… Such a thing…. It is unmerited…”

“Why, you asked?”

“I- I had been rude towards Your Highness… Since our childhood, in many occasions…. I had kept clinging and bothering you in every chance that I got.”

In the end, it was still something that makes you feel irksome!

“I am actually really glad.”


“When I am with you, my heart feels at ease. You are the only one who looked at me straight in the eyes. Slowly I want you to regard me not as a Prince…. I want you to see me as Alex Seed…”

“Your Highness… No Alex-sama…”

“Will you walk together with me, Rivera?

“Wi- With pleasure…!”


Thus I, the villainous lady Riveramente turn out not to be a villainous lady after all; and instead had become the Prince’ fiancée who spent her days training to become the next Queen.

At the debut ball for His Highness, the announcement of the His Highness engagement to me come like an electric shock. However, no one objected to this engagement which was brought together by the King’s Imperial Decree.

In the distance, the Heroine who already had her debut into the high society earlier on seemed to be in a joyful mood and already found a good match with her childhood friend who was also a Knight.


“I did not know how to say this to you, Your Highness… As you might be aware, Rivera had been quite unusual since long time ago.”

“That is good. Since I was young, I had been healed by her strangeness.”

“Ma~ Then I will leave Rivera in your hand.”

“Yes, please leave her to me.”

“Your Highness, I am sorry to keep you waiting!”

“Well then, shall we go… Rivera?”

“Yes, Alex-sama!”

There might be numerous needless worries; but if the end is good then it is alright!

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