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Konyaku haki? Yoroshī. Naraba, fukushūda! Chapter 5

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Author: Unagi


(Prince Daniel POV)

Yesterday was awful.

The King and the Queen repeatedly told me to think twice about my decision. Even the aristocrats did not give their blessing to us.

What was wrong with being engaged to Marianne?!



Today, Marianne was as beautiful as always. This blonde hair had not changed since before. The color was a bit darker than mine, but it was still beautiful nonetheless.

….That’s right. Leticia. Her hair was also beautiful….

But her face was so average, Marianne was still the best in the world.

If I were to get married to Leticia as it is, I will probably get bored of her. The content seemed to be dull.

Compared to Marianne.

She always tried to stay beautiful for me.

Even if she stands next to me, we will balance each other out.

How come father and mother did not notice anything? The wonder of Marianne…

“Daniel-sama, the King had been asking for your audience.”

“What, can’t I leave it to later?”

“No, he asked that you should come immediately.”

My father’s man began to jump into the room.

Che~ I thought that I am going to stay with Marianne for now. Although I had moved away to the outer residence as to not get in the ways of others… It seemed that I was still being treated like a bad guy. I wanted to tell you that there was no such person here.

“Daniel, are you going now?”

Marianne looked up at me with her earnest eyes.

I reached out and touched Marianne’s golden hair.

“I will be back soon. After that let’s go to the town together.”

“I’m happy. I want a new dress!”

“Didn’t you just call the tailor for the Royal Family just the other day?”

The tailor that was dedicated to the Royal Family was one of those Magical Operator; and the Royal Family had paid lots of money for his services. That was the proof that the tailor was independent of the Royal Family.

“There should be something fresh available in town? For the sake of Daniel, I have to always look cute.”

“Marianne… I understand. I am going to look forward to it.”

I caressed Marianne’s cheek before leaving the room.

“Daniel-sama, please make haste.”

The earlier soldier walked hurriedly.

Anyway, it got to be about my engagement with Marianne.

I am confident that I will be able to persuade them today.

Father and mother will also agree.

Finally, I will be able to marry Marianne.

…That’s right, Marianne was also a royalty, why can’t she become my fiancée?

Even though this was the best social status that will suit her position well.

Oh, I see, Marianne’s mother was too overprotective. She did not want to put her in the public eyes. That’s why I never met her until I entered the school.

Ma, with that kind of beauty, anyone will be overprotective of her. Perhaps this engagement was opposed by the Marchioness Diogenes.

“Daniel-sama, please come here.”

“Eh? Isn’t this my father’s room?”

“The King is also waiting inside.”

When I met my father, it was always in his office.

This was the first time I entered this magnificent room.

Well, were they going to make an announcement about the engagement in this room?

That’s why he asked me to think again….

Now I got it.

I put my spirit up and opened the door.

“Daniel de Voltine is here.”

I was surprised.

Who was that, that man? It was the first time someone kept ignoring my presence. Moreover, in the presence of my father and mother. Weirdly, they had also adorned formal clothes.

However, that man really needs to be punished.

To dismiss me in front of father and mother…..

A smile spilled in spite of myself.


With that man’s voice; another man who seemed to be his subordinate began to move.

In front of my eyes, there were other several men that I did not recognize.

A little further away from the King, the Queen and the Royal Family sat. Somehow, Leticia’s father was also in the mix.

The fact that everyone was here, does it mean that the engagement had been recognized?

I felt relieved.

“Don’t we need to call for Marianne?”

I need to show off my fiancée.

Even if Marianne’s parents was not here, it cannot be helped.

Even at that time with Leticia, the parent and the child of the two families gathered together…. Well, it was mostly for the sake of documents’ interaction.

“Marianne Diogenes has another matter, therefore it will only be you for today.”

“I will now hold the court.”

“Daniel de Voltine, you are liable for damages to Leticia Hydorosa due to engagement annulment and defamation.”

“Daniel de Voltine, you were engaged to Leticia Hydorosa, thus why did you annulled the engagement?”

“Wa-wait a moment. What is this?”

I am a prince, you know? Why should I be blamed for that incident! First of all what with this damage was all about?

….Father, mother and everyone were listening quietly, why was it… A~ was this action conjured by Leticia? No, Leticia should not have this kind of power…. I see, was this the trial for me as a prince? Are you trying to help me to get engaged to Marianne?

“Please answer the question.”

That man stared at me.

It was rude of you to look at me like that, you know.

I am going to answer it confidently!

“Because I love Marianne.”

“So, because you love another woman, you annulled your engagement with Leticia Hydorosa?”

“A-that was right.”

Look at it. This is the man who is going to be the King!

“I understand. So you gathered people during your party previously with the aim of announcing the engagement annulment. It seemed that there was also some kind of verbal abuse against Leticia Hydorosa. What are your excuse concerning this?”

“Wha- you gathered everyone for the sake of announcing the engagement? [Curse] Was there really such a thing?”

“I understand. Let’s do witness interrogation at a later date.”

“Court adjourned.”

I really had shown my accomplishment as the next King.

……But what on earth was that…?


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