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Konyaku haki? Yoroshī. Naraba, fukushūda! Chapter 4


Author: Unagi






[High school – Marianne]

“That lady, why is she doing something…?”

“Carlos, the son of the Head of Knight whom I am not very close to.

“It was because Marianne had been behaving badly… This was because I befriended all of you.”

I said sorrowfully.

A~ it was really nice.

Everyone believed in me.

That lady was an eyesore, wasn’t she?


In any case I could not expose my secret to the royal family.

There was nothing that I could not denounce.

Everyone, I have a magical power.

There should not be any opposition.

It was I who should marry Daniel.

That thing was obvious, right?


Luka came.

“I’m sorry, my sister is…”

He seemed dejected.

“Luka-kun, don’t feel bad. Leticia-san like Daniel. Please forgive her?”

“It can’t be forgiven. To do such things with those cowardly tricks.” Daniel interjected.

Fuffuffu, everyone was mine.





[Leticia’s family]

“Oi, Leticia, it seemed that you raise your hand towards Marianne-sama.”

My father who had not shown his face after so many years came in front of me, sheathing in anger.

“At any rate, I had already decided that my engagement with the prince…. That’s why you (kisama)!”


I raised my face in surprise.

My cheek felt hot and prickled

“Wa- I, what had I-”

“Marianne-sama is a royalty! She is not someone like you.”

“You only need to act like a mature bride-to-be! Stop being a nuisance for Luka!”


…To Luka?

I cannot stop my body from trembling.


“It seemed that things had turned amusingly.”

Didion was acting like usual.

“It was the worst. Sob…Sob…”

“Oi, oi, stop crying!”

I can’t stop crying.

The feeling of vexed and raged began to rise.

“But being without an escort is not good right?”

The escort monitoring had been withdrawn.

Freedom? No.

“There is nothing that will endanger me…”

“Hmm, ma~ I think it will be fine.”

“You are being vague!”


No, even I felt like crying.

Because I am a girl.

No, it was because I am just a girl, right?

By the way, wasn’t Didion, the worse kind of a sort?

To do that to a crying girl?

E, doesn’t it seems like both Marianne-sama and my father were the worst type of people?

Iya, ma, ma~ it was for sure.

Luka? Luka was a sweet one, wasn’t he? Me.

For sure, after all I had brought him up since he was small. I had prepared his meal and bathed him since the employee of our house had disregarded the need for a childcare.

That’s why I was so sad that I was never given any credit regarding to whatever I had done for Luka.

Actually, I cried more after that.

Truly, Didion seemed weak to tears. “Do-, don’t cry, here, e…”

I did not feel any comfort at all from that.


Well, that was how it was for now.

My engagement had been annulled. I should be allowed to enter a deep recollection scene for a moment, right?

Today, for the sake of his announcement, the Prince had personally sent out the invitation to all aristocrats. Both the King and Queen were also here…

The Royalty members were almost complete.

Many of those aristocrats had participated in this party.

I was totally stood out!

All the gaze seemed to be directed at me. I was burned by their hot scrutiny.

Marianne-sama and the Prince still looked smugly at each other.

The King and Queen could not stop their cold sweat from pouring out.

“Da- Daniel, what are…!”

The King doesn’t seem to be able to stop from shaking.

Oh well, it was an engagement annulment in the presence of the public eyes after all.

Next to the King, the Queen’s face also turned pale blue.

It was also unknown why, before the color could return to the face of Duke Diogenes, the Marchioness of Diogenes had kept grinning non-stop.

Oh, by the way, Duke Diogenes was Marianne-sama’s father while Marchioness Diogenes was Marianne-sama’s mother.

“Father, I could no longer stand being engaged to Leticia.”

Undignified behavior. As the next King, couldn’t he behave appropriately?

When will this bullying act on me going to end?

“Wha- What?”

“I just realized that the one that I love is Marianne, I cannot love Leticia, such a woman.”

Prince Daniel move his gaze towards Marianne, and Marianne also returned his gaze with her eyes.

“I love Marianne, therefore I will annul my engagement with Leticia…?”

Is the Queen going to be okay? I was distracted a bit with the person in front of me.

“Th-Think about this again, Daniel!”

A~ the Queen had revived.

Hmm~ it slowly gets difficult to get away from all this mess, I think I should leave for now.

I could no longer keep up with this farce.

Currently the audiences’ attention were on the Royal Family and Prince Daniel, so I decided to slip out from there.

Since there will be no carriage to pick me up, I guess I had to walk home.

This dress was so heavy, you know. And my heel was totally incompatible with the cobblestone road.

… Well, it seemed that starting from tomorrow things were going to get more interesting.

If I knew that early on, I would stay a little bit longer to look at that Prince’s smug face, you know?

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