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Konyaku haki? Yoroshī. Naraba, fukushūda! Chapter 3

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Author: Unagi


Chapter 3 (Leticia POV)

A-, before that…. Do you understand?

Prince Daniel’s cousin was Marianne-sama.

Prince Daniel’s father was the King.

The daughter of the King’s younger brother was Marianne-sama.

Purebred royalty.

By the way, it had been determined that Prince Daniel will be the next king.

In this country, Royalty was those who have high magical power.

Currently, the King’s magical power was unsurpassed.

The magical power of Prince Daniel comes in second.

The King’s younger brother, Marianne-sama’s father, was known as Duke Diogenes.

He seemed to possess magical power which was higher than Prince Daniel a long time ago, however, it seemed that it had been dwindling with age.

If the King were to die, he will be the third in line to succeed the throne since Prince Daniel had surpassed his magical power.

Marianne-sama did not possess any magical power thus her chances to inherit the throne was minimal.

Oh well, in the first place, I did not even want to be a queen.

E- You asked me why all of this was decided by the amount of magic one’s possessed?

This country moved with the help of the magical energy.

I can’t possibly kept casting every single spell throughout my life.

Even when you want to have a drink, you need to mutter a spell.

It was rather troublesome.

That’s why by using the magic square, I can borrow the magical power for my own use.

Thus, even the commoner who did not possess any magical power able to use the spell daily.

And to compensate the use of magical power, the person who provided the magical power became the Royalty.

The Royal Family have an abundant of magical power and thus have the obligation to share their surplus power with the citizen.

Though sometimes there were people from within the royal family who said that [I want to use it only for myself].

However, their power was only comparable to an ant.

There was a big tank in the royal palace and the magical power was stored there.

There even rumors that during the current King’s enthronement ceremony, he was capable in supplementing the lives of all citizens by himself.

There were also differences between the magical power possessed by the King and the aristocrats.

For example, that Prince…





[High School – one day]

Luka had turned weird.

Agitatedly,  and every day seemed fun to him.

“It doesn’t seems so.”

Didion turned the dagger around.

“There seems to be something amusing happening right now.”

Was the current situation amusing to him?

“You are Leticia-san? You were engaged to Daniel, right?”

Crimson-red lips.

Gorgeous blonde hair.

Marianne who was over-bored,

Slowly, approaching me.

While smiling.

“What kind of trick did you use? It was me who was supposed to get married to Daniel.”

Gichigichi, my hand was strongly grasped by her.

“I did not even wish for that.” I replied to her.

A long claw hit my hand.

“I, the Royal Family member? Do you think that I will lose to you?”

Su~ I slowly breathe in.

“Kya! Someone, this person was being violent to me!”

I am done.

Marianne used the wind magic against herself.

Her clothes were faintly torn.

The sound of footsteps could be heard approaching.



Late! Prince, you are too late.

The Prince’s younger cousin who fell and kept sobbing.

A dumbfounded me.

Luka who was my step-brother.

This situation was like what one might have expected.

“Sister, what have you done to Marianne-sama?”

Luke, who defending another woman.

“I had done nothing to her.”

You would not believe that woman, right?

“Luka, bring Marianne to the medical office.”

The Prince had arrived.

“Was my fiancée this type of woman?”

His eyes was scorning me.


….A- Prince, I did not use any kind of magic.

No, I am sorry, I had made some kind of a mistake.

This was actually Marianne-sama magical power.

To tell you the truth, I had never seen much when the Prince used any kind of magic.

Because, the Prince was in class A.

What’s more, I totally did not have any remembrance on whatever had happened just now with Marianne-sama.

There was also no claim about her magic power. Everyone, this was Marianne-sama we talked about (T/N: It was mentioned previously that she did not have any magical power.)

Don’t you think that she might have been brought up a little bit thoughtlessly?

Speaking of which, her mother was also a bit overprotective of her.

It seems like you have heard a similar kind of story before, or maybe not.

…. Have you been listening to me?


It was my intention to inform you that my brother has been doing quite well.

It was quite sad actually.

For taking care of his meal to taking care of his bath.

For a kid that I had brought up since he was small, initially I was thinking [Was he in his rebellious period?]

At that time, I was reflecting.

After he turned 10 years old, he no longer wanted to sleep with me.

…Right now I was relishing the feeling of that moment.

His hobbies and preferences were still the same, however, nothing could be change about his preferences in women.

A~ by the way, Luka, me, the Prince and Marianne-sama went to the same school.

Since the King was chosen through the amount of their magical power, all Royalty and aristocrats attended this magical school.

So everyone magical power will be measured and later classified.

Since magical power doesn’t change from birth, therefore, the class will remain the same.

Sometime they were people who are able to skilfully use their own magic.

And because the upper limit was already decided, some had sent their children to the magical lab.

I, on the other hand, have just enough power to enter the B-group.

And since I barely managed to slide into this class, it was quite difficult for me to keep up with the lesson.

Whether it was because of my dexterity or maybe because I was taught by Didion, I think that I was still quite skilful.

It’s just that, I only possessed tiny bit of magical power.

Supposed you are using the water magic.

I can only move and squeezed a little bit of water out.

If it was the Prince, it seemed that he can even summon a small river (the talk from Class A)

And based on my understanding, Marianne-sama’s magic just now able to move my hair up which proven her plentiful amount of magical power.

Ji ~yobojobo.

Ma~ the King himself apparently able to call the rain of something.

Because it can be used for something like that, it reflects the real power of our country

Ma~ it will be troublesome if such skilful person moved to another country

And it seemed that there were also other reason pertaining to that.

Eh~ continuation on the story from the high school section?

It was not a very fun story though…..

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