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Konyaku haki? Yoroshī. Naraba, fukushūda! Chapter 2

Yahallo!! I’m going to post a batch of chapters. Anyway, I will not be able to update anything until 31st of January since I’m going back home and only have mobile data for surfing propose (Totally not conducive enough to update anything else.)

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Chapter 2 (Leticia POV)





[Present Day]

“Leticia, I want to annul my engagement to you.” Prince Daniel proudly made his vow.

“And I will elevate Marianne as my new fiancé!”



The two of them were holding each other hand.

A-, hai, hai.

I guess it was about time?

The prince was holding a party.

Of course I had to attend it.

Because I was his fiancée.

Usually a fiancée will escorts his partner directly from her home. However he had never done such thing for me.

Well, ma~ I already gave up on him doing any kind of polite gesture that I decided to come here on my own.

And because I was his partner, I was supposed to stand next to him.

Ma~ although their face was similar, both of them were absolutely different people.

The real prince and my imaginary prince.

Well, only their hair was similar as that Prince also had the same blond hair.

My hair, on the other hand, was silver, which sometime stressed me out as I appeared like someone with greying hair…

Thus Prince and I, who was his partner need to walk side by side throughout any formal events.

Well, if possible, I did not want to walk together with him at all.

However, since I was his fiancée, it can’t be helped that the two of us had to move together.

It was not easy, things like greeting others.

Anyway, that Prince were usually surrounded by certain kinds of people, therefore it was easy for me to spot him. It was either with the son of the Prime Minister or the son of the Head of Knight. It was his usual entourage from the school.

My dress waved as I make my way to the Prince.

However, before I could reach him, the Prince escaped from his surrounding people and made his way to the stage.

With Marianne-sama.

E? Who was this Marianne? A- Then please head over here.





[High School – Spring]

“Are you Leticia?”

This is the first time I talked to him at school.

Is this a coincidence? His face is?

“Why are you not attending the party?”

“I am not interested in it.”

I haven’t yet made my proper debut in the high society.

Many of the aristocrats’ daughters welcomed their debut early, however, traditionally one will have their debut at the age of 16.

The Prince had been told that Leticia was one of the candidates for the fiancée’s position.

Particularly, his father, the King and his uncle had presumed it to be Leticia.

“Let’s decide it soon. You can go and see it with your own eyes.” That was what he had been told.

However, only Leticia did not attend the party.

She looked like an unremarkable woman.

The magical power was also average.

His writing alone was superior compared to her.

“Isn’t it good? She seemed earnest.”

A~ ma, you think so?”

Gathered around the Prince were the son of the Prime Minister and the son of the Head’s Knight.


“A- Marianne?”

The Prince’s cousin, Marianne.

“Do you know Leticia? The lady of the Duke’s household.”

“Leticia…? I did not recognize that name. Who is it?”

“It seems to be Prince Daniel’s fiancée.”

“Hey, it is still undecided.”

This was truly a rousing conversation.

He attracted the attention of the people in the school.

And thus the engagement had been decided.


— Or this engagement might actually a long time ago agreement between our parents.

Because the prince was the type of person who doesn’t like to listen to other people’s opinion much, thus he might have forgotten about it.

“Hmm, are you Leticia? I hate that plain part of you. But since father had been so adamant about it, I will offer this engagement to you.”

The feeling of being spun around in circles.

That’s the first time for me to see such expression; that it felt a little funny.

E? Is my feeling, hurting? What was that?

Immediately afterward, with the arrangement with Prince Daniel, I finally became his fiancée.

Even when I attended a party, I needed to greet a lot of people that I felt like the world was spinning around me…

It truly cannot be helped because once you became the fiancée of a prince, it was necessary for you to greet lots of people. The King was also here, and to greet that many people… As expected, after greeting a lot of people I feel my name had undergone the Gestalt collapse.

I never thought that it can cause such things.


Author note: Gestalt collapse: A phenomenon in which the complex character is broken down into component and lost its meaning.

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