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Konyaku haki? Yoroshī. Naraba, fukushūda! Chapter 1

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Author: Unagi

(Leticia POV)

Well, my engagement had been annulled.

So what about it?

Mou, I am sick of this.

Just how much longer do I have to go?

Do you think it was enough just by doing your best?





[Me: Six years old; Luka: Four years old]

“O, Onee-chan…. can we sleep together?”

“Sure, come here.”

This was my brother, Luka.

He laughed as he slipped into my futon.


“Yo, princess. I am Didion.”

Suddenly he appeared in front of me.

“I don’t understand.”

I said as I moved my head.

“Who are you, uncle?”

His eyes were wide opened as his shoulder dropped.

“Un-…. Well of course, to brats, I looked like their uncle……..”

I was shocked as he patted my head.

“Chibi yo, listen here. You need to learn how to defend yourself.”

Looking at his serious face made me speechless.

“A~ma, from now on at least.”

As he grabbed my head, he threw something at me.

“Here, wear this.”

A choker-type necklace.

I nodded at him as he continued to mess with my head.

From then on, I was always shadowed by this unknown person.


…Well, if you think about it carefully now, he was really a dangerous uncle.

What’s more, to gift a necklace to someone who was only 6 years old?

I am from the Duke’s house, though.

For him to easily trespass into the house. Are you working as an escort for our house?

Father was currently working; whereas Mother had already passed away since long time ago.

A~ I might die as I remember about that.

My brother in other hand, well, he was an enigmatic person to me.

My father had told me previously that [He is your younger brother.]

As he appeared after my mother’s death, I guess he was my step-brother.

That was the only thing that I know about him.

He doesn’t resemble me much, so he might be one of our distant relatives.

Or, he might be a child that my father made somewhere else.

A~ it was still peaceful at the current moment.

There was still no Prince with the capital of “P”

Even without that person, I still grew up well. This story was about me.

A~ and Didion, also.

This was the story of the long, long relationship that I had with Didion.






“Leticia-san, how about having a cup of tea together?”

“I am so sorry… I can’t go with all of you.”

Since before, there was always someone shadowing my movement.

The truth was, I really want to go out and play…

However, since I had an escort waiting for me, I had no choice but to return home immediately.

It will be quite risky for me to go out with others since I did not know the identity of my stalker.

“Oh, already back? Why are you not wearing it? Have you gained some weight already?”


Didion was relaxing in the room.

Escort, were you doing your job properly?

You were violating my personal space, Didion.

“Mo~ I don’t want this anymore! It is too tough.”

I threw away my school bag.

Being monitored by the stalker as well as having an escort, I could no longer go out and play like before.

Even classes were getting above of my head.

“This choker was also heavy…. Can’t I just get rid of it?”

“Stop it, that choker was used to monitor you.”

The suspicious person, Didion, was getting irritated.

However the one who always filled my solitude was Didion.

“Okay, then, I am going to study.”

I said as I grinned.

….I felt happy.

Didion was a Spartan during his lesson, teaching all those stuff that were unnecessary for a Duke’s daughter to know and kept reminding me that:

“Remember this, so that you will not lose it.”

Ma, I truly did not have any spare time because of it.


…………I had always distrusted my escort. It was terrible of me, right?

No, but all these escorts belong to my dad weren’t they?

Well, it was obvious that all the servants here were hired by father.

Because they were escorting me due to the instruction of my father, they had also been restraining themselves from having any kind of communication with me.

Those escorts were almost like a watcher.

It seems that the stalker (interim) was not aware that I had already known of his existence beforehand.

I had been followed by the stalker (interim) since I was 5 or 6, therefore I had somewhat gotten used to it, I guess.

But what I truly haven’t gotten used to was learning from Didion.

To be able to learn magic, honestly, I really appreciate it. Didion had quite a good amount of magical power, and he taught me that even if I had only a little bit of it, it can still be covered if I able to train my dexterity.

However, the other things that he taught me were terrible. It was all those strange stuff which I had never learned at school.

Was Didion a scholar or something?

A~ a scholar is someone who inventing something. There were various types of scholar and in a nutshell, they were persons who were developing new art, music, and culture.

A new party or something.

Like doing a collaboration between artists and craftsman as they tried to create a new kind of dress or something like that.

It is an independent entities, and it seemed that the royal families need to pay lots of money to use their services.

A~ why were we recalling the old story from my elementary years?

No, but don’t you just hate remembering the story that happened a long, long time ago?

Alas, such matter, just happened recently.


Alright, this is another series. It is quite interesting however, I asked for your understanding that the author kept jumping here and there during the first few chapters (especially during Leticia POV, maybe to reflect the way woman thought about things? Because our mind is one networking system you know..ha..ha..).. and my translation also might go haywire due to it, but I will do my best!!

This is an MTL so, the direction might be skewed a little bit, but I will try my hardest to stick to the original form. Just want to inform you that some sentences need to be buff up so that it makes sense in English.

I am not sure about the pace, probably 1 chapter per week? And for any week that I miss, (later half of January and middle of February), I will provide multiple chapters (correspondence with the missing weeks?) before or after my hols. Well, ganbaru-ze!!

Correction on the grammar is highly appreciated.

There is a term of 学術師 (Gakujutsu-shi) that I did not know how to translate which indicated, science/ scholarship/academy: so as of now, I will stick with scholar. Any suggestion is appreciated

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