April 25, 2024

Konyaku haki? Yoroshī. Naraba, fukushūda! Chapter 6

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Author: Unagi


(The King POV)

My son had committed a grave mistake.
When my son told me that he was going to host his own party, my wife and I was so pleased, thinking that [A~ he already grown up now.] He was going to get married and preparing himself to be the next King. However, that kind of thought was actually a big mistake…

No matter how many times my son had been behaving badly for not picking up his own fiancée, Lady Leticia; I believed that Lady Leticia was the one who will stay by his side, supporting him in becoming the next King. This is how it should be…

When I saw him brought Marianne to the party instead, I had doubted my own eyes. Although Marianne was my niece, however, her magical power was too low. For that reason, she had been hidden since childhood.

When she was born, I went to see them to give my blessing. I thought that she was a lovely girl who inherited the beautiful blonde hair and the magical power from my parent… No, now it was good for that Marianne to have less magical power instead….

Anyway, didn’t that Marchioness being over protective of her?

Until now, she had hardly showed her up in the high society.

Even I hardly saw her since my brother had gone for that four-year long expedition.
Certainly my wife justified it by saying that I was unable to see the growth of that girl because her own father also unable to do the same. Woman was such a creature indeed.

Then, my brother finally returned from the expedition and Marianne had reached the age of six years old; and that was the time when I had met her again. After that, she hardly went out to meet others and unexpectedly, I saw her making her appearance on that stage that day.

No, that was not important now.

My shoulder was shaking.

I had been struggling previously while trying to propose the engagement between Daniel and Lady Leticia. Though unexpectedly, her father had immediately agreed to it.

[If you are okay with that, then please] was what he said.

However, the opposition from the other side was strong. But in the end, we finally able to surmount it.

Truly, something good will happened if you venture into it gently.

However, it was also clear that Lady Leticia herself, was not interested with my own son.

However, in the end, we managed to close the deal after much persuading by Lady Leticia’s father.

And when he annulled the engagement, truthfully, I nearly lose my own consciousness.


The next day, my aids came to see me.

“My King! This is bad! This letter is from the Judicial Bureau!”

Judicial Bureau. It was the agency that governed the law of this country.

It was an institution that was completely independent from the Royal Family.

Even Royalty cannot escape from being judged. Such a thing, even young child knew about it.


It was as expected…

“Well, who are they?”

My son asked me as soon as the court examination ended.

No way, was this some kind of a joke?

Even so, my son was seriously leaning his head towards me waiting for my answer. I was shocked… What had he actually been doing in that academy?

The annulment of the engagement meant a violation towards a contract.

The education of the Queen which had been imposed on Lady Leticia since long time ago had left me with a bitter feeling.

It was actually a huge loss.

With the consideration that Lady Leticia had been engaged and abandoned afterward, it will be very difficult for her to get married in the future and the total of compensation that we need to give her will amount to 500 million Pera. My accountant’s face had gradually turned pale as he calculated the expenses.

My son was a Royal Family’s member. Our wealth basically belonged to the country. In other words, that 500 million Pera will be paid by the country.

…. I as the King cannot afford to pay 500 million Pera…

This country will be reduced financially in a long run.



My wife showed me her uneasy expression.

“This had become a serious matter…”

“This is from the Duke of Diogenes…”

My younger brother had sent his written protest.

My younger brother always came to my aids whenever we faced difficult situations.

Now that he mentioned it, such things….

“The petition for giving testimonials for honor defamation…”

I wonder if I can become the witness of my son’s defamation towards Lady Leticia.

I can certainly say that he had been regretting on his decision to abandon Lady Leticia.

“A~, dear, do you think that Daniel is going to be fine? We could pay the money over several years. I could also sell my jewelries..!”

My wife intended to sell all her expensive items for the sake of Daniel. But if you investigated its origin, it is still the money belonging to this country…… But I still should be able to compensate for it. No matter how many years it will takes, I should be able to pay it off eventually.

However, the problem was not that…..

I held my head in my palm.



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