May 25, 2024

Konyaku haki? Yoroshī. Naraba, fukushūda! Chapter 7


Author: Unagi


[Prime Minister: General Affair Office.]

“Excellency! This is bad!”

Since morning, the office had been so busy with the commotion.

“The mathematician scholar stopped their contract with us.”

“No, we cannot do our work without them.”

“Is there anyone who can operate the magical power’s machine?”

“We did not have any permission to use the machine.”

What the heck is happening right now…?


I was confused.

The mathematician scholar was supposed to be the person responsible in handling the political affairs.

They were able to use their magical skills to operate the special tools call a magical computing machine.

Ma~ their skills were complicated, and there were only a few available at my disposal. Furthermore, a special cryptography was needed or it was impossible for it to be operated.

…. There were times when I sneak off to the parliamentarian building to observe the operation of the machine. However, hardly anyone able to remember nor comprehend it.

At the end, the only one who was able to use it were those scholars alone.

This magical machine which was built 10 years ago was too complicated for many to master. This machine was brought by those scholar to be used by them as per the contract term…

Then, how had it come to this….

What do they mean that there were differences within the contract clause….
I could not hear the usual crackling sound.

I could not help but feel uneasy about this situation.

My shoulder dropped at this thought.

(Prince Daniel’s POV)

Bata Bata Bata

“Pri-, Prince Daniel! This is bad!”

My father subordinate busted into the imperial villa


Marianne quickly wore her dress while I adorned my robe.

“Coming in without knocking….!”

I felt my anger rushed from the thought of Marianne’s body had been exposed to the eyes of another man.

I had only seen it by myself, that soft skin…! You, bastard…!


“Prince, it is not much! The engagement announcement’s party…!”

The engagement announcement’s party.

It was to announce to everyone that I am going to be engaged to Marianne. As soon as we planned to get married, Marianne had told me, [I want to have the engagement party as well as the wedding reception!]

Therefore, I have decided to hold the engagement announcement’s party.

I would like to get engaged to Marianne as soon as I abandoned my previous one, and currently we were already at the final stage.

“Well, did the number of guest increased?”

“It- It is not that! We did not have any permission to use the royal instrument! There were some circumstances with the Master Musician…”

“What!? Do you mean to say that the Musician Master had some other important things to do other than the royal celebration of my engagement party!?”

“No, it was not really like that…”

“What is it then? Enough. Call Julius here!”


The Musician Master could not come?! Then, we could not hold the engagement party!

For them to receive the job from the Royal Family and yet do not want to attend it during this important event… Are you implying that you were okay if your job were to disappear after this, huh!?

For now, Julius. He was the son of the Prime Minister, and he should know why this matter occurred right now.

Raising the wage to avoid them from revolting?

What an absurd idea. They should instead learn how to be obedient and courteous to others.


“Daniel? What do you mean…?”

Marianne looked uneasy.

I put my hand on Marianne’s shoulder.

“It seems that the musician was being rebellious.”

“Musician? Can’t we call another group?”

“No, that piece of a popular song can only be played by the Master Musician. It will be a problem if the Royalty from other countries to come and make fun of us due to it. I only have a keyboard with me, so…”

The “Spring Flower” song was a popular tune these past few years and there were only few of Master Musicians capable of playing and singing it. Even though I possessed a keyboard, I was unable to fully comprehend the mechanics behind it. There was no magic square that could be seen, and we could not check the interior unless we were going to disassemble that machine into pieces.

“For them to not obey the order of the Prince….”

Marianne felt angry for me.

I can’t help but listened to her affectionate wish.

Should I punish that Master Musician….?


Prince Daniel still did not know…

Who was really the one who will get punish at the end…?

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T/N: Oh well, here another chapter. Anyway I posted this because I would like to clarify some matter (Isn’t that great?! Extra chapter for an announcement!!)

1)  I know some people are impatient and kept asking when this or that events are going to happen or when this or that people are going to be revealed~.. I hope everyone will be patient as we slowly unravel the story or you can always wait for a month or two for this series to be completed (I will try my best, cannot promise though). The first 10 chapters are mostly telling the reader about the world and the characters. Shocking revelation will follow in next 10 chapters. So fighting!

2) Yes, each chapters are short, average in 1000-ish. But I am not a native speaker and thus having limited grasp of Japanese, so I can not really translate as fast as I like. One reason why I choose this story is due to the number of words. I might vomit blood if it is as long as any other series (I salute other translators who capable producing weekly or even daily release.) What’s more, the internet/drama/anime always distract me for good…

3) I know that my grammar is at most average, and some suggested that I should find an editor. Anyway, any volunteer?! If so, please dropped your email at [email protected]. I will try to contact you ASAP. Currently, I tried to edit some of the past releases using the Ginger software but oh well….

4) Though I rarely respond to the comments, I do read all of it and took notes on things that need to be improved. Thank you for your kind words.

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