May 26, 2024

Konyaku haki? Yoroshī. Naraba, fukushūda! Chapter 8


Author: Unagi

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(Duke of Hydra Rose POV)

An apology sent by the King arrived in front of me.

Instead of reading it, I tore it apart.

“Is that okay….?”


My subordinate looked at that torn letter worriedly.

Anyway, it was an apology statement for that Leticia.

Since before, she had been an annoying child.

Even though she was born with a set of parents with high magical power; at the end, she only possessed a little of it. I wonder if the amount of my magical power was suspected to be fake due to her…

Even though Prince Daniel initially thought that Leticia will be okay as his fiancé, however, in the end, for sure Marianne was better suited for him!!

Really… With that sort of foolish step-sister, Luke had been so pitiful. Luke was an excellent child; he even caught the eyes of the Prince. If he managed to keep his relationship with the Prince as it is, it will help the position of the Hydorosa’s House to rise again… Like how I had previously done….

But that Leticia! She kept hindering Marianne for a long time. She had always been a dreadful kid since she was young. I felt chilled every time I think that I let that evil child living in my own residence.

I knitted my eyebrow.

“How did this matter related to Judicial Bureau, Duke of Hydorosa?”

“Those things did not relate to you at all… How about the permission for the next government’s expenses?”

“The document still stuck with the Finance….”

“Still at the Finance? Quickly asked those Finance’s Mathematician scholar to calculate it.”

Was the thing with the Judicial Bureau really a rumor? They really startled me with their appearance. It was a surprise that the Judicial Bureau will come for something like this… But the Prince had expressly stated his opinion on that matter. As Marianne’s partner, he had proven himself to others…

What’s wrong for a King to annul his own engagement?

Originally, this engagement was decided between the current King and me, who was Leticia’s parent. If I responded to the annulment, then it will end without any fuss.

I totally could not understand how those people should be involved in this kind of thing….

Luckily, it was already over with that feared Judicial Bureau.

No matter what Leticia told them, it will no longer be any problem.

What the Prince had said previously, is the truth.

Marianne should be the one who standing next to the prince.

I unexpectedly still remembered their expression that day.

Anyway, what had those people in the Finance Department been doing all day…..?

The usual quick Finance Department had been slow today. Totally outrageous.

We had paid those scholars to do their work!

Even so, it will be busy when Prince Daniel holds that engagement announcement’s party later on…

Marianne and Prince Daniel are going to be engaged to each other. We must show off on this special occasion. I had been non-committal during the time of Leticia, but, this time I cannot do that….

Because this will also deem as my ceremonial scene.



“For the Prince’s engagement party, call the number one Master Craftsman to make our new clothes.”

“I understand.”

I placed Luka under me so that he can study this position well. I wanted to pass my position to Luka. Luka can totally do it. I myself have proven that I can do it… I have become the Duke, despite everything else….

Duke of Hydorosa was still absorbed in his thought of the upcoming engagement party.

It was still unknown whether the future is going to go the way he had expected it to be or not.

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