May 26, 2024

Konyaku haki? Yoroshī. Naraba, fukushūda! Chapter 9


Author: Unagi

T/N: You can check out the relation chart that I made according to the latest chapter.


(Marianne POV)

“Ma, Marianne-sama…! Congratulation on your engagement.”

“Ara, thank you very much.”

Flower bouquet? What’s more, what is this? This plain white flower?”

I haven’t seen anything as bad as this bouquet before; I do not even want to give someone else something like this…

Ma~ that lady just now, who is she anyway?

When I become the Queen, I should remember not to associate myself with that kind of person.

“Marianne-sama, I will be having a tea party at my house next time, so….”

Fuffuffu, everyone wants me to come to their party.

Did you know? Until now, you all had always longed to rope in that Leticia.

For such plain child to be accepted by everyone… But, right now I am in ecstasy.

I thought someone would come and bullied me for the sake of that girl because of the rumors, but right now my life was totally fun.

Honestly, it would be more fun if Leticia were to attend the school today.

Mo~ I don’t even have any time to spare for that Leticia anymore.

So please move aside now.





His face which instantly lighten up when he saw me totally deserved a perfect score… However, this kind of expression only suitable for dog, you know?

If only he is a little taller with a flashy face, he will look as wonderful as that Master Musician. Ma~ some parts of Luka-kun’s father were also good. His hair was really beautiful, but it seemed that Luka-kun did not resemble him much at this point.

“We need to have some discussion with you, Marianne-sama…”

“What’s wrong? Tell me about it.”

“The truth is, I could not get hold of that number 1 Master Craftsman. I have been told by my father to find him…”

The most popular craftsman? I have decided to monopolize all of it for myself.

Hydorosa house? Did Leticia ask the Master Craftsman to make a new dress for herself?

I definitely do not want that.

“I’m sorry. I was thinking of asking that person to make my dress…”

Here, I will give you a shot of my sorrowful face.

A~ I can see Julius from here!

“Luka, please come and join us at our engagement party.”

I will also extend my invitation to Leticia, though, I am not sure if she is going to attend or not.

To be able to look at her face during the engagement party will be a treat to myself!

As I was skipping around, I ran into Julius.


“A- Marianne. Do not run in the hallway.”

Julius is a gentleman…

I do not care about the condition of my body though…

But, for sure, he was sincerely worried about me  and not just because I am the fiancée of the Prince …

“Julius, why don’t we hang around and have a cup of tea today?

Fuffuffu, he was Daniel’s friend. So it will not be weird for me to invite Julius alone, right?

“Marianne, I am sorry, but currently I am busy with my work.”

“Is that so…?”

Speaking of which, I happened to notice that people around me had started to flutter around with their work recently. Julius had started working a while ago. Luka had also started working under his father.

It seemed that our Royal Family could also be at ease.

I do not have to worry about the future anymore. I do not even need to do anything. Daniel is going to be the next King, and I will be the Queen.


Seeing Marianne’s face, Julius could not help but analyzed the person in front of him as he calmly thought [Marianne is not qualified to be the next Queen].

Marianne was enjoying her life more than anything as she flutters around in happiness.

…..Without knowing that it would not last long……

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T/N I am totally fired up after watching Yuri on Ice yesterday.. Mou.. I am really in conflict while  watching this anime because it was such a tease.. (΄◞ิ౪◟ิ‵) but Yuri’s expression when he was on Ice is so smexy ԅ(♡﹃♡ԅ)!! I could not help but screamed on my pillow!! Damn it!! Now I am like those old leecher… I am a healthy young woman damn it!!!

T/N  I am also fired up listening to Kanon69 – First Lady.. hopefully I will manage to stockpile enough chapters to give you mass releases on next Monday since I will be on hiatus until the end of February.

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