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Konyaku haki? Yoroshī. Naraba, fukushūda! Chapter 10

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Author: Unagi

Editor: Aki


(Julius POV)

“Julius-sama. Prince Daniel wishes to see you immediately…”

“It is not a big deal. Just reply to him the usual thing as you head out.”

Julius had repeatedly refused the request from Prince Daniel to meet.
This was the Science department.

Although it had been decided that I would become the Prime Minister the moment I was born, I could not help but admire the scholars and somehow managed to work at the terminal. Despite being able to come here and work, I actually did not possess any talent as a scholar; therefore, I was unable to really comprehend the machinery. However, despite my shortcomings, I somehow managed to learn the arithmetic units.

I was quite surprised that my father opposed my decision to work not only as a Prime Minister but also as a scholar.

Due to that, I had kept the fact that I am currently working as a scholar a secret from my father.

He was probably worried that I will begin to neglect my duty as the future Prime Minister if I were to put my focus here.

“Julius-sama, I thought you were on the good terms with Prince Daniel.”

A scholar talked to me as he continued to work on his research.

The speed of his hand did not falter.

I grew up being told that I was a genius, thus I can not help but feel so ashamed right now.

“Yeah, we get along well at school.”

For me, who had been chosen as the next Prime Minister, and Daniel, who is  going to be coronated as the next king; this period should be my ultimate chance of establishing a good relationship between the two of us. Nonetheless, since our relationship had already been established with the sense of reliance and trust, there was no need for us to keep revolving around each other.

“It seems that Prince Daniel has sent letters of protest to the scholar. The most popular scholar? Hmm, I would like to tell him that it was actually you!”

“Oi, oi, if you say too much, I am going to drag you along.”

Hahaha, the laughter echoed.

Julius really likes this space.

He didn’t need to keep observing Prince Daniel’s expression as they conversed. This was the place where he could be himself and say whatever that came to his mind.

Until now, I had been recognized as the follower of Prince Daniel rather than by my own ability.

Before I knew it, I had grown  accustomed to that feeling of being an easy-going person.

When Julius remembered about his past self, he could not help but feel embarrassed by it.

“I have finished!”

“Since I was in the administrative office, I feel more comfortable being in here.”

“Take advantage of it, Julius!”

After I finished my work, finally, I got the time for Prince Daniel.

As per usual, after finishing my work, I always went out drinking to deepen my friendship with my colleagues.

However, for the sake of making time for Prince Daniel, there was actually almost no time left for me to be alone.


“Daniel? Can I enter the room?”

I had anticipated that he must be with Marianne at the moment, so I loudly knocked on his door.

“Julius! I have been waiting for you.”

“Da-Daniel, What is wrong with you?”

Prince Daniel came running, looking like a mess.

“Wa, Julius, it has been a while.”

“Marianne, it has been a long time too.”

“The Master Musician said that he will not be able to be present at my engagement party. Do you know anything about it?”

“That’s right, my father had also told me that the Mathematician’s operator had terminated their contract.”

“Mathematician’s operator? What is going on right now?”

Marianne inflated her cheek.

I wonder if I am feeling depressed lately…

Since there was a possibility for her to be the next queen, would it not be better if she stops acting like an idiot?

“Ne~ what are we going to do? Did you already receive the invitation?”

“That’s right, it is almost time for the engagement party.”

I kept a troubled expression on my face.

Even though I knew the internal structure of the scholars and experts, I have made a promise to them that I will never tell it to anyone else.

I’m still not under the command of Prince Daniel.

I can still do whatever I like.

All the Mathematician’s operators were nice.

Prince Daniel will never have any interest in them anyway. He has not been educated sufficiently enough. Maybe, there is a possibility that it is not necessary for him to…

No, right now the Master Musician is important to Prince Daniel, so I tried to give him a hint for a way out of his predicament.

“Do you think that you can ask them to change their personnel?”

“Ask? Me?”


Even Julius keeps saying stupid things…. I thought that the man beside me was a smart guy, but it seems that I have been mistaken about it.

I could see it on Daniel’s face as he reprimanded me in silence.

Even though I might lose to him in terms of magical power, but I never lose to him when we talked about our own intelligence.

What kind of conversation did Daniel and Marianne share in reality?

“Worse come to worse, just forcibly bring him here.” Marianne interjected.

“What you said is right! Let’s do that.”

It seemed that we have reached to that kind of conclusion.

Why did it turn out like this…?

I had no choice but to hold my head in the palm of my hand.

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T/N : Yahallo~ Finally this story has an editor. I will work with Kyo Sohma to edit previous chapters as well and hopefully it will flow better after this… Thanks for coming on-board on this ship, Kyo Sohma  Aki (Man, I feel so awkward since this is my first time dealing with this sort of thing) Tonikaku, Yoroshiku Onegaishimase.

Opps, I change KyoSohma to Aki.. he..he.. sorry~ Anyway Welcome on board Aki.

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