May 25, 2024

Konyaku haki? Yoroshī. Naraba, fukushūda! Chapter 11



Author: Unagi

Editor: Aki


(Marianne POV)

“Wait, there is not enough Sake here!”

I instructed the maid to bring additional liquor despite the fact that my body was already emitting a strong smell of alcohol.

“Ma-Marianne-sama please refrain from drinking in the bathtub…”

“You are being noisy here~ how long have you been my maid?”

The maid’s voice came from the side of the bath tub.

“Put it here and go over there quickly!”

The sound of glass bottles clashing with each other echoed in the bathroom…

This maid, really, her mouth was totally loud.

Even though mother has been complaining about the same thing, why was it that we still did not change her with a new one? Once I become the Queen, I am going to make her quit.


“What is it this time?”

“It is about the wedding reception…”

“Wa~ did we already have the dress?”

“About that…”

“Have you been playing around?!”

How come I did not have any craftsman to design my dress? This Marianne?

I refuse to wear any dress aside from the one produced by that No 1 craftsman!

“Marianne? What’s wrong? Why are you being so loud?”

“Mama! Listen!”

If I told Mama about this, then, for sure I can get that dress made. Papa, in other hand, had been wasting away, so he usually hates to tell someone off. Furthermore, mama was also one of those scholar’s specialist. For this craftsman to refuse to make my dress, are you wasting your time somewhere else?

“I wonder if we should cancel this engagement party….”

I might as well cancel the party if I am unable to wear the dress that I want.

Supposing that I am able to wear the clothes from the latest fashion craze… M~ whatever it is, I will still be the most beautiful one, though.

The dress designed by those craftsmen was really a state-of-art. There were quite a few craftsmen who worked on it. Among them was the most sought-after craftsman of this country. Even that keyboard owned by Prince Daniel was designed by him. That’s why he was my first choice.

“You- you can’t”

Mama suddenly raised her voice.


“You must never cancel your engagement party.”

The smile that Mama showed me was different from the usual smile she wore at parties or  in front of my teacher.

I pressed my dishevelled brown hair closer to myself.

“Alright, I understand; I will help you. After all, your engagement no longer concerns only the two of you. It already relates to all of us.”

“It also includes Mama?”

“Of course. I am your Mama, right?”

Hmmm~ that’s how it should be.

However, I, myself understand the real reason why Mama was supporting the engagement between me and Daniel.

Mama was actually coveting for the rewards she will receive from my engagement.

“But Mama and I were not connected through blood, are we?”

“E? Wha- why do you…”

Mama looked at me in surprised.

Even in school, these kinds of rumors can be easily be heard.

As soon as I was born, my real mother died. Therefore, my father had taken a second wife.

Furthermore, it seemed that this stepmother of mine has been working as the maid for my maternal grandmother. Therefore, it was not weird that Mama did not possess any kind of magical power…. Nevertheless, I am almost convinced that Mama might be a commoner or even a destitute noble.

Fuffuffu, what an interesting story, isn’t it?

“Please be grateful, Mama. It was because Papa and I looked so pitiful by ourselves that Mama was taken in as the second wife.”

“A, you. What kind of things did you sprout out about your parent…!”

Therefore, wasn’t it your duty to act like any other parent?

Papa had been working hard for my dresses and bags, so it cannot be helped; however, Mama had never conducted any kind of party for me since that one-time tea party.

For you to be called my step-mother, wasn’t it an extravagance?

I am someone who will become the Queen, I don’t need to follow instructions from my self-important Mama.

I like this blond hair, and I also love Mama’s fashion sense; however, I want to be freer than this. Since long ago, I have been prohibited to attend most parties and tea parties, so I felt quite dissatisfied with Mama…

I also have been objected from spending time with Daniel in the Imperial villa.

“Come home once every three days!” I have been told.

But then, how hard was it to take it this long?

I had planned to spend my time with Daniel until the day for our engagement party; after all, I am his fiancée.

It will be much better if I do not ask for Mama’s opinion.

I will become the Queen, as you have been fervently wishing for, so do not interfere  with my business any further, will you?

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T/N: Whoops~ Shocking revelation? Changes will be made on the relationship chart soon~

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  1. So it seems like this step mother is jist trying to protect this spoilt rotten little bitch, but little bitch is way too ignorant to the point that even bugs looks superior than her. Hai…. I cannot say anything more… When will our beloved Heroine come back?

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  2. In all honesty, I kinda like this version of her better,

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  3. Thanks for the new chapter! Lol! She’s lighting up time bombs one after another without realizing it. At this rate, even her parents will assist in taking her down.

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