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Konyaku haki? Yoroshī. Naraba, fukushūda! Chapter 12

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Author: Unagi

Edited by: Aki


(Leticia POV)

“Daniel, do you really mean it when you say that you want to get engaged to Marianne?”

The King, who had always appeared dignified, looked like a Panda with his apparent eye bags.

“Yes, I am definitely going to marry Marianne.”

Both of them were holding each other’s hands.


Right now, we were inside the Judiciary’s room.

I had been told that this place was rarely used, so I was surprised when I was summoned to here.

The uniqueness of the people from the Judiciary Bureau were emitted from their aura.

Their calm hearts were obviously reflected in their visages.

The King, the Queen, Marianne’s father, and I looked quietly at the display in front of us.

Only Marianne’s mother and my father smiled broadly at the sweet action displayed by the Prince and Marianne.


Those men from the Judiciary Bureau finally appeared.

“The court is now open”

“Your Majesty, during the party conducted by Daniel D. Voltine, did you say that the Prince had spoken words that insulted Leticia Hydorosa?”

“… Yes. [I cannot marry such a woman] those kinds of horrible words…”

“Horrible? All that I had been saying was the truth.”

Kang! Kang! Kang! The sound of the gavel echoed inside the room.

“Please be quiet, only people who were being asked should answer the question.”

Prince Daniel showed a defiant expression on his face from this.


…No, no, no, was this really okay?

You wanted that person to say those words in front of the affected person all over again?

A~ I cannot see any kind of reflection from his face.

Well then, you should have told me that before our engagement had been decided.

Please return my wasted time!

…. Excuse me, I was pretty disturbed by all of this.

Hmm~ of course I did not really voice it out loud.

That stupid person… No, please don’t lump me together with Prince Daniel.

“Daniel D. Voltine, many witnesses have testified to your remarks, do you still have any kind of objection?”


Prince Daniel kept his silence. They had begun to realize the bad repercussions of that verbal abuse. Even so, his frustration evidently radiated from his body.




After the court adjourned, Prince Daniel was called to the Parliamentary.

The King, who no longer able to watch the way Prince Daniel dealt with things, had  him assigned to a Parliamentary officer, who was an expert and possessed a myriad of knowledge to assist his work.

“Daniel D. Voltine, due to the one-sided engagement annulment without a justifiable reason, our side needs to compensate 500 Million Pera for damage control alone.”

“500 million Pera?  As long as I pay the money, it will be over?”

“Well, yeah, though I guess it will be a little higher if we combined it with the consolation fees…”

“Then, just pay the money. What a hassle.”

The Parliamentary officer looked at him in surprise.

And then,

[Oooi~ don’t say that so easily. Even the mathematical operator is not here… It is still pointless to spend the money for your own sake] was what currently in the mind of that officer as he complained to his subordinate later on.

Of course, as an excellent Parliamentary officer, he did not defy the Prince.


“Excuse me, Prince Daniel.”

From behind Parliamentary officer, Duke Hydorosa appeared.

The Parliamentary officer began to shrink his body as he waited for the confrontation between Duke Hydorosa and Prince Daniel.


“In this case, how about we have some kind of a settlement?”


“A. Whatever you paid Leticia, the money will still be mine, so let’s think of a smarter way to solve it. So, won’t you agree with my proposal?”

“A smarter way?”

“It is not that difficult. I just need to say something here, therefore, let me lend you my hand so that you can settle this issue as soon as possible.”

Daniel immediately agreed with Duke Hydorosa’s offer.


That man never knew why Duke Hydorosa decided for a settlement.

He did not even aware that new problems will emerge soon, one after another.

…In the first place, he also did not even realize that this matter with Leticia would soon get out of their hands…


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