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Konyaku haki? Yoroshī. Naraba, fukushūda! Chapter 13

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Author: Unagi

Edited by: Aki


(King’s POV)

Since my son declared the annulment of his engagement, every single day, some kind of new problem would start to pop up.


First, all the official works were delayed due to the fact that the machine was no longer useable.

Everyone from the Parliamentarian, including me, began to feel frustrated as our work began to pile up.


At the same time, the number of parties has also been decreased lately.

Speaking of parties, they were actually important events that provided venues for aristocrats to exchange information with each other. This brought an effect comparable to the problem due to our inability to use the machine…


Similar to the effect of not being able to use the machine, the damages were huge…

At the same time, we are also unable to obtain cooperation from the scholar. The function of the Royal Palace gradually weakened, and we were driven to this kind of situation…

If this country was attacked by an outside force now, we would definitely be destroyed.


And, today.

The way my son dealt with the trial was so terrible that it had unexpectedly caused shock among the Judiciary members.

Even though it was only one person. I thought that I should leave this matter for a while… But I am truly reflecting on it.

There was a notice that came from that Parliamentary officer just a few minutes ago.

If anything, it seemed that my son and Duke Hydorosa were talking about money transaction…

I started to feel that my headache was getting worse by the minute.

Why do you need to have that kind of conversation in front of the Parliamentary officer…?

My son used to treat people aside from the Royalty as a trash; but this was way too excessive.

Don’t you realize the problem if other people were to be aware of this money laundering scheme?

It really frustrated me  how dangerous things had turned.

I can’t imagine why he acted this way!


I did not know how my son had steered off from the proper course.

This, surely, without a mistake, falls under my responsibility.

For sure, my son was a Royalty, and there was a high possibility that he would become the next King.

But because there was another person in the line for the King’s position, I had neglected the need to educate him as a King.

It was my responsibility. If I were to look at it more closely…

It would have been okay when my son was still young, but this excuse was too much to be used in the current situation…


And there was another one.

A more serious problem than any other.

The one that I could not talk about to anyone else…

It was not the matter of paying the money to Lady Leticia.

It was the issue related to the magical power which was the lifeline of this country.

What will happen if the truth were to be discovered by others…!

I need to persuade my son to take Lady Leticia back as his fiancée.

Thus, I went to meet Marianne to persuade her.

However, she did not pay any attention to whatever I told her.

I really could not hold it up anymore…

Even the Royalty should not decide on the matter of marriage with such light-hearted outlooks…



(Prince Daniel POV)


I am really getting fed up with my father.

In what way is Leticia better than any other?

To have my fiancée changed from Leticia to Marianne, I am truly happy!


I know that father had secretly investigated Marianne’s magical power and was feeling discouraged from it.

Marianne’s magical power was indeed trash.

But why did Marianne need to possess magical power?

My own magical power was enough for all of us.

… I lose to my father. And I admit it.

But was it really necessary?

If worse comes to worse, then we just needed to stop the massive magical power from flowing to the commoner’s town!

It was already shameless that they lived with our magical power. Magical power was hereditary. They should stop parasitizing on us instead!

Substantially, isn’t it better if father saves a large amount of magical power instead, so that I would not be lacking of it during my generation?


In the first place, in term of bloodlines, Marianne was more suited for me.

Father had always told me. [Magical power is important. Marry the person who has magical power.]

I already knew about that.

Both mother and father have high magical power and fulfilled their obligations as Royalty. I also inherited their magical power, as well as blonde hair.

There would be hardly any differences if you were to compare me with Marianne and Leticia.

Still Marianne’s charm was higher.


This was stupid.

I could not comprehend why they did not understand that Marianne was better than any others!


In this way, the ridges between the Prince and the King deepened.


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  1. Thanks for the chapter as always!
    Holy shit,……… I feel so sorry for the king, although it is some of the problems was his fault but never mind that. that stupid son is blinded by love……so much that he had a thought to abandon his own people, then who will support him if not people. such a disgrace for royalty…….daammm

  2. And this is how a kingdom falls to its ruin. This stupid prince would cause a war or rebellion w his lack of forethought & irresponsibility lol.

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