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Konyaku haki? Yoroshī. Naraba, fukushūda! Chapter 14

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Author: Unagi

Edited by: Aki


“Ah, I wanted to see you…!”

“Me too…!”

Inside the garden of roses.

In a secluded place, far from anyone’s eyes.

Two people were hugging each other.

“I am sorry. I failed to make any progress on my task…”

That man caressed that woman’s hair.

“It’s fine. Your work is difficult, right?”

“That’s right. I have to work against the technician’s rebellion…”

That woman’s hand slowly circled that man’s back.

An intimate atmosphere enveloped these two people.

“Marianne’s betrothal reception was also affected by that…”

The tears in that woman’s eyes began to glow.

“What, Marianne’s!?”

“It seems like they could not design her dress satisfactorily… They did not know how to operate those machines.”

The man nodded as he comprehended the problem behind it.

“Is that person the one who was the most popular technician in this country? If so, I really cannot put my hand into it. Though I know that person’s name, I cannot really deprive that person of his right.”

For the sake of the ownership of the item produced by the technician/scholar, permission was required before they could be deprived of his employment.

What’s more, that popular technician was also the one who created that processor and computing machine years ago.

“Besides that, about Marianne…”


“… What? I see, that thing, huh….”

“I gave birth to that girl, right? Nonetheless, she…”

That man hugged that woman closely.

“It is about time for Marianne to know the true story…”

“I realized that already.”

She had done many things previously in order to make Marianne a Royalty. However, since Marianne is going to marry the Prince and become a Royal Family member either way, it was no longer necessary to conceal it.

“I see. In that case, we should reveal to everyone that we are the actual parents of Marianne. If not, we will not be able to reap any rewards from it.”

In usual practice, a Noble’s house connected to the Royal Family through marriage usually raised in their ranking as a form of reward from the Royal Palace.

Both of them had been aiming for this all along. Their life in the future would be guaranteed to sail smoothly after being rewarded directly by the King.


“But, by revealing this, wouldn’t he get angry with you?”

“Duke Diogenes? There is nothing to be concerned off. That man  wouldn’t even care if I had any kind of rendezvous with another man.”

“Another man?”

“A~ I was talking about you. He might have already noticed that I am having a tête-à-tête with you here.”

Seeing the doubtful expression of that man, that woman began to correct her earlier statement hurriedly.

“I see, then it will be easier for you to ask for a divorce from him.”

Upon hearing that word, the woman looked at him with an astonished expression.

It was as if she had never even thought of getting a divorce and then marrying the man in front of her in any corner of her mind. She had never imagined stepping down from being a Royalty herself.

“Di-divorce? But…”

In that woman’s mind, she began to weigh her current life and the life which awaited her with that man in front of her.

Attending parties or tea ceremonies, the privilege and honors that she currently indulged would would not be available to her once she divorced her current husband.

But, in order for her to grasp her happiness as a woman,  it would be better for her to take this man’s hand. Her current husband has never regarded her as anything other than a form of obligation.

If she were to proceed with the plan, she would eventually have to take this man’s hand, following the flow of the events.

However, she could not afford to let go of her fortune as a Royalty.

This was the current conflict circulated inside that woman’s head.

“You do not have to be worried about me. I can still support the expenditure for the three of you. When Marianne marries that Prince, the status of the Hydorosa’s House will also be the same as the Royal Family. A reward will be also given to us. In the end, it is still the same.”

For that man, he could see the uneasiness in that woman’s expression. For the sake of Marianne, he had agreed to let her be raised as a Royalty; however, since the marriage between Marianne and the Prince has been decided, the future of Marianne hasn’t  strayed from the original intended path.

With the explanation from that man, that woman’s face brightened.

“You’re right!”

When that woman realized that her life would not be any much different from before, she decided to take that man’s hand.

To be honest, her face showed some kind of regret in letting go of her position and the mansion that she had gotten from her current husband, but she also thought that this man was definitely better than her husband, who would not look at her no matter how much effort she poured into him.

That woman’s mood slowly got better.

The two of them continued to talk with each other until late in the night in that secret garden.

….Without noticing what kind of result would be produced by their plan.


A/N Hora!! Marianne was the daughter of that person with that person!… Was it… The final answer?


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  1. Thx for the chapter!! I think I know who they are. If I’m right, they should be Duke Hydorosa and Marianne’s supposed “stepmother.”

    I guess the rumors were wrong, and the “stepmother” was the real mother. Not only that, her “stepmother” seems to have possibly been sleeping around based on her slip of the tongue…… Wait, won’t the Duke have to either divorce his current wife or take the “stepmother” as a mistress if they want to be together?

    In fact, damn……. Duke is just setting himself up for a divorce if his wife doesn’t take kindly to what he did. Moreover, lol, he will be sued like hell if he really announces to the world that he had an affair with a Royal’s wife, impregnated her, and made the Royal raise their daughter by deceiving him.

    ……….How the hell is this not Lese’ Majeste, or disrespect to the crown? It really takes two stupid people and their stupid daughter to not think this through. Sigh

  2. Eeeeee!? What a twist! Then don’t tell me that Leticia is actually Duke Diognes Daughter?! Then that spies around her always watching her are employed by Duke Diognes??

    1. Rather than at birth for both… Marianne was actually a year or two younger than Leticia (based on her meeting with the first prince during her childhood).. They were switched as soon as Marianne was birthed by her mother…

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