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Konyaku haki? Yoroshī. Naraba, fukushūda! Chapter 15

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Author: Unagi

Edited by: Aki


(Leticia POV)

It has been a long time, everyone.

My engagement has been annulled, and since then, my life has changed a little bit.

Although it had slipped my mind, it seemed that I had bullied Marianne-sama previously…

And due to that, my reputation plummeted to the bottom.

You are asking me if I felt annoyed from this?

… Although I had easily achieved perfect grades in the academy, I felt like shouting…. I am sorry, I lied. I really had not done anything much.

Now that I thought about it, my father had turned quite gentle since then, he even offered to give me money if I decided not to go to the Academy anymore.

“Oh, Leticia?”

I felt quite awkward to be spoken to.

It was quite scary to face this abrupt change.

“Isn’t it fine? Be a bit gentler.”

“But, my engagement has been annulled. Usually, father w be angry at me, right?”

“That’s true. But things have been quite peaceful as of lately.”

Well, indeed.

Since the annulment of my engagement, my life has been quite peaceful.

There were also no class for Queen’s Education that I needed to attend.

Father has also become kind to me.

Somehow, I have more time to spend affectionately with Luka…

Ma~, since before, Luka has always been a gentle boy.

E? You finally see things in a favorable light?

Wasn’t that nice? To have a cute little stepbrother.

“Regardless of that, the invitation for that party has arrived…”

A joint invitation by Marianne and Prince Daniel was sent to Leticia.

“A~, Are you going to that party?”

“I do not want to go, but father told me to go…”

When I was engaged to Prince Daniel, I needed to attend all the parties as the Prince’s partner.

But, now I am not obliged to attend them anymore – though I don’t know what kind of expectation father has from this.

“Isn’t it absurd to make a new dress? I am no longer the Prince’s fiancée, so there is no need for a new dress…”

“I will ask someone to arrange for an exquisite dress for you.”

“Didion will personally oversee it?”

Was it alright to trust Didion’s fashion sense?

I was honestly worried about it.

“In regard to that most popular technician, there is a little twist about him.”

“For real?”

I do not really know about the identity of that number one most popular technician. But I do know that he was the one who designed those processors and computing machines.

Both machines were difficult to operate.

At the beginning, I cried because I could not handle it.

It was a good memory now, as I remembered Didion’s grievant expression at that time.


“So are you going to that party at the Academy or not? What are you going to do today?”

“Un~ I think I will attend the Academy again soon, but the party, huh?”

I did not have any companions.

I also did not have any friends.

Rather, I felt like sitting on a mat of needles.

I was the person who had her engagement annulled by the Prince;what’s more, that said Prince had engaged himself to Marianne-sama, whom I allegedly had bullied before?

Um~~No freaking way.

It would be good if I could have a peaceful Academy life.

Isn’t it good to be able to do so after I had been strangely treated as the next Queen?

Hmm? Wait a minute.

Marianne-sama and Prince Daniel are going to be engaged soon.

In other words, wouldn’t people begin to forget about my existence?

“Didion, I will return to my school life soon.”


Leticia decided to attend the party to watch everyone’s merrymaking before attending the Academy tomorrow.

…At this moment, Leticia had no idea about the things that were going to happen at the Academy party, later on.

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