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Konyaku haki? Yoroshī. Naraba, fukushūda! Chapter 16

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Author: Unagi

Edited by: Aki


(Luka POV)

That party was hosted by the Academy.

All the royalty who attended the Academy, nobles and parents, had been invited to attend this grand party.

I planned to attend it with my father; however, recently, he seemed to be fidgeting restlessly in happiness… That is why I decided to leave him alone as I boarded the carriage by myself.




She was as beautiful as always.

I will surely succeed the Hydorosa’s family and become the backbone that will support Marianne-sama.

Therefore, it was my intention to offer assistance towards Marianne-sama.

“A~ you are as beautiful as ever.”

“Fuffuffu. Thank you. If I knew it sooner, I would buy that popular dress first, right?”

She winked as she spoke lightheartedly.

Even though she was someone from the Royal Family, she was the kind of person who made it easy for you to talk to her…

Because I knew this, I had decided to become Marianne-sama’s attendant.

“Today, what kind of party is this?”

“Hmm, even I do not know about it. Our engagement party is in another…”

I remembered about the invitation which had arrived at our residence. My sister had neither condemned Prince Daniel nor Marianne-sama; however, it still made me feel sorry for her.

“Um, I wonder if I can attend it…. My sister sort of….”

“That kind of thing doesn’t matter to me, Luka-kun!”

Fuffuffu, she smiled at me.



(Marianne POV)

Fuffuffu, Luka-kun was so simple~

Just smiling a bit at him, I could make his face turn red. It was nice to play with him just a little bit because he was so cute.

Even when I was with Luka-kun, nobody was going to be suspicious about it. N~ even so, many people preferred Julius over Luka, including me…

“Everyone, for gathering today, I would like to express my thank you.”

Ara~ it’s Mama.


Hmmm, she wore a beautiful dress. The money was available to her because I was there, won’t you think so? It was thanks to my real Mama and me that she did not have to live as a poor aristocrat.

“Thank you for your well wishes on the engagement between Prince Daniel and Marianne.”

As mama clapped her hand, applause began to increase from the surrounding people.

“Therefore, there is something that I need to tell all of you.”

Looking at Mama’s smile, I began to feel a chill on my back.

It seemed that something bad was going to happen.

My intuition began to kick in.

“I think that many people realized that Marianne was the daughter between Duke Diogenes and the late Marchioness Diogenes.”

Because there were only the nobles who attended the party, there was not much noise that could be heard from anywhere. It would be ridiculous if people did not make acquaintance with Duke Diogenes’s late Marchioness when she still alive previously. I wondered if I looked like my real Mama.

Perhaps, all the ladies who loved to gossip had begun discussing the rumors they had speculated before.

….. Their voices started to flow into my ears.


Mama breathed in as she searched over for something.

“But, that person over there is not Marianne. That girl is the child that I conceived with Duke Hydorosa.”


What are you talking about? Mama? Who am I and whose child am I?

The ground began to resound with a buzz.

“Why did she mean by that?” “An affair?” “What about the real Marianne-sama?”


“N~ please do not rush me. I will tell you all the story in order.”
Mama saw me as she grinned at me.

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  1. Thx for the chapter. Now, I didn’t see that coming. So, does that mean Leticia is the real Marriage? Now, that would be one hell of a twist.

    Also, Luka…… Lol. That means you feel in love with your half-sister.

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