September 28, 2022

Konyaku haki? Yoroshī. Naraba, fukushūda! Chapter 17



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(Marianne’s Mother)

“Duke Diogenes! Is it true that you are going for an expedition?”

“A. I will not be able to come back for six years.”

“It cannot be… We just got married right!?”

“A. Marianne is still small. That’s why I took you in as my wife.”

With that, Duke Diogenes departed for the expedition.

I, who did not have any acquaintances within the Royal palace began to raise the small Marianne.

I struggled to raise Marianne by myself, but Marianne was a truly selfish and bad child.

I could no longer manage to take care of her… And that was what I had been thinking about at that moment.

At that time, I met Hydorosa. That man truly valued me, and he had brought me out to various places.

And one day, affection began to bear between us.

Suddenly, I found out there was a new life residing inside my stomach.

But, I was still married to Duke Diogenes.

What kind of harsh eyes will look upon this child who was born during the absence of Diogenes?

I was also from the Royal Family. So I could not raise this child.

A~ my pretty child…

“I cannot not let go of this child… I cannot do that.”

“…That’s true… I want you to raise that girl. I will look after Marianne. I will bring her up as my daughter.”


“It’s alright. You two are parent and child. Whether or not that girl’s name becomes Marianne, she is still my daughter.”

With that being said, I patted my newborn baby.

Then, I delivered Marianne and gave the child of my husband with his former wife to Duke Hydorosa while I took the child, whom I had secretly delivered in my hometown, and declared her as Marianne.

There were only a few people who were interested in this pair of parent and children during the absence of Duke Diogenes. There were a few who approached us, but I kept myself confined within the Imperial Villa.

By the time this child came out the next time, no one would be able to notice that the baby had changed a little bit from the beginning.


(Marianne POV)

“So, the child of mine with Duke Hydorosa is the current Marianne. Duke Diogenes’s daughter, Marianne, was raised by Duke Hydorosa as his own child.”

Mama began to shed her tears.

“Duke Diogenes, I am sorry. But I truly love that man…”

“No, that girl and I…”

The Royal Family and the surrounding people were dazed by the sudden revelation.

Prince Daniel, who was beside me looked dumbfounded while his mouth was wide open.

“Good, that’s good. Then, at this place, let’s have a divorce settlement.”

Duke Diogenes spoke quietly as if he already knew that this would be the case.


How many of these people managed to grasp this fact?

This happened so suddenly that many were unable to stomach the information.

Only Duke Hydorosa and Marchioness Diogenes looked happy with the current situation.

…..Unaware that the end of their love is slowly approaching…

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