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Konyaku haki? Yoroshī. Naraba, fukushūda! Chapter 17

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(Marianne’s Mother)

“Duke Diogenes! Is it true that you are going for an expedition?”

“A. I will not be able to come back for six years.”

“It cannot be… We just got married right!?”

“A. Marianne is still small. That’s why I took you in as my wife.”

With that, Duke Diogenes departed for the expedition.

I, who did not have any acquaintances within the Royal palace began to raise the small Marianne.

I struggled to raise Marianne by myself, but Marianne was a truly selfish and bad child.

I could no longer manage to take care of her… And that was what I had been thinking about at that moment.

At that time, I met Hydorosa. That man truly valued me, and he had brought me out to various places.

And one day, affection began to bear between us.

Suddenly, I found out there was a new life residing inside my stomach.

But, I was still married to Duke Diogenes.

What kind of harsh eyes will look upon this child who was born during the absence of Diogenes?

I was also from the Royal Family. So I could not raise this child.

A~ my pretty child…

“I cannot not let go of this child… I cannot do that.”

“…That’s true… I want you to raise that girl. I will look after Marianne. I will bring her up as my daughter.”


“It’s alright. You two are parent and child. Whether or not that girl’s name becomes Marianne, she is still my daughter.”

With that being said, I patted my newborn baby.

Then, I delivered Marianne and gave the child of my husband with his former wife to Duke Hydorosa while I took the child, whom I had secretly delivered in my hometown, and declared her as Marianne.

There were only a few people who were interested in this pair of parent and children during the absence of Duke Diogenes. There were a few who approached us, but I kept myself confined within the Imperial Villa.

By the time this child came out the next time, no one would be able to notice that the baby had changed a little bit from the beginning.


(Marianne POV)

“So, the child of mine with Duke Hydorosa is the current Marianne. Duke Diogenes’s daughter, Marianne, was raised by Duke Hydorosa as his own child.”

Mama began to shed her tears.

“Duke Diogenes, I am sorry. But I truly love that man…”

“No, that girl and I…”

The Royal Family and the surrounding people were dazed by the sudden revelation.

Prince Daniel, who was beside me looked dumbfounded while his mouth was wide open.

“Good, that’s good. Then, at this place, let’s have a divorce settlement.”

Duke Diogenes spoke quietly as if he already knew that this would be the case.


How many of these people managed to grasp this fact?

This happened so suddenly that many were unable to stomach the information.

Only Duke Hydorosa and Marchioness Diogenes looked happy with the current situation.

…..Unaware that the end of their love is slowly approaching…

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T/N: The absurdities of Marianne’s mother~

Aki is currently MIA. so the two unedited chapters will be edited as soon as I come out from my hiatus?! Tabun… Kitto… Masaka?!

Anyway, that’s the end of the mass releases. I will be on a short Hiatus. I will probably post a new chapter at the end of February. Until then, have a nice day everyone.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter. Although I’m not 100% sure I’m following. The Evil Marianne is the second child and the first child is who? Leticia?

  2. No wonder why Duke Hydorosa was so happy that Marianne was engaged to the prince. She was his daugther all along!!

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    1. Marianne and LeticiLeticia aren’t related at all.

      Duke Diogenese and his dead wife had Leticia (who was originally named Marianne).

      Hydorosa and Marianne’s Mother gave birth to Marianne (the current antagonist) in an affair.

      They swapped the children so Marianne would be in a Royal branch family, so Leticia is not actually related to Hydorosa or Marianne’s mother at all.

  4. Wait…so the stepmother found leticia to be difficult to raise because she was a bad and selfish child at the age of what…an infant???

  5. Now is time for the Duke Hydorosa’s family to be killed, after all they kidnapped a member of the royal family and falsified information….
    Ahh, no wonder that man didn’t treat Leticia well…..and what is this “I struggled to raise Marianne by myself, but Marianne was truly selfish and a bad child”? What the hell was she expecting from a newborn child?
    I wonder if the Duke Diogenes was insecure and had the stalker glue to his daughter…. or maybe from the mother’s family? And I wonder if they will perceive that the magical results were exchanged as well…..
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    1. Given that
      Carlos has a name but nothing much to say yet,
      the first prince hasn’t appeared so far (unless he is Didion) and
      the king has some important secrets
      I am sure it will get more confusing.

  6. Seriously are they brain dead to think it was a good idea to reveal all your dark secrets like that. I mean seriously what is in the water that they thought any of this was a good idea. Half the cast is brain dead and I almost feel sorry for them.
    Thanks for the wonderful translation!!

    1. Including the fact that he now has no right to the 500.000.000.
      So any deal he made with the prince isn’t worth the paper on which it is written.

  7. Thank you very much! Their relationships are truly messed up… and I can’t understand why duke hydra and fake marianne’s mother revealed the secret ^^; lol idiots? Are they idiots? Lololol this is just funny x) really interesting ahaha

      1. Yeah but… their reasoning is a bit… ^^; It like they actually believe that it will happen haha! I wouldn’t be surprised if the stupid prince is actually also their child. Then the stupidity of the prince will have been justified by genes. ^^;

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    Then, Duke Diognes just pushed them, as he knew that these idiotic people would bring their own downfall… Is it? But I still kinda hate him, since Leticia cried for injustice sake! Leticia our beloved heroine even had to attend a Queen’s lesson for almost who knew how many years! Lol, I doubt im the end Leticia would be the one to inherit the throne tho’.

    1. I like your hypothesis that the choker changes her face so I’d hope for it, but I’m nearly positive that it also makes her magic seem much less than it actually is. I think her magic is likely larger than the current kings!

    2. Several things happened 10 years ago:
      – Duke Diogenes returned with reduced magic ability .
      – That nameless scholar invented several machines.
      – Leticia got Didion, a choker (and possibly a stalker).
      I guess at that time she was also chosen as the prince’s fiancee.

      My guesses are:
      – The choker transfers duke Diogenes magic to her.
      – Duke Diogenes is happy because his power goes to his own daughter and to duke Hidorosa’s brat.
      – Duke Diogenes will demand repairs for abandonment of and cruelty to Leticia and so on.
      And I am sure it gets even more complex.

  10. I looked at the relationship chart and I’m a bit confused. I thought “Leticia” (or the real Marianne) was the daughter of the cheating 2nd wife? So she’s the daughter of the 1st instead?

    1. The current Leticia, the one with the broken engagement, is the daughter of the 1st wife while the current Marianne is the cheating 2nd wife x duke hydrossa. 1st waifu is dead. Leticia gt swapped with Marianne and those 2 cheating adults are a whole bunch of stupid.

  11. Thx for the chapter. I am speechless at this point. We at least now know why “Leticia” has so much MANA, why the king was so insistent on her, and why the Father has no care for her……….. However, are they really that retarded?

    They kidnapped a Royal family, impersonated a Royal family member, disgraced the Royal Family’s name, slander them again, and practically plotted against them. Can we say “execution?”

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    -I have lost the ability to type coherently.. utterly stunned by idioticness and unfairness-

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