May 25, 2024

Konyaku haki? Yoroshī. Naraba, fukushūda! Chapter 18


Author: Unagi

Edited by: Aki

(Marianne POV)

I caught up with Mama at the Academy’s back door.

“Mama, wait! What do you mean by that!?”

“E~ can’t we do this tomorrow? I am going to stay at Duke Hydorosa’s residence starting from today.”

I did not know anything about this! What kind of relationship did Mama have with that man?

“That’s not it! Is it true that I am the daughter of that man?”

The man that I recognized as Leticia’s father was actually my father!?

Besides that, Mama was actually my real mother…

A~ I thought my real mother should be someone who are nobler and beautiful…

“That’s right. Ne, isn’t this enough? I am not going to keep him waiting in the carriage any longer.”

This situation is not good at all.

This means that I did not possess any Royal’s blood.

Ducal’s house? That is me.

I could not be satisfied by having the noble’s pedigree only.

“Fuffuffu, Marianne, I know what you have been thinking about. Just think about it? Aren’t you going to get married to the Prince?  Is there anything that you could not get your hand on after this?”

…Anything that I could not obtain?

Certainly, if I were to marry the Prince, I will still be considered as a member of the Royal Family.

Anyhow, I will still become the Queen in the future; and I can use all the money that I want.

Papa will no longer be able to tell me off for using too much money.

“Fuffuffu. That’s true.”

“Isn’t it? There, I will not be returning to the residence for the time being.”

Mama’s dress swished around as she walked towards the carriage.

It was dark, so I could not see it very well. It was a horse drawn carriage and I can see a person who extending his hand from inside the carriage.

What was this? I see. So it was like that.

Weren’t you better than my current papa?

The things that I like about Mama was that, I will always be regarded as her charming daughter.

Ma~ Papa also seemed to be cool, so, I will forgive you.

I headed towards the carriage that should be waiting for me.

After the party’s guest returned home, the Academy’s atmosphere had turned creepy.


I could no longer find the carriage.

Daniel too…

I always came to the party using the Royal Chariot and I also used it to go back home but…..

That day, the usual carriage did not show up


Why was it…? I wonder why this happened to me…

I wanted to scold Daniel, who returned to the Royal Palace on his own without me.

However, I was stopped by the soldier who manning the gate.

“I am Marianne, Daniel’s fiancée.”

No one responded to me no matter what I said.

I had no choice but to turn back and searched for Duke Hydorosa’s residence.

The dress was thick and my shoes were hurting my feet.

When I finally arrived at the Hydorosa’s residence, the morning sun has started to rise.

“Mama! It’s me!”

Since I could not get hold of the gatekeeper again, I had no choice but to raise my voice.

The voice which had been praised like the song of a little bird, without notice started to rattle.

Neither Mama nor Duke Hydorosa realized that I had been calling for them and came out to get me at the gate.

I was so exhausted that I flopped down in front of it…

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Hi, Everyone!!! It is nearly a month since my hiatus and now, I am back once again.

I actually arrived home from my trip last week but I was down with the flu and whatsoever, that finally today, I make my way back to the university; and I got to say that the road from my hometown to here was full of trial and adversity Σ(‐△‐●)….

Like seriously, I was doing 100 to 120 km/h on the expressway when suddenly the front wheel (driver side) burst. Luckily the car did not go spinning around or  worse, flipped…ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ. I did not have any experience in changing the Tyre, though I knew the process; and luckily my younger brother is with me. My younger brother tried to change it with the spare (with manual jack and me doing this at the side
(´・ω・)…。oо○ ), hahaha.. poor him…fortunately the patrol’s car came around and helped us with the Tyre  (ᗒᗨᗕ).

Since we got some time to spare (I was also on my way to send my brother to the airport) we decided to change all four tires since I do not want to spend my time alone in the shop if I were to change it later (Blame me for being a female, I do not see the fun sitting in an automobile’s store). Time flashed and money spent off, and finally I arrived at my residential area to discover that I left my room’s key at home… Oh Man~  (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

Anyway, that is my rant.. I just feel like that I need to load it all off (I do splurged and eat Sushi after I sent my brother off to calm my heart) …φ(。。*). I will post another chapter soon. Probably tomorrow or the day after… Anyway.. See you all soon~ (o^-’)b

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  2. Thanks for the chapter!
    That was hilarious, how could this idiotic family think they’d just let her back in the palace, when it was just revealed she isn’t the daughter of her father. Got to see what will happen on Leticia’s side now.

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