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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 22

Title: You said that you will wake me up, right?

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Author: Soy

T/N:  This is partially edited. Appreciate if anyone willing to point out any mistake. So here goes…. This mini mass release is to celebrate the one year anniversary of Incarose Jealousy MTL….. #7

That day.
During the time when I fell down from the stair.
What came to my mind was…..
The money-making projects that I had left behind.

When I thought that I should not have died, leaving so many unfinished things behind, at that time, I felt the impact together with the soft smell of a Lily-like flower.
I could see His Highness collapsed under me as his face flinched in pain as he tried to get up.
My blood started to drain.
Even though his voice seemed okay, however, his painful expression still did not seem to ease.
Because I was so shocked, tears started to fall from my eyes.

“Ma! Lovely!”
“…………Mathilda-san…….Will you give me a hand on it?”
“Of course! However, His Highness did not manage to save you smartly, so I have to give him a minus point for not gallantly save you in that kind of setting!”

I reported this incident to Mathilda-san.
However, I felt bad for His Highness because of it.

“Even though it was not smart, but it is still cool.”
“Did it make you fall in love with him?”

Mathilda-san grinned at me.

“What kind of feeling when someone is falling in love?”
“If I fall in love, will there be any changes in me?”

Mathilda-san’s eyes were wide open as she said.

“Did it ever happen to you that whenever you look at that person’s face, your heart started to throb or sometimes you found that you are about to blow your fuse just because you could not be honest about something?”
“Is it still considered so if your heart throbbed due to the shock?”
“That won’t do.”

I can understand the heart-throbbing that came from shock.

“What do you feel when you thought that His Highness might retain some kind of injuries?”
“How much consolation fees will it take for me to pay the Royalty? So scary!”

Mathilda-san started to sigh deeply.

“Do you even like His Highness?”

Hearing Mathilda-san word, I tried to think about it a bit.
It was fun when I was together with His Highness.
Like how angry he became when I speak rudely to him……
No, more like when he advised me about it.
He also wrote the report and promised me that he will write a referral letter for me.

“If His Highness were to face any kind of danger, will you save him?”
“Of course!”

Mathilda-san then smiled as she said.

“I will be truly happy if His Highness and Ojou-sama were to fall for each other.”
“I think that His Highness also has his own right to choose whoever he want.”
“But this is you, Ojou-sama! Of course, my own son is also good.”

I replied to her while giggling.

“Micheal-san also has his own right to choose.”
“If Ojou-sama decided on Micheal, he has no veto power to refuse.”

Both of us giggled at that.


“Those are the stuff that I have been talking about with Mathilda-san.”

In front of me was His Highness, who appeared to be embarrassed.
As per my usual habit, after school ended, I went to see His Highness to report on the progress of the tryst between my fiancé-sama and Banache-san.

“……….Are you still going to write a story about that?”
“I could smell the money coming from that.”
“….. I see… business is it…I would like to explain, though, but I really did not manage to save you in a cooler manner.”
“It was cool enough.”

His Highness started to bow his head down in embarrassment.
His ears were red so I guess he was being shy about it.

“Stop saying such thing out of nowhere.”
“…….His Highness, you looked so cute when you are embarrassed.”
“I do not feel happy about that compliment.”

I was silent for a while before I continued.

“Do you understand how it was for one to like someone, Your Highness?”
“………….Well, I think so.”
“Will you tell me in detail?”
“I don’t want to.”

You had always told me whatever I wanted to know.

“You need to search for your own meaning of [like]”
“……….I don’t understand it.”
“It is not [I did not understand] ~ …..Yulias needs to find someone that makes you feel happy.”

His Highness started to lie down as he read the book.
I also lay down next to him.

“I would like to see it from His Highness’ point of view.”
“……….Have it your own way.”

I started to get sleepy as I lay next to His Highness.

“I will wake you up later, so just go to sleep.”
“Thank you very much….”

I fell asleep shortly after that.

I woke up to the sound of shouting.
I felt a little bit cold.
When I opened my eyes, I found out that it was my older brother who had been shouting just now.

“Kill, I am going to kill you!”
“This is a misunderstanding. Listen to my explanation.”

My older brother appeared to be furious.

“Good morning.”
“Yulias! Tell him that I have not done anything to you.”

What do you mean by that?

“Yulias, tell me the truth!”
“About what?”

Inclining his neck close to me in order to hear my word clearly, my brother asked me in an irritated voice.

“Yulias, is it the truth that you took a nap with His Highness?”


“Didn’t His Highness himself told me that I can lie down here a bit?”
“Somehow, I doze off when I hear the sleeper’s breathing next to me…..”
“Even though you, yourself told me, that you are going to wake me up later on.”

My older brother’s mouth started to twitch.
I started to adjust my posture in panic.
Now that I see it, it seemed that His Highness had been in a [Seiza] position.

“I was really taking a nap.”
“Yulias, even though His Highness is out of your range, however, it doesn’t mean that Yulias is out of His Highness’ range! You have to be careful of him!”

My brother seems to be pretty upset over His Highness.

“I am sorry, Onii-sama.”

My older brother stroked my head roughly when I apologized to him.
Whenever big brother got irritated, he had always wanted to mess someone’s head.
After patting for a while, my older brother seemed to have finally settled.

“If this happened again, I will sink His Highness down the swamp.”
“Yes. I am sorry.”

His Highness, who seemed fairly down, looked somewhat cute.

“Yulias, His Highness is also a man. A man will always be a wolf. If you let your guard down, you will be eaten by it.”

E! You can become a wolf?
I wanted to see it!

I wonder if the wolf’s fur is fluffy? Or will it have a smooth kind of fur?
I said that to my brother.

“Will it be fluffy? I want to stroke on it.”
“…..Yulias… The wolf is a metaphor.”
“It is not a real wolf?  I wonder if there is such beast-man in those foreign countries, don’t you think so?”

My big brother and His Highness sighed deeply hearing my words.

“Roland, you sure have a hard time.”
“For her to be this ignorant…I wonder if we have given her the wrong type of upbringing?”

I saw my older brother with his head down as His Highness patted on it lightly.
Somehow, my big brother also looked cute to me.

Neither I, my big brother nor His Highness ever thought that this napping incident will be brought up again in the distant future.

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  2. ‘Neither I, my big brother nor His Highness ever thought that this napping incident will be brought up again in the distant future.’

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