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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 21

Title: Am I the Heroine? (Banache POV)

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Author: Soy

A/N I am sorry if this makes you feel uncomfortable.

T/N:  This is partially edited. Appreciate if anyone willing to point out any mistake. So here goes…. This mini mass release is to celebrate the one year anniversary of Incarose Jealousy MTL….. #6

I longed to become a noble since I was a young girl.
Gorgeous day filled with glittering jewellery and fluttering dresses.
I always yearned for that.
To live the aristocrat’s life like in those books.
Because of that, I had always loved the novel [Even though I am a Noble, I will do my best] which told the story of a commoner girl who falls in love with the aristocratic gentleman.

And unexpectedly, one day, I was taken in by an aristocrat’s house.
I had never known that my papa was actually an Earl.
What’s more, it was together with [Let’s work hard]!
Wasn’t this novel all about me?!
After all, when I make an acquaintance with some of them, those people seemed to have the same appearance as the characters in the book.
Especially Lamore-sama who had a splitting image with the Marquis’ son who had been scrambling for the heroine’s hand against the Prince.
However, I had been wishing to have the Prince.
I thought that, compared to the Marquis’ son who was a little bit arrogant, I will be happier if I were to end up with the gentle Prince instead.
However, I could never find the opportunity to make acquaintance with the Prince at all.
I have even been working hard on it.

At that time, Yulias-san who was the spitting image of the villainous lady started to appear.
That person who got along with the Prince better than me seemed to be a little bit different from the one in the novel.
In the novel, she was someone who is in love with the Marquis’ son; and those incomprehensible love had led to a deep envy and hatred towards the commoner.
However, for this Yulias-san, I did not know whether she likes Lamore-sama or not, however, she didn’t seem to be jealous of me and even maintained a good relationship with the commoners.
That’s why, even if it did not go well, I am going to continue acting according to the novel’s content.
I will advance my plan in capturing the Prince.

Despite that, whenever I tried to make a plan to make an acquaintance with the Prince, it had never gone well.
Why did the plan never go well whenever Yulias-san was there?
It might be because Yulias-san did not get what she wants that she has been making sure that I could not get along with the Prince as well.
A~ I wanted to quickly become lovey-dovey with the Prince.

It was when it suddenly occurred to me.
I really need to correct the progression of the story myself.
For that, I need to make sure that Yulias-san will act as the bad guy!
Once I got Yulias-san to push me down the stair, then she will be deemed as a villainous character!

I set up the plan before I went to meet Yulias-san.
During the time I met her, my heart was pounding as my eyes fell upon the Prince!
Ma~ let’s leave it at that for now.
As I have been telling her, Yulias-san finally arrived at the corridor near to the staircase.
I pretended to guide Yulias-san as if it was a coincidence.
Yulias-san was grinning as she followed behind me.

When we arrived at the top of the stair, I planned to irritate Yulias-san and once we came to the middle of the stair, I will make it appear as if she had been pushing me down the stair.
That was the plan in my mind, however, when I turned around to check whether she was still following me,  I accidentally lost my footing.
Seeing that, Yulias-san quickly extended her hand to me.
I grabbed Yulias-san’s hand as I drew a half-circle around as my position and Yulias-san changed due to the centrifugal force.
I was actually confident with my motor skills.
And with a surprised expression, Yulias-san fell down the stair.

Eh? In this way, it will be Yulias-san who will get hurt instead, you know.

The moment I thought that, suddenly, the Prince appeared as he hugged Yulias-san to stop her from hitting the ground and currently, he had collapsed under Yulias-san.

Kya! So cool!

From where I am, I could see Lamore-sama rushed off when Yulias-san yelled for him to search for someone with healing magic.
If I knew that I will have the Prince to save me, I wished that it was me who had fallen down from the stair, instead.
When I unintentionally murmured about it, I got yelled at by Yulias-san!
Truly scary!
She even told me that she will continue to save me because she can!
Mou~ why was this Yulias-san so different from the one in the novel?
Even though other peoples were so similar to the characters in the novel!

Yulias-san, I will be in trouble if you did not act as my enemy!

A~ I wonder if everything will start to go well soon!
Ah~ I have to buy the new book immediately!
It was about time for me to be chosen by the Prince as I prepared myself to become the Queen, right?”
A~ I am looking forward to that!
With the continuation of the book, I will finally be able to become lovey-dovey with the Prince for real!
At that time, I still did not know that the novel’s Heroine ended up not choosing the Prince in the end……

T/N: Something is seriously wrong with this girl~

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  1. There’s actually a … mental ‘disease’ called ‘Princess Disease’ or something similar.

    I don’t know a lot of the details but, the name kind of explains it, doesn’t it ?

    1. It’s not an actual disease, but rather a term to describe people like this girl. The difference is very important, because disease is not a persons fault, but a rotten personality 100% is.

  2. Oh gods…
    This girl… They are real people, not characters of a story. Please wake up. These delusional “heroines” scare me.
    It was interesting to get her pov

  3. She has her head in the clouds~
    Or rather she could have been entirely above the clouds if that staircase stunt went wrong.

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