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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 20

Title: Wasn’t it dangerous to fall from the stairs? (Ouji POV)

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Author: Soy

T/N:  This is partially edited. Appreciate if anyone willing to point out any mistake. So here goes…. This mini mass release is to celebrate the one year anniversary of Incarose Jealousy MTL….. #5

That day, while I was eating my lunch at the cafeteria, Banache came to our table.
Except for me, Yulias, Roland and Micheal were smiling at her.
For so many times, I have to respect them for being able to portray such a pure smile despite their black-heartedness.
Ma~ there was nothing good about that actually.

“Banache-san, what’s wrong?”

Banache eyes sparkled when Micheal asked her before replying hesitantly at the question.

“I want to make up with Yulias-san.”

Banache said that line as she stared at me while ignoring Yulias existence.

Banache, your attitude already spoiled your intention of getting along with her.

“I think that Yulias-san had some kind of misunderstanding in regards to me! So why don’t the two of us have a meet up after school?”
“…..I don’t mind it.”

When Yulias agreed to it, Banache handed a piece of paper to her.

“You definitely have to come alone!”

Banache left after saying that.

“Ma~ it seemed that Banache-san wishes to create the incident of falling down from the stair.”
“It was that staircase, huh?”

I remembered the content of the prophecy.
It was where the Earl’s daughter who had gone crazy with jealousy pushed the heroine down the staircase, though, the Marquis’ son did save the heroine from it at the end.
However, Yulias didn’t even go mad with jealousy about those two.

“How is she going to do that?”
“It will be good as long she is able to make it out as if I was the one who had pushed her down the stair.”

I was worried about Yulias who spoke of such matter in a light-hearted manner.

“Will you be okay?”
“There is still plenty of time for me to set up the recording tools.”

A~ I forgot that she was actually this type of a woman.

However, because I was worried about her, just after the school ended, I quickly headed towards the designated meeting place indicated by Banache.
As I approached the staircase, I could see Lamore heading towards that place.
And at the top of the staircase, stood Banache and Yulias.
It was at that time.
Banache appeared as if she had lost her footing.
According to the prophecy, she was supposed to be pushed when she was in the middle of the staircase.

“I gyaaaaaaaaaa~”

Banache screamed as if she had stepped on a frog.
Probably, she truly going to fall down the stair.
Yulias started to look panicked.
Banache reflexively extended her hand as she tried to use it to grasp onto something.
However, another unexpected thing happened once again.
Banache pulled Yulias’ hand as she used the centrifugal force to return her to earlier stance.
That cause Yulias to be the one who was falling down from the staircase.
I used the wind magic to accelerate my speed and I was barely able to catch Yulias as it is.
It was so close.
I closed my eyes tightly as my head got dizzy due to the impact.

Couldn’t you save me in a cooler way?

Yulias’ voice seemed to echo in my dizzy’s mind.

“His Highness! Please hold on!”

That voice sounded pretty upset.
When I opened my eyes, I could see tears fall from Yulias’ eyes.

Sh- She was crying!


Yulias was surprised to hear me calling her name and with a worried expression, she started to touch all over my face.

“Your Highness, are you hurting somewhere? Is there anywhere that you feel uncomfortable off or do you experience some kind of a headache?”
“A~ I am okay, how about you?”
“It was because His Highness had been protecting me…I thought that His Highness is already dead.”

The tears were still flowing down from her eyes.
I will be in trouble if you continue to show such expression to me.
Yulias looked so cute right now.

“It was said that there was no substitute for a cogwheel…”
“Please don’t say such stupid things….”

Uwa, her expression that seemed to be enduring something was truly cute.

“His Highness was injured because of me…..I do not even want to think of the consolation fees that I need to prepare for it.”
“……..You really could not be shaken.”
“I had always considered the person whom I thought as a cog-wheel as someone who is important to me. Therefore, I will never allow anything that could hurt you happened.”

Eh? Was Yulias someone this cute?

“Prince, are you okay?”

When Banache and Lamore came closer, Yulias tried to hide the fact that she had been crying as she displayed an agitated behaviour to them.

“Please quickly bring someone who can use healing magic.”

Lamore ran in panic.
Banache sat next to me as she uttered.

“If only I were the one to fall.”

Good grief.

When I thought that Yulias might get hurt, the blood seemed to drain from my face.

“Please don’t say such a thing. If Banache-san were to fall somewhere, I will try to save you no matter how many time it was.”
“You should leave me alone….”
“I could leave you alone when you are not doing something so dangerous. However, in the moment of life crisis, I will save you no matter how many time.”

Yulias wiped her tears with the cuff of her dress as she stared at Banache.

“Don’t you know how unpleasant it was to have someone injured or died in front of you?”

Yulias was seriously angry.
Apparently, my existence in Yulias’ heart was much more important than what I thought off and I was actually pretty happy with this revelation; however, I decided to keep this as a secret from her.

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