October 7, 2022

Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 19

Title: Sign the document….. (Earl Nogger’s POV)

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Author: Soy

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The documents that my daughter asked from me was easy to prepare.
My daughter was someone who was full of genius idea.
Beautiful and intelligent.
She turned the commoners into her allies while freely manipulating those aristocrat.
That’s why I do not want to let her marry into the Marquis’ house.

Despite that, my daughter was also someone so level-headed that she thought it will be more profitable for her to do so.
I as well as my son cursed the whole world the day when her engagement has been decided.
And that daughter of mine was currently thinking of annulling her engagement.
I guess there was no other option but to help her.
I just wanted to quickly rip those engagement’s letters off!
Conveniently, the Marquis is coming to our house to pick up the money which has been dubbed as the expenses to cover the cost for the engagement’s arrangement.
I told the butler to prepare the money as I took a seat in front of the Marquis.

“The money will be ready soon.”
“It was not a problem in regard to the money as long as you prepared her adequately to be married into our house.”

I wonder how many times I felt like hitting this Marquis, who able to utter those words shamelessly.

“A~ Marquis.”
“What is it?”
“My daughter seemed to be having a second thought over marrying your son.”
“What did you say?!”

It was really easy to handle this kind of guy who quickly loses its cool.

“I’m just saying what is on my mind since my daughter hated losing over something. She told me that she needs to consider the disadvantages of this relationship. Therefore, won’t you sign and stamp this document instead?”

In this document, it stated that regardless whoever had an affair, it will lead to the annulment of the engagement; It was also written there, that the consolation money will be delivered immediately once the engagement was annulled.

“What do you mean by this?”
“My daughter is having a second thought because she has been getting along quite well with His Highness recently.”
“If my daughter is in love with His Highness, I would like to annul this engagement for her. My daughter is cute. Therefore, I would like for her to have her own decision in regards to whom she wanted to be engaged with. But then, this will bring difficulties for you.”

The Marquis took a glance at the document in front of him.

“If this brought inconvenience to you, I would like to resolve this matter amicably by paying the consolation money to you. The amount of consolation money is the total of money that you can get from selling out the shop owned by my daughter. This is not a bad negotiation, don’t you think so?”

Of course, that was a lie.
His Highness and my daughter are not in love with each other, and that amount of the consolation money came from the estimation of the money that the Marquis will receive after he sold off his own territory.
My daughter’s shop is not that cheap.

“Of course, if she married your son in the end, we will leave the things as it is. However, could you please sign and stamp on this as insurance?”

Precisely at that same time, the maid put the tea and confectionery on the table; I smiled at the Marquis as I drank my own cup of tea.
The Marquis grinned as he signed the document before he took out a red ink pad from his bag and stamping the document by pressing his red thumb on it.
It was really easy to handle a fool.
He did not realize that his signage and stamp will be something that will bind the rope into his own neck.
I smiled at the Marquis who was enjoying the confectionery and the cookies; and once my butler came in, bringing the money, the Marquis quickly returned home happily.

“Master, should we now scatter the salt at the front door?”
“I will leave it to you.”

I smiled hearing the word from my butler, whereas the maid who was standing near the window started to giggle away before saying.

“It’s okay. That was because, the gardener and the cook are already outside, sprinkling the salt.”
“The people of this house are truly exceptional.”

I chuckled as I picked the document up.

“Yulias will surely please with this.”
“I am looking forward to Ojou-sama’s smile.”

My butler and maid were looking at the document happily.
An excellent person will never fall into such a trap.
It was because the Marquis was truly a foolish person.
As I put all the necessary documents together, I started envisioning my darling daughter‘s satisfied appearance as she smiles.

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