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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 18

Title: Michael-san moves to a new place

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Author: Soy

*Unedited. Appreciate if anyone willing to point out any mistake. Birthday treat #5

I had often seen Michael-san and His Highness, together at school.
As much as possible, I tried to observe the two of them as a package.
What’s more, recently, I had also stopped from going to the school cafeteria; however, today, I decided to take a look at them.
I saw that His Highness had chosen the Set A meal, whereas Michael-san asked for the set B.
I could also see Banache-san approaching them from behind.
Banache-san was trying to use the earlier momentum to bump into His Highness when Michael-san quickly come with an idea as he held His Highness high up to evade it.
Thus, Banache-san nosedived into the floor splendidly.

“Michael, don’t you have any better way for you to employ in order to save me?”
“If you don’t like that, I could always hug you instead!”
“…. This is okay.”

Michael-san put His Highness down before he held out his hand to Banache-san.

“Are you okay?”
“I’m okay… It’s you!”

Banache-san eyes started to sparkle.

“The cafeteria floor is quite dirty, it is better if you get up as soon as possible.”
“Ah, yes.”

Just a moment before Banache-san put her hand into his, Michael-san eyes suddenly collided into mine.
Michael-san quickly shook his hand off as he avoid from having any physical contact with Banache-san.


I really wished for you to stop that since it’s drawn people’s attention towards me.
Michael-san quickly ran to my spot with such great momentum before he captured me into his arm.

“Even your [Kyaa] is so cute! Your uniform truly suited you well.”
“Mi – Michael-san, please put me down!”

When I struggled against him, Michael-san seemed to put even more strength into it.

“Since this is not your usual plain clothes, please let me enjoy it a bit more.”
“I will work for free then.”
“Free labour!”

I decided to put up with it for a bit.
It was His Highness who spoke as if he was horror-struck by all of this.

“Is it really good for you to use this move to secure free labour from him? Yulias.”
“Ha…Ha! You’re right. Michael-san. You should quickly put me down.”
“Don’t disturb me, Prince.”
“I am not disturbing you or anything, however, if you were to do something to Yulias, you might get killed by Roland, Michael.”
“These young people are truly scary.”

When Michael-san put me down, my eyes bumped into Banache-san who was still flopping on the floor.

“So cruel! Yulias-san really hate me that much!”

The sudden exclamation from Banache-san drew the eyes of the surrounding people to her.
Because of that, it appeared as if I had been the one who had caused Banache-san to fall.

“Yulias! You wretch! Are you bullying Yuri again?”

It seemed that my cumbersome fiancé had finally made his appearance.
This is really awkward.
Furthermore, he was hugging the fallen Banache-san.

“Why are you blaming this on Ojou? Totally unbelievable.”

Michael-san stood in front of me as he defended me.

“Why have you been accusing Ojou off? Did you even see it happened?”
“You did not even see it, right? If you look at it, will you even be suspicious of Ojou?”

Michael-san said that as he glared into my fiancé’s eyes.

“For the sake of my precious Ojou, I will crush those of yours.”

What was the thing that you wanted to crush off?

I started to make a guess like a normal person.

“From which house did you sprout from?”
“Is this the first time you met him, Lamore? This is the son of the Prime Minister, Michael.”

My fiancé looked shocked when he heard the introduction from His Highness.

“The son of the Prime Minister, is it? Your eyes should have witnessed on how cruel Yulias-san has been….”

Michael-san furrowed his eyebrows as he heard the word from Banache-san.

“Ojou had never acted cruelly to me.”
“Did you see that? You cannot even see it, do you? I meant she even dislike the idea of pinching my cheek.”

I don’t want to pinch his cheek just so that it could bring pleasure to this masochist.

“Even though Ojou appeared like a cold person; for such a gentle person to be accused like this.”

Michael-san started to get angry.
Michael-san was truly a good person.

“Yulias, you bitch! (Kisama!) Are you going out with the Prime Minister’ son behind my back? Don’t you think that this was an embarrassment towards your fiancé?”

I would like to return that word to you as a gift.
In my bewilderment, I could see His Highness held his forehead.
I also would like to hold my own head.

“What? You could not even retorted back!”

My fiancé-sama started to look victorious when the surrounding people looked at him  as if viewing a stupid person! I think that was not a misconception from my part.

“Ojou… Do you really intend to marry this guy?”

Uh, yes.

I nodded without hesitation.

“You should not! I will work even harder for you if you did not do it.”
“I know that Michael-san is a hard-working person.”
“Then I will endure and succeed my father’s house so that my status will be elevated.”
“You know that you could not even adapt yourself as an aristocrat.”
“You’re saying that now?”

Michael-san smiled bitterly as I laughed.

“Yulias! You are cheating on me!”
“This is just a public conversation between the boss and her employee. If you asked the surrounding people what cheating is, isn’t it pointed to Lamore-sama who was currently hugging Banache-san?”

The people around me started to nod lightly.
My fiancé-sama gulped at my word.

“That was because you have been bullying Yuri.”

Rather, was it only me who thought that I was the one who are currently being bullied?

I took a big sigh.

“Therefore, if I were to bully someone else, Lamore-sama will also hug that person too?’

I said that as I looked at Michael-san who was nearby.

“Michael-san, because Lamore-san has said so, I decided to fire….”
“Wait! That was the ultimate word that I do not want to hear!”
“Yes, I know.”
“Are you bullying me by chance?”

I grinned as I watched Michael-san mouth twitched.

“So you mean to say that I need to hug that thing?”
“Didn’t you notice it? I need to check whether he will diligently hug everyone else without showing any impartiality, you know?”
“Did you realize that you are currently bullying others?”

I smiled as I replied.

“I mean, Michael-san himself wishes for me to bully you, isn’t that right?”
“This felt different from what I want.”

Michael-san looked up to heaven for a moment before approaching Lamore-sama while grinning.

“Please comfort me who had been bullied by Ojou!”

Even though Michael-san complexion was bad, my fiancé’s face had turned even worse blue.

“You will not be able to convince Ojou unless you do it properly. I do not want to be fired!”
“Why do I have to hug you, bastard? You should be concerned about it by yourself! Yuri, let’s go!”

My fiancé-sama quickly took Banache-san away from that place.

“Ojou, that person has run away?”
“You have done well. I will give you a bonus later on Michael-san.”
“I do not have any need for bonuses, so please do not fire me anymore.”
“I understand.”

I heard the deep sigh from His Highness who was nearby, but I decided to ignore it as Michael-san and I continued to grin.

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