December 6, 2022

Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 17

Title: Meeting my father (Michael’s POV)


Author: Soy

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My mother was a commoner.
Despite being a commoner, she worked as a servant in the Royal Palace in order to make a living and at that time, she was well known due to her inherited banshee’s lineage.
Banshees are mythical creatures that announce the death of their lord through its crying. However, banshees are also fairies known for their hard work in helping their hardworking lord in raising the children.
Because of that legend, my mother had been appointed as the Queen’s personal maid.
And during that time, she met my father there.
My father fell in love with my mother and then took her as his bride.
Since the Queen’s delivery was close to my mother’s, she was selected to become the wet nurse of the Queen’s children.
Therefore, I had never felt alone during my childhood since I grew up with His Highness.
I have also been groomed to become His Highness’s assistant, however, I could never adapt myself to that particular role.
The people around me always looked at me as if I was a stupid person, whereas those above me saw me as a punching bag.

Mou, I really thought that I could not hold it in anymore.

It was then, that this young lady appeared in from of me so dashingly.
I was so fascinated by her dignified appearance.
I knew that I could never become the Prince’s attendant, therefore, I decided to work at that young lady’s shop instead. During that time, my mother also decided to follow me.
My father had always doted on mother and my mother also loved my father dearly. Despite this, my mother was not someone who could get used to the life of an aristocrat.
Thus, my mother and I decided to leave our house.
My mother left a divorce agreement with my father, but he had never sent it to the country’s official, and I also never told her about it.

Occasionally, my father contacted using the letter.
Asking if I am doing well? Whether my mother is okay? He seemed to be worried about us……… And 80% of the letter’s content was all about my mother.
And one day, my father suddenly summoned me to meet him.
Since this was the first time for him to do so, I quickly took a break from my work as I made my way to the castle to meet him.

“You are here.”
“It was unusual for you to call for me.”
“………..I have some request to ask from you.”

It was rare for my father to request something from me.

“What is it?”
“…..I would like for you to become His Highness’ escort.”
“I don’t want to.”
“Ojou is someone who hates losing profit. Therefore, I do not want to be fired by doing something that will incur Ojou hatred towards me,”

My father took out the book that my mother had written previously while explaining the current situation in regard to His Highness.

“A~ that’s the girl who was banned from our shop.”
“Yes. That girl previously causing a fuss in the shop where I work, complaining about me hitting her or something. The person that you have been talking about was probably about that girl.”

There was a worried expression on my father’s face.

“For your information, I did not even touch that lady. Rather, I would like to be beaten by others instead; however, Ojou disliked it and said that [I don’t want to, you M.]”
“………..I felt like I should retort in various places.”
“Even if Ojou did not mind it, I also did not want to be beaten by anybody else.”

I feel that if it was done by Ojou, I wouldn’t care even if I were to be punched or kicked.
After all, it is impossible to die from being kicked or punched by a girl who does not have any knowledge of martial arts.
Furthermore, Ojou was also someone who hates violence
Though, it seemed that she had been hit once by her fiancé a long time ago.
Someone told me that, when they were still small, Ojou’s brother and her fiancé were brawling and exchanging fistfight, and while Ojou tried to mediate between the both of them, by chance, she was hit instead and since then she had decided by herself that she will absolutely not condone to any kind of violence.
However, she had also told me that she felt like hitting me, and it seemed that she had never uttered such word to anyone else until now.
Such was my treasured story.

“……….If Lady Yulias approved it, will you agree then to escort His Highness?”
“I will do everything if it was the order from Ojou.”

My father then gave me a letter from Ojou which he took out of his desk drawer.

[To Michael-san,

Someone had requested Michael-san to escort His Highness to school.
At first, I did not want to since your absence will surely affect sales. However, your father has decided to pay for the loss.
So, I have seriously contemplated it.
On the effect of your educational background in regards to our company.
Therefore, I have decided to accept the request from your father.
If you have any objection, please write and submit the report to me.
I will think about it if you manage to provide a valid excuse for it.
Please take this into your consideration.

From, Yulias]

I laughed at this Ojou-like letter.
My father tilted his head.

“I will do whatever Ojou and father wanted me to do.”
“Then, will you accept this request?”
“Your Excellency, your wishes are my command.”

I waved my hand as I exited my father’s office.
I don’t like studying or being an escort, however, this is quite nice since it will let me have a little bit more time with Ojou.
I was in a cheerful mood as I walked out of the castle’s compound.

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