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Akuyaku Reijō ttenani o Sureba Yoi nda kke? Chapter 25

Chapter 25: The Declaration of War: Labra POV


Author: Soy

T/N: I am sorry that there is such a long break between the chapter.  This is partially edited. Appreciate it if anyone willing to point out any mistake. I will post around 10 chapters within these 24 hours [The 5 promised birthday month chapters and additional chapters that were due], so please look forward to it, okay!! No #1!!!

I have a close friend.

It was that Cardinal, whom I previously thought was a villainess.

Cardinal….was cute.

Seriously cute.

Previously, I had thought that only the electronic idol of the Cyberworld [T/N: Hatsune Miku] could adorn that cute twin-tailed hairstyle. However, Cardinal was much cuter than that.

“I wonder what kind of dress should I wear for the dance party~.”

I was a commoner.

Supposedly, at this timeline, the heroine’s Labra-chan should already get along with some of the capture targets and being presented with a dress. Yet, I had not gotten along with any of them.*

Rather, I have been getting along with Cardinal instead.

“I think that this light blue dress will suit Labra-chan perfectly. It will be bad if we do not prepare for it as early as possible.”

“No, no. This is too luxurious for a commoner like me. I will rent a dress instead.”

Cardinal was grinning as she talked.

“Then, let’s have a meeting with my acquaintance!! It’s okay. That guy owes me a debt of gratitude, so I will make him provide a dress for you for free!”

“Debt of gratitude?”

“For that person, I was his financial connection.”

“Financial connection?”

“Ma~a, Ma~a, never mind about that, let’s go!!”

Apparently, it was not wrong for me to say that Cardinal can give you a high sense of assurance.*

“O? It was unusual for you to come and see me on your own, Cardinal.”

“Rector, I have something that I need to request from you….”

“The dress for the dance party, isn’t it? Everything is ready, including the accessories. So you do not have to worry about it and leave everything to me since I will make sure that Cardinal will not wear anything unfashionable.”

“It is a matter of course for me. First, however, I would like to ask you to prepare another set of dress with full accessories for my friend, Labra-chan.”

Cardinal brought me to the shop owned by one of the capture targets, Rector Ridley.

“O? Is she a Royalty?”

“You are wrong.”

Rector was staring at me seriously.

“What a cute child you are.”

“Isn’t she?! She will make anything that she wears looked so cute*. I was so happy to have this angel as my best friend.”

“Do you think that it will be alright to pair a blue dress with gold accessories?”

“If I am not mistaken, the Prince is going to wear a dark blue tuxedo. Would you like to have something that will match his attire?”

“Please cease that kind of joke!!”

Cardinal and I spontaneously rejected his proposal in sync.

Rector laughed out loud with [HaHaHa]

“Both of you are truly good friends. Alright, we should use yellow pearl colour instead. Cardinal, I think that accessories made from that sky-blue gem over there will also complement her well. But, I do not have any more of it as of now.”

Cardinal slightly tilted her head before replying.

“I also do not have any since I gave mine to Princess Kokoru…Should I ask Broudo-sama for it?… I need to put some effort into it then.”

If I am not mistaken, the name that Cardinal mentioned just now should be the King’s younger brother and also the last BOSS, right?

Even though he was a Royalty, his hair and his eyes were all pure black; he was also a villain who tried to overthrow this country’s royalties whom he detested so much; however, at the end of it, he failed and ended up being sent to the gallows.

This person abducted and confined the heroine due to his complex over his own hair and eyes colouring should be considered a dangerous person, right?

Even though he was such a handsome man, but since he was someone who loved to kick a fuss over nothing, all of those had become a waste, you know?


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The place that Cardinal had ended up taking me to was a beautiful mansion enveloped by the sunray.

A beautiful woman with black hair appeared in front of our eyes.

“Cardinal-chan? Eh? Who is this girl?!! My husband’s secret child?”

“Vanessa-sama, Gard-sama will cry if he were to hear that. This is my best friend, Labra-chan. It was a coincidence that her hair and eyes are similar to the Royal Family, and no, she is not Gard-sama’s secret child. Is Broudo-sama here for today?”

“Did you come here again just for Broudo? Your research is already completed, right?’

“Today, I have something else that I need to request from him.”

“I will call him to meet you then.”

As soon as Vanessa-sama rang the bell in her hand, a maid appeared in front of us.

Vanessa-sama led us to the drawing-room before acting as if she had fallen ill and left the room; after a while, a person who appeared to be Broudo-sama walked into the room.

“Naru? What’s wrong?”

“The truth is, I would like to request some sky-blue gem from you.”

Eh? You are going to ask that thing from him?

What’s more, what with that [Naru]?… From Cardinal to Naru? E~? What kind of relationship is this?

“The sky-blue gem, huh? I have them. How much would you like to have?”

“I want to have however much you can give me.”

A-Aren’t you being too greedy? Cardinal~

“However much I can give you, huh? I have quite a bit…What are you going to do with it?”

“I am going to use it to make accessories for my best friend. Anyway, this is my best friend, Labra-chan.”

When Broudo-sama looked at me, he began to laugh softly.

“I am happy that I can meet Naru’s best friend. Such a beautiful person… It seemed that you have similar eyes and hair like the Royalty?”

“Broudo-sama, this is all but a matter of a coincidence!”

“Are you sure that she is not my father’s offspring from somewhere?”

“She is not. Broudo-sama, Labra-chan and I are similar in age. So it was unthinkable for Gard-sama to think about another woman during those time when he was lovey-dovey with Vanessa-sama, right?

“It was for that particular reason that I have an elder brother, you know….. I am sorry for that. I am Broudo.”

“I am Labra. I will be in your care then.”

Broudo-sama was grinning, obviously.

Wasn’t Broudo-sama supposed to be some character who felt despaired over everything and yet did not show any emotion in his face?

What’s more, he also used polite speech.

Shouldn’t he act more like those [ Ore-sama ] kinds of character?

“I will bring it to you now.”

After saying that, Broudo-sama left the room.

“Cardinal, are you currently going out with Broudo-sama?”

Cardinal, who was currently gracefully enjoying the tea, started to choke with considerable momentum.

“Are you okay?”/

“Br- Broudo…..-sama and I… Gah, it scares me on various levels to think about it!”

A~ Cardinal is so cute.

“But you like him, right?”

“Rather than like, it should be, I respect him, you know!”

“If he was something that you aim for, then I will fully cheer you on for that.”

“……….Labra-chan, you are rude to Broudo-sama, you know.”

Cardinal-chan probably tried not to think about Broudo-sama as something more than a respected person.

I do not know if they will become more intimate if I were to fan things up.

“Labra-chan, please stop teasing me.”

“Um, I will not do it again!! I love you, Cardinal. You are so cute.”

“Labra-chan is the one who is cute.”

Cardinal’s face was red when she uttered that.

It was so dangerous that I am about to have a nosebleed.

Totally cute!!!

After a while, Broudo-sama returned while holding a considerably big box.

“Everything should be inside this box. Please take whatever you want.”

Inside the box brought by Broudo-sama, there were plenty of gems in various colours that it was impossible to count all of them.

“Wh- What is this?”

“Whenever you concoct a magical herb, sometimes it will also produce this kind of gem. I already gave all my previous stocks to others… When I produce it next time, I will also give some to you, Labra-chan.”

“Eh~…..Thank you, I guess.”

“A~ that’s right, I have some cookies in my bag. I will bring it out now. I will also go and brew some tea along the way. Labra-chan, please continue picking up the gem, okay.”

Cardinal quickly went out of the room to take the bag she had left with the maid.

Do not leave me with this dangerous person alone~!!

“Can I address you as Labra-san?”


“For you to be able to make Naru smile like that proves that you are a trustworthy person. Therefore, I will feel happy if we could also get along well with each other.”

“Broudo-sama likes Cardinal-chan, huh.”

Broudo-sama suddenly dropped the jewel in panic.

What, this person also could be this cute.

“It was a response that is normally easy to understand, right?”

“Please do not tease me. Naru is my nephew’s fiancée.”

“Cardinal has been rejecting the Prince without any mercy, you know.”

“I know about that. However, whenever she is with me, she has never talked to me in such an easy-going kind of behaviour.”

“Are you telling me that her conversation with that stupid Prince something that should be considered normal?”

“Naru had been calling Jayce [stupid Prince] since the first time they met each other.”

“E~? Really?…. How did it come to that?”

“It was really cool, you know.”

To be honest, I can only see the way Broudo-sama told me the story as if he was telling others about his most beloved person.

“….If Broudo-sama able to make Cardinal happy, I will surely cheer you on.”

It was still unclear whether Cardinal really did hold a romantic feeling for Broudo-sama; however, her feelings towards him were also something special. What’s more, it will be much better if we did not turn him into an enemy.

“The one who will bring happiness to Naru is Jayce.”

Broudo-sama showed me a distraught face.

This person might unexpectedly also like that Prince.

“You did not want to betray the Prince?”

“……….That is not the reason why I said that.”

“In my opinion, you are the one who is capable of making Cardinal happy. So please think about it.”

“I can’t. There is no need to think about it.

Broudo-sama grinned at me.

Does this indicate that you already decided to give up on this thoroughly?

“For your information, Cardinal especially let you call her [Naru]! That is how I noticed how special your existence is to her.”

“It will be painful when things do not follow through as you expected them to be.”

A~, I have decided to give up and only watch her from above when I found out that this person could bring ultimate happiness to Cardinal, but this…

“Are you stupid? If you are unwilling to make Cardinal happy, then you are my enemy.”


At that time, Cardinal knocked on the door before entering the room.


“Yes? What is it?”

“Between Broudo-sama and I, who are the ones that you like the most?”

Cardinal’s eyes turned round in shock.

“A~, Ano……”

“I also wish to call Cardinal, [Naru]!!”

Cardinal, who heard that, smiled with the kind of smile capable of melting others.

“Um, I am happy!! I am happy that Labra-chan wanted to call me with a nickname.”

When I looked at Broudo-sama, he seemed to have some complex expression on his face.

“I will bring happiness to Naru, so you did not have to be worried about it!!”

Towards this person who was said to be dangerous, I sent him my declaration of war.

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