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Akuyaku Reijō ttenani o Sureba Yoi nda kke? Chapter 41

Chapter 41:  I…. (Broudo POV)

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Author: Soy

T/N:  This is partially edited. Appreciate it if anyone willing to point out any mistake. So here goes…. This mini mass release is to celebrate the first anniversary of Incarose Jealousy MTL….. #4

Since that girl attended the Academy, I decided to participate in the Academy Founding Memorial’s party as well.

Why was it that this girl had always managed to move my heart to her?

When she came forward to greet my elder brother, I really thought that she was lovely.

A black mermaid.

I was so fascinated with that girl, though, I could never let those thoughts leaked out to others.

Suddenly, Jayce appeared in front of them.

And that girl uttered the same words that she used 10 years ago during the engagement ceremony held in the castle.

Finished with her words, she blew Jayce off with her punch.

Even though that girl’s brother managed to catch Jayce, but that must hurt him badly enough.

I put a reminder to make a poultice for him later.

The word that came out from that girl was always for the sake of others.

This time, it was for the sake of Labra-san.

She looked somehow too handsome that she drew the attention of the people around her. I could also feel my strong yearning for that girl as I continued to watch her.

My happiness was overflown in line with my strong intention for her.

I truly envied Labra-san.

I was jealous of the person that that girl thought strongly off.

It was at that moment,

That Jayce suddenly declared that it would be much better for me to be the next King…

The succession right to the throne, huh……

When I was young, I had wished fervently for it.

It seemed that since I was cursed, I was not considered as one of the Royalty; therefore, I had a feeling that others might recognize me only if I were able to be included in the succession’s right.

However, since I met that girl, I no longer felt any need to dwell on those matters related to the Royalty.

It was good for me as long as that girl was here next to me.

As long as I can talk to her about medicine, this was all that I need in this life.

Therefore, I no longer see the need to compete for the succession’s right.

No, if that girl was the Queen… And if I were to become the King…..

But, that girl was someone that properly understood the value of my existence.

If I were to become the King, it would only bring harmful results to everyone.

And that girl was someone who always puts others’ matters over her own.

So this declaration was so like her.

I did not even bother to hold down the darkness in my heart anymore.

I want that girl.

I do not want to hand her over to anyone else.

I want her to become mine.

If Jayce chooses Labra-san, then I want to grab that girl’s hand and make her mine.

I realized that my desire for her has been increasing by the day.

Based on her word, without any difficulty, she had done some manoeuvre behind the scene, and that Labra-san had now been considered as a part of the Ducal’s house. Therefore, she had already fulfilled the condition needed to make it possible for her to refuse her engagement with Jayce.

It was completely her victory.

However, on the contrary to that, it seemed that she had lost.

That girl is going to be banished? Marriage alliance to the neighbouring country?

You can’t! That girl is mine!

I quickly rushed to my elder brother.

That girl wished to be punished.

I, on the other hand, wanted to have that girl.

“Elder brother, in that case……..Please give her to me.”

Due to my desire for her, my word spilt out of my mouth without warning.

“I am a cursed person. That’s why no one is willing to become my bride. Won’t it be considered as a punishment for that person to become my wife?”

I was glad for my quick thinking, and this was the first time that I am thankful for being thought of as a cursed person.

At that time, my elder brother was already totally freaked out by the Prime Minister, who was emitting a black aura and most likely to transform into a Demon King soon.

That he quickly jumped into a decision when he heard my proposal.

With that, she was now mine.

That girl seemed unconvinced by it. In her confused state, I quickly gave her my best regards.

It was unusual for me to see her being so inarticulate when she replied […Likewise?] and I could not help but felt glad at the moment when I heard that word from her.


A few days later, that girl came to visit me.

“………Broudo-sama, it is a joke, right, about this engagement between the two of us?”

“It is not a joke, you know.”

“But still, Broudo-sama is such a wonderful person. You should meet a nice woman rather than a sinner like me…”

“There is no one that I want to meet. Apart from Naru, there is no other woman for me.”

That girl’s face looked slightly red.

What with this cute expression?

“B-But Broudo-sama.”

“I have been suffering from an incurable disease for quite a long time now.”

That girl turned pale upon my word as she looked at me with eyes that were ready to spill tears.

“Was it some fatal disease?”

“It depends on time and case, I guess?”

“For something like that……”

“The doctor had also given up on this disease.”

“I- I will surely cure you.”

I hugged that girl closer.

I could feel a surge of power coming from her body

“I am sorry. I will never get rid of this disease, nor will I allowed it to be cured.”

“I don’t want that! I will surely find a way to cure you.”

That girl looked up at me with tear-filled eyes.

“Naru, I like you.”

With my word, that girl started to cry.
Did you really hate to be liked by me that much?

“Broudo-sama, I like you. I really, really like you. Please do not die.”

That girl clung to my chest as she wept.

Suddenly, I felt guilty.

“Sorry. I am not going to die. As long as Naru likes me, then I will not die.”


“My illness is love. It just that, every time I came into close contact with Naru, my heart kept palpitating, and I experienced shortness of breath.”

That girl shocked face started to turn red.

“Wh- what with that! Now, I looked like a fool!”

“Though it is this cute?”

“Fu- Fugya-”

I wanted that girl to forgive me for laughing at her when she suddenly let out a strange shriek.

She puffed her cheek as she used her slender hand to push my body away from her.

I instead put some strength in my hands in order not to let her escape from my embrace.

At that moment, the door to the room was opened simultaneously with the sound of a knock.

It was my father who entered the room.

“Broudo? I heard some strange voice…… Don’t you think that this is still too early for that?”

“Father, could you please stop disturbing us?”

“………Ojou-chan, if you did not want to, you can just hit him, okay? Fighting!”

The girl in my arm turned further red as she cried out.

“I will already hit him if I can, you know! Help me, Gard-sama~!!”

That girl soon fainted after she heard the laughter from my father.

Needless to say, on the next day, I was lectured by the three gentlemen from the Prime Minister’s house.

A/N: Broudo-sama had been on a rampage.
It seemed the feeling of love that had been stored away had already exploded.
As plan, everyone is now happy!
Who should we approach next?
T/N: The end of mini-mass release for this novel… Until next time…

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