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Akuyaku Reijō ttenani o Sureba Yoi nda kke? Chapter 42

Chapter 42:  El-san


Author: Soy

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A/N: I am sorry for being late.
There were some representations in this chapter that might make all of you feel quite uncomfortable.
I am sorry.

After some times, Yard and Princess Kokoru finally entered the school.

It was as arranged previously.

No, one different thing was that El-san also decidedly enrolled in the same year as Yard and Princess Kokoru.

She couldn’t heal from her androphobia if she kept coping inside the house; furthermore, I also did not want her to be lonely being left by herself during the daytime.

Of course, Yard and Princes Kokoru will be with her all the time, and since she will be staying with me in the dorm, it will be completely safe.

Well, that was the initial plan.

That incident happened when I was introducing Labra-chan to El-san in the dining room.

“A~ I knew it, you are Lady Ellulia!”

That man appeared like a gentle person. However, El-san seemed to be troubled by the sudden interruption.

At that time, I vaguely felt El-san aversion towards that man’s approach when that person suddenly spurted thoughtless remarks towards her.

“A~ your hair really had turned white! Even so, I really like you! Someone has raped you, right? If you are willing to become my lover, I will gladly take care of you.”

I am going to kill this person!!

My body started to ooze with killing intent when another man started to chime in.

“If you choose me instead, I am willing to marry you as my main wife, you know! I mean, if I were to marry you, I will be able to gain the count peerage, right?”

El-san’s was trembling as her face turned pale blue.

I quickly clutched the neck of the first man with my right hand.

And when I turned around, I saw that my older brother already gripped the neck of the other man in the same way.

“I will kill both of you.”

My older brother and I said those words in sync!

At that moment, El-san clung to my older brother’s arm in panic.

Moreover, she quickly shook her head left and right, intending to ask my older brother to stop his current action.

“El, if we do not exterminate these kinds of pests early, many of them will soon germinate uncontrollably. Therefore, you should just disregard these types of people…..”

El-san shook her head with tears in her eyes.

My older brother sighed before he turned his attention towards the two male students.

“I do not want to see you two approach El, ever again.”

“Why? I do not understand why Vertemic-sama needs to butt in this matter.”

The man in my grasp cried out.

“El’s innocence is still intact. I was the one who saved her previously. However, both of you have been condemning her with such terrible accusation that my heart was pained. Therefore, I will inflict the same pain on you. Kana, I’ll leave it to you.”

“Leave it to me! I will make sure that these two will never again dare to go for their midnight toilet break after this!”

I activated my genjutsu [T/N: illusion] spell on both of them.

Of course, I used an illusion spell of them being chased and eaten by a group of zombie using the horror movies from my previous life as a reference.

Initially, I decided to add an illusion of frogs being pushed into their mouth and entered their body. However, once I thought that Yard would be sad if these were exposed to him, I decided to stop that idea.

My older brother muttered as he observed those two runnings away while screaming at the top of their head.

“It will be even better if they die instead…”

“Onii-sama, there are many things that could be worse than death.”

“……….What kind of genjutsu did you use on them?”

“They are experiencing the feeling of being eaten alive….. Or something?”

“I feel better just listening to that.”

My older brother looked so satisfied.

As he gazed down upon El-san, he continued.

“El, I, myself, like your white hair. After all, you are with me, right? Therefore, there is no reason for you to be scorned by others, okay.”

With a face that appeared as if she was on the verge of crying, El-san took a notebook from her pocket as she wrote something on it.

And then, she pointed out the book’s content to my older brother.

[I think that I could never view those men apart from an object of fear! That’s why I think I should enter the nunnery and become a nun instead.]

Seeing that, my brother tried to reason her decision in panic.

“You can’t! I will not allow that to happen.”


“Because El is going to be my future wife, I would never allow you to become a nun.”

El-san’s eyes were wide opened.

“I have decided on this since the first time I met you. El is going to be my wife. As long as El do not oppose that, then, this matter is already settled.”

El-san still appeared to be frozen with a  shocked expression on her face.

“Other people had already known how much I like you, you know? That was also the reason why Yard decided to call you [El Ane-sama].”




This time, it was my older brother who turned to look surprised.

My older brother’s eyes turned wide upon hearing El-san voice.

“E- El! Your voice!”

My older brother was so wrought with emotion as he hugged El-san.

“El! El! El!”

“Onii-sama! You are going to crush El-san at this rate.”

“Ni-sama, if you wished to flirt with each other, please do it when you are alone. At this rate, El Ane-sama is going to die due to the embarrassment.”

I had never realized when Yard appeared and decided to chime in.

“If I were to hug her when there were only the two of us there, it will not be as good as this.”

“Onii-sama, you should stop before you incur El-san’s hatred.”

“I know! I do not want to be hated by El.”

Onii-sama, at this moment, El-san is struggling to escape from your embrace, you know.


“………..So cute.”


“Do you want El Ane-sama to say [Vert-sama, I hate you] for using such upper handed methods on her? You might end up crushing her to death.”


What with these men of our house…

I could no longer keep up as I turned to talk to Labra-chan.

“Labra-chan, El-san is my Onii-sama’s fiancée. Therefore, I hope that you can also get along with her after this. If you can get along with El-san, then for certain, my older brother will become your ally in the future.”

“Yes- Yes!”

Right now, Labra-chan was studying how to become a Crown Princess.

And I wanted everyone to approve Labra-chan as a perfect Crown Princess!

“Naru, was it good to leave El-chan like that?”

“It was El-san own mistake for letting her voice out during that kind of timing! Yard, will you be good and prepare tea for all of us?”

“I will prepare it immediately. Ane-sama.”

I decided to leave El-san and my older brother at their own devices as I looked at Yard with interest.


Even if you plead me to save you, El-san, I could never find a way to interfere with my older brother, you know. Therefore, I hope that you will forgive me for this.

I pretended not to see the two people in front of me continued with their flirting.

A while later, the Prince finally arrived at the scene. However, when he tried to help El-san, he was quickly beaten down by my older brother, who gave him an evil eye. Nevertheless, we also decided to ignore that.

A/N Is it supposed to be you, next, Yard?

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