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Akuyaku Reijō ttenani o Sureba Yoi nda kke? Chapter 40

Chapter 40:  Founding Memorial Party

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Author: Soy

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This school founding’s memorial party was one grand event.

Various famous people such as royalty, knights, magicians and other powerful aristocrats attended it.

This was because this party was meant as a gathering to allow those people to keep an eye out for all the young, talented students and create early connections with them. In other words, this was the time to recruit them before they were snatched away by others.

With that being said, I also attended the party while adorning a black mermaid-line dress and bright red jewellery.

After the King finished with his opening speech, people started to flock around to greet him.

I was also not an exception.

“It has been a while, Cardinal.”

“It had been a long time since we last meet. Your Majesty.”

“You already appear like a grown-up woman now.”

“Thank you very much, Queen.”

It was the Prince who decidedly smashed this current calm atmosphere.

“Father, mother, I have something to say.”


As both of them amicably turned their attention to him, the Prince suddenly dropped the bomb.

“Will you disown me?”

The surrounding circumference seemed to turn still upon the Prince’s declaration.

“I have fallen in love with a commoner’s girl. That’s why……”

I quickly raised my hand as I spoke to the King.

“Your Majesty, I would like for you to take this as a consideration, that whatever I am going to say and do from now on, do not have any relation to my own family nor did they incite me to do so All is due to my own will.”

“So nostalgic….. Very well.”

When I got permission from the King, I moved closer to the Prince as I speak.

“I will also tell you this. Whatever I am going to say and do from now on is done by my own free will and has no relation to my family at all.”

With that, I punched the Prince’s left cheek in a grandiose manner.

I could hear screams coming from the surrounding young ladies, but I did not care at all!

“A~a. You really angered Kana this time.”

My brother stood behind the Prince as he supported his body from falling after being blown away from my punch.

“Are you stupid? You should try dying once.”


“Shut up, fool. What is your worth once you let go of your position as a Prince? Are you going to force Labra-chan into hardships? You should just put down the money and die.”

The surroundings became deathly quiet.

“Do you think that a stupid person like you could ever survive living as a commoner?  You should never make light of those commoners just because you are an ignoramus who does not know the ways of the world!”

From a distance, I could hear someone saying [A~ Cardinal-sama is truly the prime minister’s daughter]. However, I decided to ignore that.

“There are only three options left for you in the future!”


“Will you give up everything and, for the sake of the people, marry me? Or are you going to make your beloved Labra-chan your Queen? Or Are you going to invite my anger by becoming a commoner and let me assassinate you? These three options. Choose whatever you want.”

“What kind of an option is that?! Cardinal, you should understand, right, that compared to me, my Imperial uncle has much more abilities as a King?”

“What’s the matter with that? Even if you think you are under-qualified to become one, once you are coroneted as a King, Onii-sama will surely help you by making a follow up to accommodate you. It is enough as long as you undergo the training to become a King.”

The Prince’s expression appeared to be as if he could not understand anything from my words.

“I am not sure if Broudo-sama has the calibre to become a King as you say. However, that person is someone capable of establishing a place meant for himself. Just for argument’s sake, if Broudo-sama were to be elected as the next King, he will surely devote himself to learning how to become one. However, what are we going to do if a plague were to occur at that time? Will you be able to concoct a drug to encounter that by yourself? Or are you going to force Broudo-sama to continue with his study to become a King as well as researching for the remedies at the same time? Do you realize how many people are going to lose their lives in the meantime? Whatever you have said just now showed how selfish you are! What’s more, without your status and prestige, do you seriously think that you are capable of bringing happiness to Labra-chan?”

“Labra told me that she would stay by my side regardless of that.”

“Stupid! It is because she loves you that she said those line. Labra-chan said those lines because she wanted to make you happy. What exactly do you want to do anyway? Do you wish for Labra-chan to shower you with happiness?  Or are you going to be the one who will shower her with happiness?”


When I saw the Prince turned silent, I took the opportunity to punch his gut before I continued.

“There is no reason for me to choose an option that will let Labra-chan face any hardship, right?”

“Geffu… But, Labra is a commoner.”

“I already make some arrangement regarding that. Even if I did not rely on a stupid person like you, I would still be able to discover competent people for that matter.”

My face turned slightly pale when I accidentally looked over in the gallery’s direction when I heard a chuckle coming from that spot.

“Can I guess what this young lady has been plotting about?”

The owner of the voice slowly came forward.

“My wife tended to close herself up since the death of our daughter. However, it seemed that she had become happier after she met Labra-chan. I could never guess that this is your aim from the beginning.”

“Duke Fleur, your beloved wife will be happy if she can adopt Labra-chan as her daughter.”

“I lost. I will welcome Labra-chan to our home. Though I am unconvinced at first that the Prince will take such action immediately.

That’s right. This was the main purpose of having Mrs Fleur as Labra-chan partner for the etiquette training.

I am going to make sure that Labra-chan will get the happiness that she deserved to have!

“Now that Labra-chan is decidedly going to be a part of the Ducal’s house, what are you going to do about it? I do not have any complaints if you wish to have Labra-chan as your Queen.”

“…………I am going to make Labra, my Queen.”

I was satisfied as I bowed my head to the King.

“This time, this subject aware of the number of disrespects that this subject has committed, so this subject did not dare to wish of being forgiven by His Highness. Therefore, please brandish the punishment accordingly.”

Since I had been bashing the Prince in front of His Majesty’s eyes, deportation might be a reasonable punishment. Though I really do not want to be inflicted with the death penalty. While waiting for it, I leisurely thought about such things in my mind.

“U~n, this is truly a headache. You really do not aware of your own worth, aren’t you Cardinal?”


“You probably thought the punishment would be either a marriage alliance with the neighbouring’s Royalty or being banished from this country, right?”

“As expected of His Majesty.”

The King began to sigh deeply.

“If I were to banish you from this country, I do not know how many of our citizens are going to rally against the Royalty. Cardinal, you should realize that you are the beloved person of each citizen in this country. What’s more, once you leave this country, your family will surely be going to follow you around. Worse come to worse, the whole Royal Family might end up being slaughtered. Can you imagine that happening?”

No… Yes, I can imagine that happening. I am sorry.

Diagonally from the King’s behind, I don’t think that it was my imagination that black aura seemed to seep out from my father’s body, right?

At the same time, I could feel someone was approaching us. When I looked behind my back, it turned out it was Broudo-sama who had also adorned an indigo-blue tailcoat. [T/N: I was smiling as I imagined it !! Damn it. I am jealous!!]

“Elder brother, in that case……..Please give her to me.”


“I am a cursed person. That’s why there is no one who willing to become my bride. Therefore, won’t it be considered as a punishment for a person to become my wife?”

I- I wonder what is going on right now? I really could not understand it as I looked at Broudo-sama dazedly.

“Furthermore, Miss Cardinal is the perfect tutor to educate Miss Labra regarding the necessary etiquette. We should welcome someone from the Royal Family to teach her rather than expecting it from another poor aristocrat. What do you think about this?”

“That is a great idea!! How is this, Prime Minister?”

“………I have been telling you, for hundreds of times, to stop this thing right from the beginning. No, I rather crush this country and find a new place for my family.”

“Don’t say that. This is also good for Cardinal!”

My head was blank as I was still unable to comprehend the situation around me.

E? How did it turn into this?

“A- Umm…… Is- Is that my punishment?”

Broudo-sama was grinning when he heard my word.

NoNoNoNo! This is not a punishment, you know!

I was so flustered with it, but when I was about to open my mouth, Broudo-sama put his hand on my head as he patted it.

“From now on, Naru is my fiancée. Best regard.”

“E~ I mean, likewise?”

Broudo-sama was laughing while looking so satisfied; as for me, I still couldn’t process the situation happening around me that my memory afterwards seemed to be so vague as if I had been escaping to the dreamland.

T/N: Cardinal is COOL!!!!

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