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Akuyaku Reijō ttenani o Sureba Yoi nda kke? Chapter 39

Chapter 39:  Confession (Labra POV)

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Author: Soy

T/N:  This is partially edited. Appreciate it if anyone willing to point out any mistake. So here goes…. This mini mass release is to celebrate the first anniversary of Incarose Jealousy MTL….. #2

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It has been one week since I was pushed down the stairs.

I am already healed, and right now, bursting with energy!

In the game, this injury was caused by Cardinal. However, Naru of this world will never resort to such things.

In fact, after the incident where I was pushed down the stair and sent to the infirmary, Naru had warned the perpetrator, and since then, the harassment had ceased to happen.

During that peaceful everyday life, one day, I received a letter.

The content was [I will be waiting for you in the rose garden behind the academy after school. Jayce.]

Is this a trap?

But, what if this is he, himself?

I decided to go to the academy’s courtyard after school.
It was truly Jayce himself who had been waiting for me at the rose garden.

“What’s wrong, Jayce?”

With a serious expression, Jayce came in front of me before he continued.

“Labra…… Is your injury already healing well?”

“Un! Jayce? What’s wrong?”

Jayce held my hand as he pulled me forward.

It took me a while to realize that my body was confined within his embrace.

“Labra, I like you. Of course not as a friend.”

Wha- what is happening right now?

Jayce was a Prince while I am just a commoner…..The game Cardinal had been bullying me and thus being convicted for it, and to atone for his daughter’s sin, Cardinal’s father then decided to adopt me as his daughter.

However, right now, I am Naru’s best friend!

And my status as a commoner also will not disappear…..

“Jayce… We can’t. I am not an aristocrat.”

“What I want to ask is what Labra thinks of me as!”

What I think of Jayce…..

“Of course I like you.”

“I- I see….”

Jayce released a breath as if he felt relieved of something.

And then he smiled at me with my most favourite smile.

The expression on his face was totally different for Jayce in the game.

“But, even if I like Jayce, we are also not meant to be.”

“No, I have thought that it will be better if I am not a Prince.”


Jayce smiled at me bitterly.

“I want to become a commoner.”

What had Jayce been thinking about? He couldn’t do such things, right?


“I am clearly not suitable to become the King. I realized that my Imperial uncle would become a better King compared to myself. My Imperial Uncle is a wonderful person. What does it have anything to do with his black hair? If we were to think for the good of the people, no one is more suitable for the throne than my Imperial Uncle…..What’s more, with Cardinal as the Queen and my Imperial Uncle as the King, no one will not be happy in the end, right?”

In fact, there is no one who more suitable to become the Queen apart from Naru…

But, will everyone truly become happy if Jayce were to step down from his position?

“….Labra, can I still stand by your side once my prestige and status disappear?”

Jayce uneasy expression truly looked cute. However, it was not amusing that he considered that I am only interested in him due to his status and prestige.

“Stupid! I did not come to like Jayce just because you are a Prince! So even if you are not a Prince, I will never hate you!”

Jayce then laughed as if he was troubled by something.

“I am glad that I fall in love with you.”

“There is no other such good woman around… Apart from Naru, there is no good woman around, right?”

“For me, there is no other woman who could surpass you, Labra.”

Jayce was grinning hard.

His expression shown as if he had succeeded in doing some kind of mischief.

My face might have been currently burning red.

Jayce was laughing really happily.

It was a secret to Jayce that, at the current moment, I was grinning as I imagined the happy future between Naru and Broudo-sama!

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