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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 23

Chapter 23: I wanted to befriend Manika-sama


Author: Soy

T/N:  I am sorry for not updating this story in a long time. Firstly, I already mentioned of taking a 3 months break after the completion of [Akuyaku Reijo ttenani] for the sake of my research. Secondly, my laptop literally died on me, while I’m surfing. The HDD broke down, so all those stuff that I kept since the past ten years are now lost (Pictures, manga [ Especially manga, I don’t even remember half of it], anime, songs) Ughh just thinking of it made me sad. The 5 chapters that I translated earlier on were also gone. Therefore, the lack of update.

Anyway, enjoy this mass release. This is partially edited [I just threw it into Ginger]. Appreciate if anyone willing to point out any mistake. So here goes….

A/N : A new character appears.

“Yulias-sama and His Highness seems to be in a forbidden relationship.”

That was the rumour that had been circulated recently.
It seemed that somebody heard my brother screaming during that napping incident.
Currently, everyone in the aristocratic division was divided between those who bad mouthing me, saying how discourteous I was towards His Highness and those who viewed us as a matching couple.
It was troublesome to be told that we suited each other well.
As for those in the commoner division, all of them radiated with supportive aura.
Just give me a break, please.

“This is all Onii-sama’s fault.”
“It was all due to the Prince.”
“……. I am sorry.”

The three of us chatted while sitting beneath the customary tree shade as we observed my Fiance-sama and Banache-san flirting with each other.
This was the daily routine between the three of us since we angered my brother that one time.

“Even so, this rumour sure hurts.”

My brother muttered while stroking my head.
His Highness looked at him with a surprised expression.

“It is because it was really breaching the etiquette for the Prince and Yulias to be sleeping in each other arm.”
“Roland, I also do not know how that comes to be, so I would like for you to forgive me for that.”
“With that, could it be that you do not realize the problem on our hands now?”

Arm pillow?
This is the first time I heard of that?

My brother stroked my head wildly while I was in a daze that my hair ended up getting messed up by his action.

“With this, the other party might be able to use this rumour as their shield.”

Towards the muttering Prince, my brother continued to stroke my head as he said that.

“What did you need to be so afraid of?”
“ “Yulias?” ”

My brother and His Highness are truly the best of friends.

“They do not even have any evidence on it, do they?”
“ “Evidence?” ”

Truly a pair, these two people.

“As for our situation, it was merely a rumour; as for them, in our hand, we have solid evidence of his affair with Banache-san, therefore, should it not be obvious who is the one who has more credibility over the other? ….. Do you get that?”
“ “Ah!” ”

I would like for them to forgive me for laughing at their sync-like response.

“Even though it was just a rumour, I think that this much is fine. It will be more advantageous for me if the other party thought that they could overthrow me with only this.”

I was giggling while His Highness looked at me as if he was watching someone so horrifying.

“It is truly great that I am not Yulias’ enemy.”

I somehow could hear His Highness muttering to himself.


When I went to the cafeteria, I was summoned to meet a lady from a Marquis house by one of her entourage. This lady’s family was from a different house from my fiancé-sama.

“Are you the daughter of Earl Nogger?”
“Yes, I am the eldest daughter of the Nogger’s house, Yulias.”
“I am the third daughter of the Marquis Palpour, Manika.”

I would like to omit the necessities of introducing her entourage.

“Just tell me straight away! Do you love His Highness?”
“I don’t.”
“…………You’re lying!”
“No, it is not a lie.”

Manika looked at me puzzled as she tilted her head.

What is this? How could this person look so cute?

“His Highness and I are best friends. I think that Manika-sama who is this cute and with such impressive peerage will suit His Highness more compared to me.”
“N- No, it is not like I love him in particular……”

Somehow or another, Manika-sama seemed to be stuttering that I could not help but tilting my head in confusion before I continued.

“Then, do you favour another gentleman?”

Manika-sama was looking around in uncertainty while blushing.


I really wished that I could touch her bright red, soft-looking, wavy hair.
Her teary reddish-brown eyes somehow made her look like a small animal.

So cute~ I want to pat her head~

I was secretly drowning in Moe when the presence of His Highness appeared in my sight.

“Ah, Prince!”
“You are so similar to Roland.”
“You wish to stroke her head, right?”
“How do you know that?”
“I saw Roland had the same expression whenever he saw a small animal or you.”

Similar expression as Onii-sama……

“What are you thinking about?”
“No…No… I think that His Highness and my brother is the one who truly get along with each other well that I feel like writing a story revolving on that theme or something?”
“I would like for you to put a stop to that.”

His Highness’ expression seemed to be bad.
Even though it will sell for sure.
I turned to look at Manika-sama, only to find her staring at me with a stunned expression.

“Manika is my childhood friend.”
“I know. Onii-sama had told me about it before.”
“I see……”

While His Highness was focusing his attention on Manika, I saw my brother coming from the direction behind her.

“You still could not find a place to sit?………….. Gokigenyoh, Manika-sama.”
“Go- Gokingeyoh, Ro- Roland-sama.”

With the appearance of my brother, Manika-sama’s face seemed to turn bright red.

A~ it seemed that Manika-sama likes Onii-sama!
This, if we make it into a novel……

“This, this will sell.”

His Highness seemed to sigh deeply as if he heard the word that I unconsciously mumbled.

“Please stop reading my mind.”
“Rather than me reading it, I feel like it was you who leak it on your own.”

Manika-sama grabbed the skirt of my uniform as she looked at me with upturned eyes.

“You are actually dating His Highness, right?”
“We are not! Please be rest assured.”

……. Why are you so concerned with His Highness when the person that you like is Onii-sama?

Towards the silent Manika-sama, I slowly stroke her head as I smiled.

“Manika-sama hair is so soft and truly feel nice. Is it possible for me to gift you a hair accessory the next time we meet each other?”

His Highness burst into laughter when he heard the word that I uttered unconsciously.
Manika-sama’s face was bright red.

“What is there to laugh about?”

When I turned towards my brother for some assistance, I saw him looking at me with a bitter smile on his face

What’s with that?

“Yulias, you are a woman, right?”

“Do I look like a man to you?”

I just wanted to clarify that I  have never been mistaken as a man before.
I mean I have this chest, okay?

“It is not like I doubt you as a woman, however, I could not help it when you are saying the exact same thing as Roland.”

My brother looked uncomfortable when I turned my gaze on him.

“Is it bad for me to gift someone this cute a present?”
“When it comes from you, I could not help but think about your scheming, okay? Therefore, it could not be helped that I feel like doubting you over it.”

I lightly clicked my tongue.

“This is after all my childhood friends.”
“Your Highness, could you please stop obstructing my business? Or else I will send you to that woman.”

His Highness complexion started to deteriorate.
I smiled at Manika-sama before continuing.

“I am sorry. As an apology, His Highness will give you a present in the form of a full outfit coordination, so please be rest assured.”
“Wh- why should I rest assured?……”

At that time, as if she was frightened, Manika-sama started to move away from me.
Seeing that, with a troubled face, my brother started to approach Manika-sama.

“Manika-sama, I would like for you to forgive my younger sister. Instead of His Highness, please accept the apology on my behalf.”
“Ro- Roland-sama.”
“You do not have to be so alarmed.  I will tell my younger sister that it will be on me.”

I did not notice it before, but it seemed that I had frightened her with my abrupt approach.
I hurriedly bowed my head to her.

“Manika-sama, I am sorry! I was thinking how lovely would it be if Manika-sama were to wear the outfit from our brand; so I have become too excited that I ended up frightened you up. I am truly sorry.”

Manika-sama’s peerage was one of those Marquis.
Therefore, if Manika-sama were to wear an outfit from our store to any tea party or event, I felt like those outfits will surely sell well; but it seemed that unless I increased my favourability with her, those actions were not possible, I guess.

“It- It’s alright. Please raise your head.”

Manika-sama was truly a kind and lovely person.
I secretly made a plan to get along with her after this.

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    1. “Even so, this rumour sure hurt.”

      “With that, could it be that you do not realise about the problem in our hand now?”
      realize the problem on our hands now?

      “Why did you need to be so afraid of?”
      What did

      My brother and His Highness are truly best of friend.
      the best of friends

      “As for our situation, it was merely a rumour; as for them, in our hand, we have a solid evidence of his affair with Banache-san, therefore, should not it be obvious who are the one who have more credibility over the other? ….. Do you get that?”
      should it not be obvious who is the one who has

      I would like for them to forgive me for laughing at their sync-like response.

      “It was truly great that I am not Yulias’ enemy.”
      It is truly

      “I saw Roland had the same expression whenever he saw small animal and you.”
      Ronald have
      he saw a small animal or you

      I just wanted to clarify that I never had been mistaken as a man before.
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