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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 24

Chapter 24: The event was wonderful

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Author: Soy

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In order to increase Manika-sama favourability towards me, I attacked Manika-sama as well as her entourages with gifts, and because of that, I had been invited to participate in one of their tea party.
It seemed that Manika-sama and her entourages loved those items that I gifted them previously.

“According to the rumor, Yulias-san and His Highness had spent a night together right?”
“And it seemed that someone witnessed Yulias-san and His Highness or something?”

The rumour seemed to have aggravated based on what these people had been telling me.

“Or something like, Yulias-san and His Highness had slept together?”

What is that?

Looking at me who was shaking head in denial, Manika-sama continued.

“There is also a rumours that His Highness and Yulias-san were napping while enjoying arm-pillow.”

………. About this………….

I thought about it for a while before showing my smile to the people around me.

“Does everyone like His Highness?”

While observing everyone’s expression, I continued with a grin on my face.

“Right now I am thinking of doing an event involving His Highness! Would everyone wish to join me?”

Everyone tilted their head in confusion after hearing my declaration.


I arrived at the office of His Excellency, Prime Minister.
In the office, there were the Prime Minister himself, His Highness, my brother as well as Michael-san.

“Some troublesome thing had occurred.”

When I told the Prime Minister about that napping incident, His Excellency seemed to be assaulted with severe headache.

“It seemed that someone had taken a record over it.”

Silence flowed inside the room.

“Because of this, let’s hold an event!”
“ “ “ “Event?” ” ” ”

I continued with a grin on my face.

“We will hold an event that will allow the customers to take an intimate picture with my brother and Michael-san and even with His Highness once they spent an appropriate amount of purchase in our store!”

Further silence flowed inside the room.

“Continuing with that, all of you will take an intimate photo with me as a sample.”
“I’m in! I want to take a lovey-dovey picture with Ojouu! Let’s do it!”

The biggest earner in our shop, Michael-san, quickly acknowledged my idea.
My brother smiled wryly before he speaks.

“This is the strategy to eliminate the credibility of those evidences. Let’s do it.”
“As expected of Onii-sama. This is compulsory for His Highness!”
“Why is that!?”
“Because this is the strategy to eliminate the credibility of the rumours between me and His Highness.”

I cannot stop grinning.

“Miss Yulias.”
“What is it, Your Excellency?”
“I am not impressed with your act of using Royalty for your personal reasons.”
“This is a different thing! The main point of this strategy is to eliminate the rumours between His Highness and I! Of course, in order for them to take a picture with His Highness, it will not be possible unless they make a big purchase in our shop!”

There was a full smile on my face.

“I could see your desire overflowing from your face, Yulias.”

His Highness was staring at me.

I am not afraid of it, okay.

“It was due to His Highness falling asleep that led us to this predicament, right?”
“……………I understand.”


With that, we shot several pictures for the event’s poster and hung it in front of our store.
Thanks to everyone, all the items in our shop sold out.
There were some madams who wished to have a picture with His Highness that they spent all their money on it.

Is this why people could not stop themselves from laughing?

It was a limited, three day event, however, the overall sales increased with tremendous momentum.
We sold even more in these three days compared to the sale of the whole last year.

“I wish that I could do this event every month.”
“I refuse to do it!”

His Highness looked unwilling when he heard my murmur, but since my brother was pleased with the sales and Michael-san was also in high spirits, I decided to plan similar things again in the future.
With this, I managed to not only significantly increase the profit of our store but also at the same time eliminate the credibility of the evidence related to that napping incident with His Highness.

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