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Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 25

Chapter 25: That picture, should we sell it?

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Author: Soy

T/N : This is partially edited [ I just threw it into Ginger]. Appreciate if anyone willing to point out any mistake. So here goes….

A/N: It is a slump. There were variety kind of slumps.

Everyone believed that the rumours between His Highness and I was a marketing for the limited three day event of our store.

“I also wanted to have that picture!”
“There was not enough pocket money for me to participate~”

It seemed that people from the commoner division were unable to participate in the event due to their financial circumstances.

“It was impossible for me to get you a two-shot picture, but if I were to sell the promotional picture for the advertisement, would you like to buy it in loose pieces?”
“ “ It will be expensive, right~” ”
“I will give you a friendship’s discount!”
“ “Bought!” ”

When I took out a stack of pictures from my bag, all the ladies from the commoner’s building started to gather around.

“This one is lovely!”
“ “ Cool!” ”

These pictures will likely sell out as well.
I could not help but inwardly grin.

“Yulias, your face is loose right now.”
“Your Highness.”

All those people from the commoner’s division were grinning as they looked over His Highness and me.

What’s with that?

“Nogger-sama, I would like to have a napping picture of Nogger-sama with the Prince!”

The people in the commoner’s division, as well as Renald-san whom I get along with, were nodding their head with that request.

“Won’t I be in the way?”
“I’d rather have a picture with Nogger-sama in it!”

Will my photo also be able to sell well?

“You are thinking of selling your own picture right now, aren’t you, Yulias?”
“Please stop reading my mind.”
“Your thought oddly leaking out, you know.”

I could not help but clicked my tongue, thinking how familiar His Highness had been over my own action.

I am not going to show him any of my thoughts after this.
Ma~ It is not like it will be any problem because of it.

“If it could sell well, then why not?”
“I do not admire the behaviour of a woman who could easily peddle herself out.”
“Then, I could sell a half-naked picture of His Highness?”
“Absolutely not allowed to.”

I was thoroughly scolded.

Is was not possible, huh?
It will surely have sold out in my opinion.

“I mean, since when did you acquire such a picture?”
“Our butler is truly excellent.”
“To think that there were enemies at that kind of place….”

His Highness was staring at the horizon in a daze.

“Why are you looking so dazed, sibling?” [T/N: Michael-san addressed His Highness as “Kyoudai”]

While handing a B set meal to His Highness, Michael-san who was holding onto a set A meal tilted his head towards him.

“Yulias was contemplating on selling her own picture.”
“A~ I am going to buy it, buy it! I want to have Ojouu’s pictures! I will put it under my pillow so that I could see Ojou in my dream.”

While holding onto his seat meal, His Highness used his other hand to point at Michael-san before he continued to speak.

“There are some disgusting guy like him around, you know!”
“I understand. I will give up on that idea.”
“E~ I felt like crying over here.”

Michael-san looked outright shocked.

“Michael-san already has the two-shot picture that we took previously, right!”
“Of course, I will properly treasure that picture.”

Michael-san was grinning.
It was strange that such action looked so cute on such a huge guy.
It seemed that this kind of gap was the factor that drew the female customer to him.

“How about you, Ojou? Did you decorate your room with some pictures that we took previously?”

I felt my face getting warmer when Michael-san dropped that question for me.

“Wh- what’s with that cute expression! Whose picture have you using to decorate your room?”
“I- I am not going to answer that.”
“What’s with that! Cute! Ojou, please tell me about it!”

With Michael-san as the leader, not only His Highness, even everyone from the commoner’s division also looked at me with interest.

What should I do…. This is truly embarrassing.

“Nogger-sama~ Please tel us about it! All of us will support you!”

What kind of support are you talking about?

I was tilting my head, thinking, when someone suddenly tapped my head softly.
When I looked back, my brother was standing behind me.

“The picture that Yulias used to decorate her room is mine. Do you have any complaint about it, Michael?”
“Why is it that there is only a picture of the young master there?!”

Michael-san held into my shoulder as he gave me a thorough shake.

“Be- I mean, now that I think about it, I had never come to possess any of my brother’s picture, so I thought that I might as well used the picture of my family member to decorate my room…. And since it’s so childishly embarrassing, I do not want to talk about it anymore.”

I covered my face with my hand.

“Ojou is so cute that it is unfair.”

When I took a peek from the gap of my fingers, I could see that Michael-san had dropped down to his knees.
I felt worried thinking about the set meal that he had previously held in his hand.
But when I took a closer look, it seemed that the meal had been properly placed on the nearby table.

“Ojou! You must also keep my picture with you!”
“Why, you ask?! Obviously it is because I love Ojou.”

I slanted my neck to the side when my brother suddenly hugged me from behind before he speaks.

“Michael, I want you to keep a distance of one meter from Yulias as of now.”
“I forgot that young master is here~”

Michael-san continued to make his appeal to me.

“Then, should we take a picture of everyone from the shop? Because everyone from the shop was my most precious family.”
“I wonder what is your intention behind this sudden proposal……”

Michael-san was muttering something beneath his breath so I could not catch any of it.

Ma~ I could not help it either.

It was at that time when Banache-san who sat near our table, shrieking about something.

“……. How could it become like this?!”

I wonder what is she making a fuss about?
In Banache-san’s hand, it was the latest instalment of that prophetic novel.

A~ I guess it was because the Heroine had ended up choosing the Marquis instead of the Prince.

I smiled widely as I watched over Banache-san.

A/N: I think that there were some inconsistencies somewhere. I am sorry.

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    While holding into his seat meal, His Highness used his other hand to point into Michael-san before he continued to speak.
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    Whose picture had you been decorating inside your room?”
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