September 28, 2022

Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu! Chapter 26

Chapter 26: I do not appreciate the act of making scene inside the Cafeteria.


Author: Soy

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Everyone’s eyes were directed towards Banache-san who was making a fuss inside the cafeteria.
Even though I did not wish to see it, but I could feel that Banache-san and my Fiancé-sama were glaring at me.

“It is you again!”

With a threatening attitude, my fiancé-sama stormed towards me before he yanked my uniform’s lapel.
I was truly shocked.
At that time, I could never have thought that there will be a gentleman who dared to grab onto a ladies’ lapel.
To suffer such violent action without being told the reason for it, I wonder how much compensation will I be able to claim for this?

“Lamore! Do you realize your current action?”

Along with the shouts from His Highness, my fiancé-sama was subdued and pressed to the floor.
With a cold expression that I had never seen appeared on his face before, Michael-san had seized my fiancé-sama and I also found out that he had intentionally continued to scrub my fiancé-sama’s face into the hard floor.

“What do you mean by doing those kind of things to Ojou?”

I was stunned to hear such low growl like voice coming from Michael-san.
While I was thinking about such a thing, I was suddenly hugged by someone from behind.
It was my brother.

“Yulias, It’s alright.”

I looked up at him when I heard his voice, but my brother’s gaze was fixed upon my fiancé-sama.
I was quite comfortable to be in my brother’s arm.
And now that I looked at it, it seemed that my hands were trembling.

A~ since I had never had someone yanked my clothes roughly like that……unexpectedly, I got quite a shock from it, huh.

“How dare you act so discourteous towards Ojou.”

I held onto my brother uniform’s as I pleaded.

“Please stop Michael- san.”
“Yulias, that person….”

I started by explaining it to my brother.

“This might become a detriment for us when we were trying to claim for that consolation money if this were to continue.”
“……………Michael, let him go.”
“I don’t want to.”
“Michael, you do not want to be hated by Yulias, right?”

Michael-san seemed to lost in thought for a moment before he released my fiancé-sama.
From his face, it was obvious that he was still angry, but….

“Lamore-sama, what is this thing that you have been accusing me about?”
“It was obvious that you have done something to Yuri.”

I see, so, without knowing anything, you decidedly to roughly yank a lady around?

I clung to my brother and cried as I speak.

“I, what is it that I have done?”

I could feel the power enveloping me as I hugged my brother.

“Lamore-sama, I would like for you to distance yourselves from Yulias for a while…. You will not mind it, right?”

With some intense force, my brother said those words to my fiancé-sama.
The people around us also looked at him with scorn in their eyes.
Unable to endure such look from others, my fiancé-sama tried to slowly get back to Banache-san.

Ma~ it was only a few steps away, since Banache-san, was unexpectedly stood closer to us that what I previously thought.

“Yulias-san, you are a girl, right?”
“………. What’s with that?”
“This novel’s content has been changed….”
“……. Novel?”

With [I don’t understand] look, I tilted my head to my side.

“I, because I could never forgive it…. This kind of an ending…. Even other readers will never be able to let this off.”

This muttering Banache-san was truly scary.

“I do not have any talent in writing a novel. Therefore, for this accusation to befall on me…. I hope you will put a stop to it.”

I tried to make myself appears as if I was thoroughly frightened by Banache-san, that the people around me started to whisper to each other in understanding while looking at me pitifully.

“Banache, I am sorry, but right now Yulias is not in the right state of mind. So please forgive me for being rude. Roland, let’s go.”
“Yes, Your Highness.”

My brother took the trouble to hold me in a princess carry as he left that place following His Highness and Michael-san.

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