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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 241

Chapter 241: Villainous Bestie (1)


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This was the first time Xia Beibei entered the mission world without knowing the plot.

As soon as she became conscious after entering Wu Yan’s body, she felt a burning pain on her back.

“You bitch! Are you aware of your mistake?”

A cold and fierce voice came from beside her. The air was filled with the pungent smell of alcohol and perfume being mixed together.

She was currently in a bar.

Xia Beibei’s consciousness gradually returned to her body. She subconsciously raised her head and pushed the spectacle frame on the bridge of her nose: “I, I was wrong. I dare not do it again! I beg you to let me go, Brother Huoji, I… I am just a beer girl. I really… really, not here to sell my body.”


The man on the side could not help but kick Xia Beibei’s back again: “Do you think a little girl like you has any worth to refuse me? To think you dare to refuse a toast! Heh, wait until you going to be forced to drink a forfeit! Don’t let me see you in my territory again in the future. Get out!”

“Yes! Yes!”

Xia Beibei raised her hand to hold the pink wig on top of her head as she hunched over and walked quickly away from the messy corner. According to Wu Yan’s memory, she found the bar’s restroom and looked at her heavily made-up face in the mirror. Xia Beibei reluctantly held the corner of her lips and smiled at the girl in the mirror.

Your mom, thankfully he did not hit me on my face!

Xia Beibei took off her disguise and washed her face in the bathroom, only to meet the bar manager as soon as she went out.

“Manager Liu!”

Xia Beibei searched the man’s name from Wu Yan’s memory and immediately leaned forward with a smile: “I, I’m not feeling well today, can I finish my shift earlier?”


Manager Liu took out a few hundred yuan bills from his wallet and threw them into Xia Beibei’s arms: “These are your wages. You don’t have to come again!”


Xia Beibei put away the few hundred yuan bills. However, by the time she raised her head again, Manager Liu only left her with the view of his swaggering figure.

What a stuck-up.

Xia Beibei pouted. She collected the money and limped towards the locker room. By the time she came out of the bar using the back door, her appearance had changed entirely.

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After the heavy makeup was removed, there was a hint of anger on that immature and beautiful face.

With the absence of her previous wig, a long jet-black hair flowed elegantly on her shoulders.

Her current outfit was no different from those of high school students who could be seen everywhere on the street. In fact, Wu Yan is indeed a high school student. She only adorned a simple T-shirt and light blue jeans.

Additionally, she was a high school student at a very famous aristocratic school.

Having money is indeed a good thing.

Wu Yan has been poor since childhood. Like her greedy mother, what she likes most is money.

To make a lot of money and marry into a wealthy family, Wu Yan’s mother, Wu Meili, took out all her belongings and sent Wu Yan to the noble school in the city center known as Difeng No. 9 School.

In school, Wu Yan was proud like a princess. She hid her identity from everyone, and every night she would put on makeup and go to work in various bars under a pseudonym, selling beer to make quick money.

She then will use all this money to cover her expenses. Hence, in school, she would eat and wear the best clothes.

Xia Beibei received all this information from Wu Yan’s memory.

The original owner wanted to fly to the branches and become a phoenix. Therefore, in school, she weaved a lie that she had come back from abroad and that her parents were doing business there. Now she lives in an apartment by herself and serves by a nanny.

Actually, the so-called nanny was Wu Meili.

Wu Meili also rented that luxury apartment with her entire salary. In short, the mother and daughter worked hard to catch big fish in a long line.

It’s just that…

Wu Yan never dreamed that a transfer student would be transferred to her class in her second year of high school.

The principal took this transfer student directly from another school because of her perfect score in the academic competition.

And this exceptional student was naturally the heroine in this world, Bai Tingting.

Bai Tingting was only 1.5 meters tall and looked average, but she had a very high IQ and a genius.

Of course, that was not the main point. The point is…

Bai Tingting was Wu Yan’s childhood friend. The two were best friends who grew up together, yet, Wu Yan had moved and since then, the two had not seen each other for more than two years.

The first time the two met, Bai Tingting recognized Wu Yan at a glance. She wanted to say hello to Wu Yan, but Wu Yan scolded her severely.

Wu Yan was very afraid that her identity as a fake rich girl would be revealed to the people in school. Hence, she took the opportunity to warn Bai Tingting not to tell her about her. Otherwise, she would not let her live!

Bai Tingting actually knew Wu Yan’s thoughts. She was also an intelligent person. Hence she didn’t talk nonsense, and the two had been at peace with each other.

Later, Bai Tingting began to be bullied frequently by other willful rich girls because of her excellent grades despite coming from a family with average conditions and her ordinary appearance.

Seeing that her old friend was being bullied, Wu Yan finally couldn’t bear it anymore——

“What kind of skill do you have to bully her? If you had the skill, your test scores would have been better than hers!”

“From today onwards, Bai Tingting will be Wu Yan’s sidekick; Open your eyes clearly from now on!”

Initially, Wu Yan was being impulsive when she tried to protect Bai Tingting. She did not expect that because of her “act of justice”, she suddenly became famous in the school. Those wealthy children who used to despise her started to ask her out on a date frequently!

From then on, Wu Yan regarded Bai Tingting as her lucky star and took her wherever she went. Bai Tingting also naturally regarded Wu Yan as her best sister…

Of course, since ancient times, many best friends have turned against each other. In this novel world, Wu Yan and Bai Tingting are destined to turn against each other.

However, until now, Xia Beibei has not received the complete plot of this world. Except for all Wu Yan’s memories, she only received this prompt——

The female protagonist of this world: Bai Tingting; the male protagonist: An Yichen.

An Yichen.

There was indeed such a person in Wu Yan’s memory. He was the first male god of Difeng No.9 School.

Of course, he was also the first target in Wu Yan’s eyes

If she can become An Yichen’s girlfriend and marry into the An family in the future, she and her mother will not have to worry for a lifetime.

However, An Yichen was very low-key. He basically does not participate in any parties or gatherings. Additionally, few people can approach him on regular days. Hence, Wu Yan started to become impatient. After all, she was already a sophomore in high school. Her current grades will not support her to get into a good university. With just another year to go, she needs to find a rich husband immediately.

Walking on the empty street in the middle of the night, Xia Beibei started to think about the plot.

The current plot shows that Wu Yan and Bai Tingting were still good sisters. An Yichen also apparently has little contact with them.

Wu Yan also received an invitation from another rich kid at school before school ended today.

The most important thing was that Jian Yi has clearly shown his interest in Wu Yan. His family also has a lot of wealth. If it were not for the accident in the bar today that led Wu Yan to be killed accidentally, Xia Beibei would not have been able to enter the mission world. Hence, considering Wu Yan’s normal behavior, Xia Beibei felt that she would accept the simple invitation…

Yet, she wondered whether tomorrow would be the turning point of Wu Yan’s life.

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